Full list of what the Hot Fix with the House of Wolves actually contains.

Along with the release of Destiny Expansion II, we are delivering some new investment and upgrade paths. The following are changes that will have an impact on every player of Destiny.



  • Added a new Daily Reward package upon completion of the first game in the Daily Featured Crucible playlist
  • Added Passage Coins to reward streams across all playlists, including the Daily reward package
  • Increased Crucible Mark drop rate across all playlists by 100%
  • Increased Crucible Reputation earnings across all playlists by 20%
  • Increased Rare Weapons and Gear drop chance for completing games across all playlists by 100%
  • Added Legendary Weapon drops into the Crucible reward stream across all playlists
  • Added Dark Below maps into all Crucible playlists for all players to enjoy (Pantheon, The Cauldron, Skyshock)

Iron Banner

  • Adjusted the power curve for Iron Banner playlists to accommodate the competitive range of power in House of Wolves
  • Across one Iron Banner event, players competing in Iron Banner with more than one character on the same account will receive a reputation boost for the lower-ranked characters to reach parity with the higher-ranked character more quickly
  • Six additional Iron Banner bounties have been added to the bounty rotation
  • Removed an errant buff from Iron Banner Control playlist
  • Etheric Light will now be available at Ranks 3 and 5 in Iron Banner


  • Newly acquired Faction reward packages will no longer produce Shards
  • The Speaker will exchange Ascendant and Radiant Materials for Glimmer and Motes of Light
  • Xûr will exchange Strange Coins for Motes of Light
  • Commendations are no longer required to purchase gear
  • Commendations can be converted to receive +250 gains in Vanguard, Crucible, or Faction reputation
  • Note: Etheric Light will not be made available for ascending gear until the release of House of Wolves
  • The Cryptarch will no longer convert newly acquired Legendary Engrams to Shards (possibilities include gear/weapons or Exotics)
  • Expansion II featured Daily Heroic activities will produce Motes of Light in lieu of Shards
  • Ascending: Year 1 Legendary and Exotic gear can be upgraded to the highest power levels available in Year 1

User Interface

  • The Control UI above the mini scoreboard has been fixed & returned to the players HUD


  • Specific player networking problems will now be fixed instead of kicking affected players to orbit
  • This will be enabled first for Trials of Osiris and rolled out to other activities over time
Tarot Reading In A Red Room

I stayed up all night painting.
My paintbrush dipping and streaking lush deep red against walls a hundred years old.
Powered incense smoking from a cast iron cauldron,
my tarot cards spread out,
three red candles burning in the middle of the empty room.

I painted a new story in that room
built on magic, on fiery passion, on perfumed smoke, on wild creativity and up-all-night thoughts.

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Home & Hearth Magick for Tuesday, May 26

Home & Hearth Magick for Tuesday, May 26

Home & Hearth Magick for Tuesday, May 26

Tuesday is a good day to work on problem solving, family squabbles, and nosey neighbors.

Planetary Influences: Mars

Household Symbols: A fire, black wrought-iron candleholders or an iron cauldron or pot, red candles, dried chili peppers

Colors: Red and black

Kitchen Spices: Allspice and chili pepper

Cottage Witchery
Natural Magick for Hearth and Home

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Think Cast Iron Cauldrons too folks.


I love this flag! This flag represents my first travels out of the county! It will forever be my favorite island. On my travels I explored new tastes, cultures and smells. You can never forget the aroma of the intoxicating spice islands! When they say it is the friendliest island, they are not exaggerating! Everyone was so warm and welcome! I ventured out on my own one day in search of a Batik store. I finally found it and the woman who ran the shop invited my upstairs into the work shop. Now in the states that may be a little sketchy but in Grenada it was genuine hospitality from one artist to another. I was able to see their dye batches and giant pieces of fabric that were being hand painted and dyed. I was also aloud to investigate the large copper pots and iron cauldrons they used for boiling the wax off. They would boil the fabric and let the wax rise to the top and scoop it up. the wax was then reformed into cakes that were recycled and used again in the workshop. What a great way to save money on wax. The wax was a 50/50 just like what I use at home.

 Grenada was wonderful except for almost dying from multiple jellyfish stings lol. I went on a snorkel trip to view an underwater sculpture garden. Like a dummy, I didn’t think about being allergic to fish/shellfish. I had been previously stung by both a jelly and a sting ray so I thought nothing about the dangers of the ocean with major allergies. Upon the first sting my body immediately swelled. I was stung multiple times and puffed like mrs puff from spongbob! i was terrified but non the less, the loving Grenadian people took great care of me during my emergency. It was a scary experience, but I would return in a heartbeat! 

I will forever remember this flag and its colors. I spent days searching the island for a Kirani James singlet for my son who is a runner and fascinated with the man. To my surprise they had nothing with his name or anything to do with running? Kiran is the first Grenadian to ever win a gold medal. I stated to many shop owners that they were missing out on a lucrative money making idea lol! Money doesn’t rule in Grenada,life does! Everyone is relaxed and hard working. They all get together and clear the roadsides by hand. Imagine New Yorkers cleaning their own streets by hand with a bucket and sponge lol!