Deleted lines from The Avengers script #488
  • Tony:Would you like a drink?
  • Loki:Stalling me won't change anything.
  • Tony:No, no no, *threatening*. No drink? You sure? I'm having one.
  • Loki:Uh, no, I'd better not. Alcohol plays havoc with my bladder. You don't want to be in the throes of battle and then suddenly have to stop mid-fight to have a piss.
  • Tony:Oh...?
  • Loki:Yes. Learned that the hard way after some pre-battling mead led to the lot of us urinating like Frost Giants crying in a jungle stream.
  • Tony:I'm sure I'll be fine. It'll get soaked up by lunch.
  • Loki:Lean protein and slow-release carbohydrates? Because anything else will make you tired, irritable and sluggish, and therefore ill-prepared to battle anything other than the violent stirrings of your own colon.
  • Tony:
  • Tony:Yesterday's pizza.
  • Loki:
  • Loki:The heartburn is coming. Nothing will change that.

maybe 10% Tom related…? ok, maybe not. Sorry but I need to share my happiness!! I can’t wait!!!


With Marvel Studios releasing the official synopsis for The Avengers 2 yesterday, the trailer release could be imminent as well.

That’s what Robert Downey Jr. may be hinting and teasing at as the Iron Man actor stated the following on Facebook:

Seeing as how Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, I’ll not decrease the efficiency. TOMORROW AM, however, I’ll throw a surprise your way…

Robert Downey Jr. also included the following image of himself, and if we take a closer look we see the Black Sabbath t-shirt under his coat. Tony Stark wore the Black Sabbath t-shirt in The Avengers movie.

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t the only one to possibly tease The Avengers 2 trailer as Mark Ruffalo recently stated “something is coming” as well.

Regarding if it’s an Iron Man 4 announcement, just recently Robert Downey Jr. stated Iron Man 4 is not in development.

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