we don’t talk about this song enough tbh

Now that the first month of Surge to New Levels is in the books, I want to share a client success story with you guys.

Taking a fundamental approach with strength training, we’ve taken Yari from not being able to shed a single pound to already seeing dramatic changes in her body.

Although it’s only a 5lb body weight difference, you can see just how important strength training plays a role in changing the overall composition of the body.

A lot of people, especially women, fail to realize just how important it is to lift weights but the results speak for themselves here.

If you’d like to set some online coaching up yourself email me at ‪#‎SurgeToNewLevels‬


Simple Laundry Room_part 1… Completed and tested in the game. All objects are only decor. Washing machine, dryer and ironing board can use as surface.

Finally It’s ready!..

I create a new blog page for the Sims 4. Link will send you to the this page. Have fun!..

Simple Laundry Room (Part 1)