Oishii!Project & other projects have a new rival! Make way for IroKokoroProject!

IroKokoroProject is a online aidol project made up of 25+ female singers from around the world. Recently, the UK unit of IKP, Crumpets, got to be on a segment of NHK World giving them national attention in Japan. 

In just a few months, IKP will be making there Japan debut along side Yun*ch who is also making her debut. The song the IKP members will be featured in is ” Waon*”. This song will be the B-Side tract to Yun*ch debute single “Your song*”

Track List for “Your song*”

1. Your song*

2. Waon* with IroKokoro Project

3. Untitled

4. Your song* (instrumental)

5. Waon* with IroKokoro Project (instrumental)

6. Untitled (instrumental)

The MV for “Waon*” has been released on Yun*ch Channel Youtube. The MV features Yun*ch and all the IKP girls singing along to the song. It also features Yun*chan skyping with some of the members of IKP, her performance at Hyper Japan 2013, and her trip through the UK. The graphics are simple yet pop and stand out. The song is very catchy and upbeat. Something we probably all can dance to. 

~MV can be viewed here~ 

With IKP making their Japan debut soon, what about Oishii!Project and other projects out there in the online aidol world? If any projects really wanted to compete, they may have to really stand out even bigger or collaborate with a bigger aidol singer/group (AKB48, Morning Musume, KPP, etc.).

Oishii!Project has some real competition coming at them and it seems more interesting how Japan is becoming more interested with the online aidol community everyday. Who knows what next online aidol project will debut next after 

This dosnt mean that these projects shouldn’t give up. It should give them more motivation to strive and succeed in what they are passionate for. I’m hoping to hear good things from every project and how this will effect them in a positive way to keep trying until they get to their stages. 


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(Author Note: Yay my first blog post! Im really proud of IKP and how well they are doing. I will suppost IKP and Yun*ch along with other online aidol projects. Keep on aidoling everyone!)