Dubbing, J-MELO and Niigaki Risa

I decided to properly blog from now on, and today is an exciting one!

Last week, I went to Beth of IKPs house with Dot (also of IKP = u=) to do some filming with J-MELO! / o/


Sorry for the fuzzy photo, it was the only one with the three of us in it aheh
= u=;

Or… was it?

This was supposed to be a secret until the episode was broadcast on TV (around 3rd December for those who are interested!)  but who can ignore what Gaki-san posted on her blog recently!?

(click for the full translated post: (click for the original blog post:

Not the exact photo because it was a little small, but AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I’ve never been more grateful to be invited to somebody’s house before ; u;

It was ridiculous! We were interviewed by her about IKP (with the help of an interpreter) and she sang a verse of Koko ni Iruzee with us! 

Although, all the Japanese I knew seemed to fly out of the window the moment I saw her = u=;;; (I made a lot of silly mistakes, including sounding rude!) 

BUT THIS HAPPENED! I never in my life thought I’d be able to meet my idol, so I have to thank Beth and J-MELO for being incredible and alsjkegoisea. ; A;


First blog post over! (I wonder if it was a success, or just me rambing? Ahaha!)

Stay healthy~