Bana Mevlana’yı, Yunus’u verin
Mecnun’u, Leyla’yı size bıraktım
Kırk yıldır susuzum, bir tas su verin
Irmağı, deryayı size bıraktım
—  Abdurrahim Karakoç - Size Bıraktım

Natatawa ko, guys. Hindi na ata ako marunong mag-blog. Haha! Jk.

AUGUST 24, 2014

This day, ahhh, this day is just wonderful, awesome, extraordinary, abnormal, everything! But the one word that truly describes this day is BLESSED. I am blessed for my friends and family. I am so happy. I just can’t.

I woke up at 4:30AM. First things first, God is first. I went to church with Ate Irma. Siguro kaya naging masaya birthday ko kasi sinimulan ko araw ko na una si Papa God. I’ll be honest, I didn’t enjoy my past birthdays. The last time I enjoyed my birthday is when I was in sixth grade.

After that, me and my friends went to the mall to watch a movie. We arrived early, so we ate lunch already. We decided to eat at Greenwich.


Obligatory birthday photo. :D

We finished eating and we went to the movies. After a long discussion of what movie we’re going to watch, we’ve finally decided. We chose between Lucy and Talk back and You’re Dead. We chose to support our fellow citizen. 


At the cinema, like a boss. We’re waiting for it to play again ‘cos we’re late. Wonder what we did? Oh yeah, we put some make-up in our face.


Hindi lang halata sa picture, haha!

After watching, we went to Antipolo to visit a coffee shop. A seisha coffee shop, to be exact.

WARNING: Dito ko lang ‘to ike-kwento. This is a top secret thingy. Walang may alam kung hindi kaming magkakaibigan, well, kayo na din, kasi i-she-share ko na sa inyo e. =)))))) leggo

Me, Jessa, and Erica always wanted to try that sheisha thing. And we finally did. At first, I thought that it’s not gonna happen because we are under-aged. But, yeah, the crew let us. Without even asking. 


We ordered some drinks, we’re inside that time. I think it’s not allowed to smoke inside. We’re finding the right time to order the sheisha. We waited some guys to finish because we’re shy. They finished the sheisha, we finished our drinks. 


We went outside, me and Erica ordered, and let the fun times begin.

We didn’t take pictures, but we took a lot of videos. Sadly, it won’t be publicized. 

Added in my bucket list! ((even though it’s not on the list)) This is my/our first and last time trying that thing. I PROMISE HAHA

Photos from my friend, Jessabeth. To be continued.