Ok, so everything in the finale was great. Plot, incredible. Music, incredible. Animation, incredible. Feels, how fucking dare you, but still incredible.

But, you know what the NOT incredible thing is?


Irma was the ONLY other girl in the entire show that hasn’t been mutated in some fashion. She hardly had any positive screen time, but at least she was there for mild and bland representation.

But, no. Normal girls aren’t cool enough to be in action-y BOYS shows. They’re too boring. So, they have to make every girl ‘cool’ by turning her into a mutant, or an alien, or a fucking aLIEN ROBOT SPY!!!

This is ridiculous and I am so severely disappointed that the only character I could have hoped for to bring some representation to the girls who watch and love TMNT is gone.

She’s gone. Not replaced. Not missing. Not even dead.


You know what else I hate about the Irma situation? ASIDE the fact that we pretty much went from 3 female characters to 1, Casey’s stupid-ass behaviour gets to be excused because Irma wasn’t a real person to begin with.

The writers purposely made him a jerk to this one particular female character for no real reason, but hey! Doesn’t matter. That female character is just a kraang anyway and Casey is actually intuitively smart! He was right to complain about her tagging along on his wannabe dates because she was actually a spy! Go figure!




                           They are not

                                      r  e  a  d  y

                              for me to

                                  -D I E-


When Irma Cove, the Le Loup twins, and Madam Valentine founded the Allegiance Academy, they were not just creating a school: they were making a bastion of strength for Black wizards and witches throughout the AWC. They were not teaching their students how to control their magic: they were teaching their pupils how to survive in a world literally out to destroy them.

For this reason, when the founders were organizing their students they did so in a rather unorthodox manner. Though they maintained cohorts based on age, Irma Cove didn’t believe they had the liberty to promote divisiveness based on perceived traits or even their gender. Instead, Irma had the students sorted into squads based on complementary knacks. A young witch with a talent for potions would be placed in a pack with a talented duelist, an animagi, and someone skilled with subtle charms. These age-based squads were, in turn, linked with squads from other ages to form “packs,” underneath the leadership of a single member of faculty. This careful arrangement of skills was designed to ensure that if the school were attacked and the students and instructors forced to flee, each group would have the maximum chance of survival.

Each pack is given a barracks in the school, divided only by age. Girls and boys share common space, but private cells that contain only their beds, a basin, and enough room to change in (except for first year students, whose quarters are in the bowels of the converted slave ship). The Allegiance Academy promotes absolute gender equality and treats matters of sexual misconduct with extreme harshness. Though they have lost much of their militant edge in the last thirty years, the school philosophy is that one’s fellows are students and fellow troops first and men or women second.

(This beautiful work was created by Tumblr user toastyhat and commissioned by hibernatingsunflower. The mods would like to thank them both for giving us a chance to share it with all of you!)