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This Liam irks me so much! I refuse to believe it's him but why in the hell would he agree to this? it doesn't make sense. like that photo wasn't such a big deal; you can really see it isn't him, why does he feel the need to address that? why does with every sliver of a gay he's squirming and he feels the need to defend himself? why? he already has a 'girlfriend' to enforce that. if this is him, i am terribly disappointed. if not, well mngmt has done a shit job yet again. completely unnecessary

Y’all seem to still be struggling with how the showbiz machine works. 1DHQ does not need Liam’s permission or approval to do this. Once again, they already have access to his Twitter account. If he deletes the tweets, I’m pretty sure they’ll make it worse for him going forward. If he airs them out, he’s probably violating one of the terms of his contract. Also, airing out his current management would only make him look like a loose cannon to future management and that’s bad business. This is why all the guys rebel and act out in indirect ways. If one of them publicly flips out, it’ll be hell to pay. They can’t just throw a tantrum like a kid who’s mad at his parents. This is very big, very dirty, business.

idk man that post is Irking me a whole lot. like yeah non-disney studios have a ton of problems. and was paranorman perfect? hell no. was httyd perfect? nope. but like u gotta support the ones that are getting closer for now. buy paranorman or httyd over frozen. get pumped about big hero 6 and home over frozen and tangled and epic. show those companies that we want the more inclusive films over the less inclusive ones.

is it great? hell no. but if these films can sell, the studios will start changing what they do. boycotting all animation isn’t gonna do as much as supporting the ones that are getting closer will.

whenever i’ve dyed my hair or gotten a piercing or some type of body mod i would always get those ppl that are like, “you have such natural beauty why would you do that to yourself?” and usually i’m like, “thank you but i think i’m just as beautiful with this” and i’m like ???

what makes u think i care about ur opinion like that??? do u rlly think the thought of what u would say crossed my mind as i was getting whatever done? because it didn’t. and it irks me because it’s like, sometimes people really take shit like that to heart and a person with a negative comment like that needs to fuck off tbh

u don’t need anyone else’s opinion on u bc the only person’s opinion on urself who should matter is urs. as long as u know ur beautiful and amazing fuck what anyone else says. if u think dying ur hair, getting tatted/pierced, changing ur style up a bit, whatever, would make u look even more bomb than u already are, then do it. just know that ur just as beautiful and anyone who says otherwise can go fuck themselves

I have to admit, there are times that I’m a little slow at putting two and two together.  You see a few weeks ago I had to make myself a new Facebook account.  You see, my previous account was shut down because I was apparently not using my real name.  I was a little irked at this to say the least and when I followed instructions to try and get my account back I was asked to prove my identity with photographic ID.

Irkına, vatanına, tarihine ihanet etmiş olan kişi ve toplumların hiçbirini unutma Türk oğlu, unutma ve affetme!
—  Süleyman Nazif

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Sometimes I feel really bad about myself. I know I shouldn't and usually I can logically explain to myself why it still irks me. But it doesn't make it go away. I can feel really good about myself and know people think I'm attractive - something I know isn't first on the list of priorities but is unfortunately a rather common concern - but then I look at myself and think "how can that be?" I know I have strengths and while it's not the most important, I wish I felt better about what I look like.


Blimey, you lot are good at tha’. Pretending you’re important. D’you know — every
atom there ever was in the whole of the universe up until the point you were created,
every single one of ‘em, they were working toward this one common goal and somehow,
you lot showed up. You did. And I dunno ‘bout you, Nonnie, but I think that makes
you incredible — your happiness’s plenty important enough to be worryin’ about, don’t
go acting like it’s not. Way I see it, everything that makes you feel bad’s important;
not like you’re wasting my time. 

Now. Look at me, Nonnie, look at me — this’s important, don’t want you missing it. 
You are amazing.Dunno what you look like so I can’t promise you you’re particularly
aesthetic, but I’ll tell you what: could have the worst face in the world, and you’d still 
be worth loving. The chances of meeting you are… what, one in seven billion? Well,
actually, that’s if we keep it to just the one planet, My point is, meeting you’s like 
winning a lottery. Several lotteries. Four hundred and ninety nine, actually, if I’m 
clever (and, let’s be honest, I really am). There’s only one of you in the entirety of 
existence. Nobody else’s gonna be able to touch people like you do, nobody else 
is gonna smile just the same or speak with the same voice. 

"You are beautiful.This entire human being, this one person that’s like a blip on
the plane of existence — a mistake, definitely, but prob’ly one of the most remarkable 
mistakes I’ve ever seen. Your body’s made out of stardust. Every star that’s ever 
burned, every crash of atoms into one another — every single part of that went into 
making you. Universe gave up entire galaxies to make your veins, I reckon that 
makes you pretty beautiful, don’t you? You don’t have to feel bad about yourself, you’re incredible. And ησтнιηg you could do would change that.”

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yeah forreal nakta gives me such bad vibes he just comes across as really rude & mean. he's like a large petty child

HE IS SO RUDE AND MEAN all that stuff he said to sangdo’s face really irked me

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 hey guys

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) guess what

ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) the whole point of blogging

┏(^0^)┛ is to be able to express yourself and talk about whatever is on your mind and whatever you want

(☞゚∀゚)☞ so as long as people aren’t tagging their distaste in things

(✿◠‿◠) there is no reason to attack them for expressing their opinions on their own blogs that you are not being forced to follow

(✿◕‿◕) so check yo self

그 XX
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if you haven’t listened to this, do it. the best That XX live performance in my opinion.