Work rant of the day

Customers, if you hand me a load of change, I will have to count it out to check you’ve given me the correct amount, and so I know what I need to log into the till. Just handing me a bunch of coins and going ‘this is £5’ isn’t helpful.

I count them to make sure you haven’t given me too much, not because I ‘don’t trust you’

be patient for like 5 seconds jfc

anonymous said:

how do you ( an intj) feel about your insecurities?

I hate them. I wrote a bit about it here. INTJs know what we know and we know what we don’t know. We also have really lofty standards for ourselves, so if we fail to measure up it can make us insecure.

One of the things I find interesting about our ENTJ brethren is that they are so damn confident all the time. I used to work with one and in his mind he could never be wrong. It irked me to no end because he often was wrong. I tried everything I could to deflate his ego to no avail. He was always incredibly optimistic and charged to move forward. Nothing could touch him.

Although I found his overconfidence somewhat delusional, I really envied that immense confidence. We INTJs can get so focused on the myriad of ways in which a plan may fail that we refuse to take any action at all. We may feel we don’t know enough and refuse to continue until we’ve done more research and worked out every little flaw. The problem is that you can always do more research. There is always going to be some way in which a plan will fail. We can’t let our insecurities and drive for perfection get the better of us.

anonymous said:

If someone is half black and half white, is it okay if they only identify as black or mostly as black? or do they have to include their white side?

I only identify as black. People can obviously tell I’m mixed so if someone asks then I’ll tell them, but they never guess white. I get every other race before they guess white.

If not, I’m not gonna walk around saying I’m black AND WHITE. People who do that irk me because it’s like why do you say that as if there’s something wrong with being just black? Especially if you look mostly black.

But other than that I’m a black man. Well black and choctaw. I feel kinda bad for not including my native american side but I don’t feel native american. I feel black. Does that make sense?

piinku said:

I'll be honest and say that I honestly don't care for karin; however, Sawyer always rubs me the wrong way with how he addresses the female characters. His comments are always just so rude and disgusting. It irks me so much that some members of the ss fandom support/defend him. Like I can't even look at posts with him. I instantly block them tbh.

I like Karin a lot, i don’t mind if people dislike her to be honest bc i’ve always said “dislike anything you want as long as your dislike for said thing doesn’t bother fans of it” but when its vicious hate like Sawyer’s, its disturbing and disgusting, not to mention of course uncalled for…

What’s with those comments about “Karin go spread your stds somewhere else” among other stuff. (rape jokes, slut shaming etc…) what will it accomplish? does that make you feel any better because you’re hating on a fictional character a lot of people hate. 

He has a big audience that will take that as example. “if he can do that then me too” & this just becomes a bigger problem, i’m not lying i’ve seen a gif of him saying that stds shit around tumblr and of course a lot of anti karin people will reblog it, EVEN LAUGH AT IT AS IF ITS SOME KIND OF FUNNY JOKE WHEN ITS NOT. 

Saying shit like this is uncalled for & it shouldn’t be a thing or be apologized because he’s popular and you happen to share this kind of weird hatred towards a character???  but then when someone makes a comment like this about your fav female you will get angry? fucking double standards like these are disgusting, knowing a lot of people who agree with him are females is even worst…….

idk why people support this kind of shit honestly. To forgive shitty behavior just because its on your favor is nasty.

anonymous said:

Why would Taylor hang out with Kendall anyway? I thought that they liked girls with talent?

He’s rumored to be hanging out with Kylie Jenner but I don’t know for a fact

Ugh it irks me that it’s always a Jenner that always Hangs out with any boy with a fandom behind them

anonymous said:

I'm that lynz anon and I wanted to ask you because I always love your answers, and I don't like her too so that's the reason I asked you... I find their rship pretty suspicious and not only because I think frerard is real, y'know? Just wanted an opinion, don't worry, you were not rude at all:)

Oh, okay. I see what you mean. Yeah, I don’t really want to go into detail in public, but the short answer is that I agree (and yeah, not just because I think Frerard is real. It irks me when people think that’s the only reason I don’t like her. That legit has nothing to do with it.) Thanks for understanding.

anonymous said:

Thanks for your amazing posts regarding Chris's singing and Kurt. I'm new to this fandom. (I was intrigued by his unique singing voice.) At first I liked Klaine as I enjoyed seeing Kurt in love. It irked me from time to time though as I found many of Blaine's behaviors problematic. Then when I went through Tumblr, I realized that Kurt stans in fact despised Klaine. After reading your posts I could no longer stand Klaine. Now I don't "ship" anymore and it finally seems right for me. :)


Ah, you’re very welcome. Glad to help you “see the light” with Klaine there. ;) And let’s hope we’ll get some more Kurt songs in season 6. Chris has the voice of an angel.

Enjoy the Kurt/Chris fandom. There’s so much to love about this fabulous man!

SouMako hate in the SouMako tag…

So far, the rpers in this fandom have been so supportive of people shipping their ships. Guess I’m just irked to find some non-rpers to be so hateful. Please don’t ruin this fandom, haters. Let people ship what they want. Please? That’s what rping is for, to find mutuals and let us have our fun— in our own way. Singleship and multiship alike. Romance or bromance.

Don’t let this fandom have ship war ( like the SNK and KNB fandom ). Just… Stop the hate.

anonymous said:

Unpopular opinion: I'm a single gal and enjoying it. My friends tell me they don't judge & don't say anything to me, but if they see a chic on tv sleeping with multiple partners they say slut. Yet when it's a male does it nothing is said. It irks me.

me too boo i take being single for granted so much but it’s so lovely. yeah i completely AGREE that a lot of the media perception and general consensus around the world is that “boys will be boys” and males are allowed to sleep around without any sort of stigma attached to it but it’s shunned when it comes to females. i think this pretty much directly stems from and correlates with the idea of virginity too (which is a bullshit concept but let’s discuss it for social purposes as they be): a girl that’s a virgin is seen as something pure and innocent and something a lot of guys “look for” in girls and in some ways idolize and make it a sort of victory to “take” it from girls whereas when males are still virgins they are frowned upon and mocked and bullied and the act of “taking virginities” and sleeping around becomes a bit of a sport or reward for them.

i’m no expert but i mean the overwhleming majority of society has been this way for a while and doesn’t really seem to be changing any time soon so let’s face the facts

send me unpopular opinions!

jules-de-laurent said:

// Could you seriously give me that lesson now? LOL I'd rather be accurate that fuck it up :D Pretty please?!

Okay, Hope it’s okay I reply in public. What irks me most is how everyone loves to say mon cher/ma chère/mon cherie in this fandom and basically ignores the gender- but most roleplayers are english and in english, things aren’t so strongly gendered

Mon cher - my dear when addressing a male person
Ma chère - my dear when addressing a female person
Mon/ma is the pronoun and cher/chère is an adjective that has to match the gender used. 

Ma chérie - my Darling. 
chérie is a noun and set as feminine and you just wouldn’t say that to a man

Mon chéri - my cherished when addressing a male person
Ma chérie - my cherished when addressing a female person
Agan mon/ma as the pronoun and chéri(e) as adjective

Just note that in french, the gender of the pronoun does not refer to the speaker, but to the object. 

Of course, it’s only a small detail but I think it makes a great difference if, in the middle of a great angsty reply, the character suddenly uses the wrong combination of male-female. At least if you know French. 

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 hey guys

〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) guess what

ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) the whole point of blogging

┏(^0^)┛ is to be able to express yourself and talk about whatever is on your mind and whatever you want

(☞゚∀゚)☞ so as long as people aren’t tagging their distaste in things

(✿◠‿◠) there is no reason to attack them for expressing their opinions on their own blogs that you are not being forced to follow

(✿◕‿◕) so check yo self

그 XX
  • 그 XX
  • G-Dragon


if you haven’t listened to this, do it. the best That XX live performance in my opinion.