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So I stopped exercising since Eirtakon since I got lazy and was sick for awhile, so I decided I’d start again this week. This is after 3 days of actually exercising and not being a lazy shit but I still haven’t fixed my diet. But I guess it’s getting there? :L I’m not sure if there’s an improvement on 3 months ago though. :L Gotta step it up.

One day I’ll stop being a lazy shit and get fit/less skinny.. :L

Today in Irish History: January 29th

1768 – Oliver Goldsmith’s The Good-Natured Boy is first performed at London’s Covent Garden.

1794 – Archibald Hamilton Rowan, United Irishman, tried on charge of distributing seditious paper.

1923 – The Earl of Mayo’s house is destroyed and burned by Republicans.

1923 – A Free State soldier is killed in an attack on the National Army post in Castlemaine, County Kerry.

1924 – One garda is killed.

1948 – Pat Kenny, Irish broadcaster is born.

1967 – The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) is formed.

1976 – Explosions rock London’s West End. One person is injured. The IRA later takes responsibility.

1998 – The British government bows to pressure and announces a new judicial inquiry into the killing of 14 unarmed civil rights marchers in Derry on 30 January, 26 years ago.

1998 – Former Taoiseach Jack Lynch is rushed to Accident and Emergency at the Meath Hospital, Dublin shortly before 10pm. His condition is described as not life-threatening.

1999 – The future of the Apple computer plant in Cork is thrown into doubt with the news that up to 600 jobs are expected to be lost.

1999 – One of the youngest members of the Church of Ireland, Rev. Canon William Paul Colton, is elected Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross. He succeeds the Rt. Rev. Roy Warke.

2001 – Ulster Unionist deputy leader John Taylor pulls out of the running for the next General Election.

2002 – Rock superstars U2 battle to save their Dublin recording studios from being pulled to the ground. The millionaire musicians tell a hearing at the Gresham Hotel in Dublin that the musical heritage of their Hanover Quay site should be enough to save it from demolition.

2011 – Irish finance bill passes final hurdle – the senate. The finance bill is a condition of Ireland’s 85bn euro (£72bn) bailout package. The approval leaves the way clear for a general election to be called.