Old Irish Curses Part 2
  • Go n-ithe an cancar thúMay grumpiness devour you
  • Go gcuire sé sconna ortMay it give you the runs
  • Galar gan leigheas ort = Disease without cure upon you
  • Lá breá ag do chairde – do d’adhlacadhMay your friends have a fine day – burying you
  • Tochas gan ingne ortMay you have an itch and no nails
  • Droch-cháil ortMay you have a bad reputation
  • Go dtachta an diabhal thú May the devil choke you
  • Múchadh is bá ortSmothering and drowning upon you

10/01/2014 - The Spookiest Ancient Irish Myths And Legends Surrounding Halloween.

October is here, and with it comes Samhain, the ancient Irish festival that became Halloween as we know it. 

All month long in the lead up to Samhain and Halloween, IrishCentral will be exploring Ireland’s ancient legends, mythic lore, and spookiest stories – from haunted places to ghostly apparitions.

To start, here’s a look at the importance of Samhain in the Celtic calendar and Irish folklore.

Source: Irish Central

The Ciannachta tribe are the main focus of Cath Crinna. The myth mightve been rewritten by Cormac mac Cuileann frim an earlier ulster story to show that his dynasty and not the Ui Neill were responsible for the Ciannachtas contemporary territories in ulster and leinster.

Cormac was constantly at war with the Ui Neill and he mightve wanted to woo the Ciannachta over to his side. So in Cath Crinna he has a mythological munster over king rallying his sub tribes for a battle. The founder of the Ciannachta Teigue agrees to fight with the Eoghannacht because theyve a common ethnicity… and so theyre granted lands by the Eoghannacht.

The narrative of myths is always fiction but this fiction presaged Cormac mac Cuilleanns death. He died in battle against the leinster Ui Neill and never managed to woo the Ciannachta.

In the end he started openly trashing Leinster and his dynasty went down in flames so badly the Dal gCais were the next munster tribe to challenge the high kingship. They were nobodies who took advantage of the power vaccuum Cormac left behind him.They grew into the Ui Briain dynasty under the uber famous Brian Boru.