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wait so that was sarcasm??? or was that legit but regarding supernatural omg I’m confused. I thought you were legit talking of your brother and how his girlfriend broke up with him via text iirc??? or maybe that wasn’t you idek my creys

no omg it was sarcasm. trying to portray it over text is the worst thing ever because i can’t use different tones of voice to go with it??

and yeah it was supernatural. it kinda makes me mad that these guys jump on a rebound like that and don’t expect the friend zone. or even worse, all the other guys who are all BAWW SYMPATHY because he landed in the friend zone. you can’t control a girl’s feelings by showering her with m&m’s and beer

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well honestly I feel like they either wouldn’t listen when one pointed them out (e.g. fiona-bashers ignoring that she has a personality, doesn’t hate micaiah, etc.) or that you should point it out so they can listen idek

maybe i’m a little too biased over this because i consider tammi a friend and for some reason i interpret the phrase “they got some of the placements horribly wrong” as an insult and it makes me mad because no one insults one of my friends and gets away with it

also because i feel she put a lot of time and thought into that poster and she wouldn’t put a person somewhere if she didn’t truly believe they belonged there

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angela I'm raiding your ask box because I reached the tumblr post limit, which hasn't ever happened to me before omg what the fuck is this bullshit and is there some way around it PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS SOME WAY AROUND IT

omg i don’t know. reply to a lot of posts lol or talk to us on skype

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um. do you have any heating pads in the house? or can you drive somewhere to get medicine? because that really is jerkassy of them. has it just been today or yesterday as well? because if the pain was just today, maybe try to sleep. idk.

no omg and i took some tylenol or whatever but it’s not helping because it never helps with anything

it was like this yesterday too idk if i just slept in a bad position or what

i know if i ask my mom to take me to a doctor she’s gonna try blaming it on me being on the computer so much yet she works as a secretary so she’s in front of a computer all day too????????????

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quality analogy tho. I’d buy them if you did that. even though I rarely wear bathrobes.

omg is it bad that it’s an accurate analogy though???

would i make a good salesperson

"these plush car seats make your butt feel like it’s being rubbed by the gods. and you can crank that stereo the fuck up and head bang like you’re in an 80s hair band"