i support obama , and just know when you are reading this i dont hate on your beliefs .
but if you do support romney , i shall ask you , do you not believe in same sex marriage ? should extremely poor people with nothing pay the government the same as billionares with so many luxurys ? and if you think that the government needs that money to pay back debts , think about who got us in that debt . who spent so much money on the military when there are people dying in our own country because they cnt afford food . guess who did that ? REPUBLICAN , GEORGE W. BUSH . what makes you think romney will do anything better . all he’ll do is give up on school with failing kids and dropouts and put us in more debt . why do you think someone who discriminates people will help our country AT ALL ? you think that people who cant afford healthcare deserve to get sick and die ? that everyone doesnt deserve insurance , that could save lives ? why would someone who discriminates help our country AT ALL ? why doesnt obama deserve another term , but bush did ? you gave him 8 years to make this mess , i say we give him 8 to fix it .
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