I went out like a sleepwalker. Aroused by nightmares. I began searching for my homeland, in all continents, on earth and in heaven. Praying. Reciting every supplication. Carrying shrines. And a generation of orphaned martyrs. And a generation of veteran martyrs. And another awaiting the massacre… oh homeland of the innocent, were you for us a graveyard or a homeland? - Abd Al Latif Ataymish 

Pity the children. 

An Iraqi young boy holds a weapon from the window of a car as people gather to show readiness to join Iraqi security forces in the fight against Jihadist militant who have taken over several northern Iraqi cities in the capital Baghdad.

Brothers in arms. Shi’i and Sunni Iraqi soldiers pray side by side after a big battle against ISIS terrorists in Jarf Al-Sakhr, a town located in northern Babil. The area is now under complete control of the Iraqi army. May God bless them, keep them safe, strong, united, and return them safe to their families.

The room shivers from distant explosions. The curtains shiver. Then the heart shivers. Why are you in the midst of all this shivering? - Saadi Youssef 

*Mental Asylum, Afghanistan. The pain of war has become too much for these men. Wrapped in blankets, they have retreated into themselves. Vulnerable and haunted by demons, they are the uncounted casualties of decades of war. 

- عمو، يصير اخذلك صورة؟
- شنو، شفتيني شاد اوغلو؟
- اوكي :(
-ديلا اوكفي خلي اعدل نفسي خاف تنزليها عالفيس

- May I take a picture of you?
- Why do you think I’m a turkish  actor?
- Okay :(
- Wait wait, let me fix myself, just in case someone sees me on facebook.

عمو مصطفى، يبيع صمون..

Mustafa sells bread for the neighborhood

Baghdad, Iraq