things that happened today
  • bombing of Boston marathon - 2 dead, many injured
  • the Westboro Baptist church plans to picket the funerals
  • bombing in Iraq - at least 31 dead
  • dictatorship in Venezuela - the military is shooting at citizens

i know that not everything that has happened today was bad - people opened up their homes to runners, flooded to hospitals for blood donations, etc - but this was one day. Like that post going around says: maybe our world doesn’t end with an asteroid or a natural disaster. maybe we tear it apart.

“This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper.”

Grisly day of violence in Iraq, one week from hosting of Arab League summit
  • 46 people killed in Iraq by a series of early morning bombings source

» A very deadly day: The above figure, in addition to roughly 200 people injured, was the human cost of a seemingly coordinated series of bombings at 13 different sites across Iraq. Two car bombs near the fortified, so-called “Green Zone” also went off, an overtly threatening message just one week ahead of a planned Arab League summit Iraq is to host there. The summit was, and is, meant to be a show by the Iraqi government of their state’s stability and security. Today’s bombings are widely believed to have been timed to undermine all that – a similar plan last year was cancelled due to security fears. Nobody explicit has yet been linked to the bombings, but some Iraqi authorities have launched accusations towards Sunni militant groups, speaking to deepening sectarian strife.

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Bloody day in Iraq as sectarian tensions deepen
  • 72 killed in Iraq by bombings in various Shia provinces source

» Danger and strife: Provincial government sources suggest grimly conventional tactics being used — a suicide bomber detonated himself amidst a group traveling to Karbala, and in Sadr City a man parked a motorbike near a group of day laborers seeking work, which exploded minutes after he left. The upheaval is both lethal and political; an arrest warrant is out for Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi (a Sunni) on terrorism charges, which he denies. In response, the Sunni bloc of parliament has accused Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of power monopoly and abuse, and threatens to boycott the assembly.

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Bombs hit America- blame Muslims, just as the war in Afghanistan is finishing up… Hm, pretty imminent that the ‘World Police’ are heading off to Iran in no time.

It annoys me how ignorant people can be, especially those who have influence. All people have to do is occasionally watch Al Jazeera, Controversial TV or just bloody read, merely so they can form their own views. Granted, none of us know what has happened at the moment, but ugh, what we do know is that this world is sickening.

A series of bomb blasts, 18 to be exact, across Iraq on Monday apparently killed at least 42 people and wounded more than 257 others. The attacks were reported in Baghdad, as well as Tuz Khurmatu and Kirkuk in the north and Nasariyah in the south.

Just because it occurs more often does not deflect the tragedy of it. I’m not comparing, obviously, that’s not for me to do, but it really does infuriate me how bigoted people can be when regarding circumstances such as these.

The Iraq bombings have hardly been publisized here in the UK, online yes, but broadcasted?- Not so much. 

Upsetting to say the least. Due to Western/eastern conflict since Blair/Bush we have dehumanized the majority of middle eastern people who don’t support jihadist groups, we are now doing so with Syria also.

Just don’t know what to say/think anymore, losing faith in humanity.

More deaths as apparent sectarian violence in Iraq continues
  • 17 Iraqis killed in bombings and shootings today source

» Deciphering the discord: The state of affairs in Iraq since the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces (not to suggest Iraq was an entirely safe place when those forces were there, obviously) has somewhat undeniably deteriorated, plagued by mass attacks of a sectarian nature. Today was one such grisly example — as the political struggle for representation between Shiite and Sunni has intensified, it has been shadowed by an increasing frequency of attacks, apparently by sectarian militants (al-Qaeda in Iraq among them).

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Bombings in Iraq

I’ve never made an information post, but let’s start now. Seeing many insensitive posts about the bombings in Iraq about ‘America not caring’ because it happened here, I thought I would find some articles.

Here is a short one on that leads to others.

Here is another, longer one on

Here is the final one I’m posting, from

These are just a starting point. Anyone may feel free to add more articles if they find good ones.

And my heart goes out to everyone who suffered today in both countries.

Pro tip: those making political ploys, telling you not to pray/hope/try to offer some sort of assistance, or in any way, shape, or form attempt to scold you for how you’re handling what’s happening are the ones you defriend/unfollow

You know what fucking pisses me off? People are like “why does everyone care about what’s happening in Boston, way more people were hurt in this other country when this happened." 

Don’t you have any compassion? Any loss of innocent life is fucking devastating and you sit there comparing disasters? Any disasters like these are awful and sad but no one has the right to judge other peoples pain. They’re going to be burying their family members and treating the severely injured just like anywhere else would if something awful happened there. Of course something is going to have a more strong effect when its so close to you but EVERY country has that biased nature when it comes to protecting their own and you cant hold that against them because if you were to think of this happening to your family, your friends or anyone you know in day to day life the issue automatically becomes more important to you.

But hey, that’s just my opinion exactly like you have opinions and i won’t personally attack anyone who thinks differently to me so I'd hope others would have the same consideration to me and everyone who feels pain when they are affected by something this devastating.

My heart goes out to everyone affected in the Boston bombings and the Iraq bombings and other tragic event that has taken human lives this past week. I truly hope that no more are lost.

I am absolutely devastated at the Boston bombings. The deaths and gruesome injuries people have received are heart wrenching to read about. People consider themselves above other animals, (often refusing to even refer to themselves as animals) but we are the most violent known species. Humans are constantly killing. 

Today, 2 were killed and 51 injured in Boston. In Iraq, 42 were killed and 257 injured. 44 deaths and 308 injuries at our own hands. Unfortunately, we often dismiss bombings in non-First world countries because we have distanced ourselves from the people there. It is something I and many others are guilty of. It has become normal to hear of violence in Iraq, Israel, etc. What happened today has reminded me that the insecurity, loss, and heart break I feel today are routine for many around the world.

Violence against any person no matter their sexuality, gender, race, nationality, or religion should me mourned and I refuse to continue to be numb to it. My thoughts are with all the victims and their families.


My heart goes out to all those who died or were injured in today's bombings in Boston and Iraq as well as their families. I hope they will receive the protection and attention they need.

If I have any followers in Boston or anyone who has family in either of these areas I hope you and your loved ones are safe and secure.

talk about perspective. 

grateful for a friend who shared this, and did so acknowledging the tragedy of what happened in boston today but did so in a compassionate and respectful context.

sharing my rambling response to her and her post because it’s bits and pieces of the many conversations and reactions i’m having and overhearing as folks wrap their heads around today’s tragedy in boston:

was outside working in the yard with my parents when i heard my phone buzzing on the back deck. when i checked, it was messages from a couple of folks in boston checking in to let people know they were “ok.” i had no idea the context at that time. 

just came in a little while ago ‘cause i got worried once i found out, from them and others posting updates. couldn’t stay focused on the work i was doing while waiting to hear back from others i know who were participating or come out to support.

and i ended up getting caught up in a couple of conversations online with folks who were on various ends of the spectrum… some being slightly dismissive of sympathy being expressed for today’s tragedy in boston because bombs explode across the world, many of them with the blood on america’s hands… and where is the collective outcry and outpouring of sympathy for those affected?

on the other hand, i was also moved by folks who were requesting that we just be present in the moment and offer up our sympathy and compassion. 

but, part of what i was reading in these threads, often between the lines, is about if/how can we function if we find ourselves constantly present with such pain, sorrow, grief, and sympathy?

how do we not feel overcome with powerlessness when there is so much tragedy on the daily? what of the daily violence and suffering inflicted by capitalism and resulting poverty and all it manifests throughout our communities and across the world?!

i find myself grappling with these questions on the daily.

the truth is, if your eyes and heart are open, every day is filled with extreme joy and sorrow. 

humans are destroying the world and each other everywhere, on a daily basis.

sometimes the most we can do is just to be present to hear and witness, to hopefully learn from it. to be reminded of our own humanity and interconnectedness.

and yet, i refuse to believe that’s all we can do. and i know many of you share that belief with me.

for me, i find i need to first be in tune with my heart though and let it guide me to take action. sometimes that does mean simply listening and reflecting. and i know that, in general, my energy, skills and knowledge are most effective in focusing on how to work within my communities closer to “home” (which in itself is a complicated thing for me to define) - with many of you - to build our collective vision of a world with stronger, safer communities for all.

having been on the other end of this - in the midst of both manmade and natural disasters - i can tell you that, yes, simply knowing others cared meant a lot to me. (whether they knew me or not..sometimes especially because they did not!) just that knowledge gave me much mental and emotional strength which is a very important and necessary thing to help push through and cope with such difficult circumstances. 

i’m rambling now 'cause i’m a bit worked up. my apologies. my heart is heavy, filled with sorrow. but also gratitude. 

thank you, friends, for having open eyes/ears/hearts.