If someday a delegate comes to my land and asks me: “Where is the grave of the Unknown Soldier here?” I will tell him: “Sir, on the bank of any stream. In the bend of any Mosque. In the shade of any home. On the threshold of any church. At the mouth of any cave. In the mountains of any rock. In the gardens of any tree. In my country, on any span of land, under any cloud in the sky. Do not worry. Make a slight bow, and place your wreath of flowers.


بعض التغريدات التي غردتها بـ حسابي على تويتر عن تنظيم الدولة الاسلامية , وما يدور الان !
مجرد انو كنت بتساءل , في ناس عملت بلوك وناس الغاء متابعة وفي سبام عالحساب لدرجه انو
توقف اكثر من مرة ولحد الان في مشاكل

طيب ليش هيك بصير !!
يعني خلص لازم نآمن انو داعش ارهابين فعلا ونصدق كل شيء ينشر عنهم !!

If you could one by one count all the leaves in this garden. If you could count all the fish small and large in the flowing river in your front of you. If you could one by one count the migratory birds during their migration season. From the North to South and from the South to North, I would also promise to count one by one all the victims of this beloved land of Kurdistan. - Sherko Bekas

*Thousands of Kurds, driven out of Iraq, were forced to live on the side of a mountain range between Iraq and Turkey. A thousand died a day from lack of water.

If you can’t distinguish between people arrested for alleged support of Islamic State and innocent Australian Muslims going about their business, then you need to do your homework.

Over 1/4 of the people in the world are Muslims. The majority of Muslims live in Indonesia (our nearest neighbours), not the Middle East - and have nothing to do with IS.

Those supporting Islamic state are a tiny fraction of this number and mostly concentrated in the Middle East. Of Australian citizens suspected of supporting IS, the federal government themselves report that security agencies are watching 60-100 people out of Australia’s 23 million people (over half a million of which are Muslim).

If you have paid any attention to the experts discussing the topic: Islamic State want you to launch reactionary attacks against innocent Muslims and make enemies of them. You feed terror with senseless attacks against Muslims. You make them feel like they need to find some support so that people won’t abuse, threaten and commit acts of vandalism toward them. You make them feel like their fellow citizens do not have their backs, you make people feel foreign and unwanted in their own homes. This is how the radicalization process begins.

I want to see arrests and charges for anybody who commits these acts, threatens or harasses people or vandalizes their cars. I want to see these hate crimes seriously pursued and prosecuted as such by the police.

Take home message: Islamic State is a tiny group of self-identified Muslim people who are as far removed from mainstream Islam as the Westboro Baptist Church are from mainstream Christianity. If you go out and commit crimes against Australian Muslims to ‘retaliate’, you are as stupid as somebody attacking random Christians indiscriminately because of abortion clinic bombers or the Westboro baptist church.

Remember, approximately .012% (according to Tony Abbott himself!) of Australian Muslims are currently suspected (not 100% known, not charged and convicted) to be linked to IS terror abroad. Attacking Australian Muslims over the awful things Islamic State carry out just makes you fucking stupid and a danger to civil society.

This will be my first, and last post about Islamic State, as I believe they are given far too much publicity and that this is exactly why their media tactics work.

Still, please don’t get scared into stupidity and find yourself becoming the monster.

A New York-based photographer has put faces to the Iraqi detainees tortured by the US military in Abu Ghraib prison, helping to restore their dignity after humiliation and brutal mistreatment.

America’s nearly decade-long war that followed the 2003 invasion of Iraq scarred the psyche of millions of people.

It was not just about living in constant fear of bombardment or suicide bombings in the volatile times that followed the overthrow of the Iraqi regime. For scores of people, being in the wrong place at the wrong time was cause for being picked up by the US military and brutally tortured and humiliated in secret prisons, before eventual release without charge.

Among the most shocking and disturbing human rights violations orchestrated by the US military was the well-documented torture in Abu Ghraib prison. Images released from the Iraq-based jail in 2004 shocked the world, showing American soldiers holding prisoners on a leash, forcing them to stand in painful poses, and humiliating them.

Now Chris Bartlett, a documentary human rights portraitist, is using photographs to humanize the previously faceless and nameless Iraqi detainees.

Obama said that he won’t put “boots on the ground” in Iraq, but will he put sneakers on the ground? Flip-flops? Or is he sending our troops barefoot into the region?

Late-night comedians grapple with answering these questions in this Punchlines audio selection. And as an added bonus: find out what funny question the President was asked by a kindergartener this week!


: اسرع عدائة عربية لمسافة100م وصاحبة ذهبية الدورة العربية في قطر ولها العديد من الجوائز العداءة دانه حسين #أنثى_عراقيه

The words on the flag of Iraq are probably the most said words in the entire nation because of all the disasters that take place on a daily basis. Allahu akbar.