ira sachs

There’s a level of freedom I find really exciting, even though you might be working under financial restraint and the constraint of time. Time is a luxury, and every little moment is important. Maybe it’s a bit romantic of me, but I think the really beautiful thing about independent film is that no one is there for the paycheck. People are there because they believe in the project. That in itself is a good enough reason to be there.
The goal is always an economically sustainable career, which inevitably draws indie filmmakers to television. With independent film, you can count on two hands – let’s hope its two hands! – the artists who can maintain economic stability and continue making films. It’s very challenging. Instead of being nostalgic or harkening to any kind of self-pity, I try to go back to Cassavetes, Orson Welles and similar filmmakers who I love who were not handed the opportunity to make their work on a silver platter. So if you consider independent film as not a subset of Hollywood but as an opportunity for economic freedom, then it can be inspiring. You have to earn that freedom, however, which is something I strive to do.

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