IPOC Potluck :: Victoria, BC : June 17

Heya folks, me and my friend Khali are starting up a kitchen table movement in Vic! Check below for the finer details. 


Hi everyone,

A couple weeks ago at a local teach-in called “Cracks in the Concrete,” both Khalilah and I facilitated a space for people who identified as an Indigenous person and/or person of colour (IPOC). The space hoped to decenter whiteness and create an intentional space for IPOC folk to connect and share space with one another. What came of the gathering were wonderful connections and a desire to create more spaces for IPOC to meet and share stories.

And so we have!

We’d like to invite you all to a potluck. It will be held on this Friday, June 17, at Camas at 6:30 pm. Camas is at the corner of Quadra and Kings at 2590 Quadra St. A couple of us will be cooking some yummy food prior. If folks would like to join, please let us know. Folks are welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks to share, or just bring you beautiful selves!

This is an event Only for folks who identify as Indigenous and/or People of Colour. Thanks for respecting the intention around the space. If you would like to bring friends or family please let us know. Kids are totally welcomed. There is a kids play area which has gotten pretty cool lately. If you need a childcare stipend in order to attend, please contact Khalilah at khalilaha@gmail.com, as she is looking into getting some modest moneys support for our gathering.

A note on accessibility of location:

Please let us know if you have any accessibility needs, or dietary requirements.

The main space of Camas is wheelchair accessible; but, their washroom is not. Next door at Cafe Fantastico there is a wheelchair accessible bathroom available, and they are open until 7pm. After 7pm the closest wheelchair accessible bathroom is at Fairway Grocery kiddy corner to Camas.

If you can, please RSVP to melanie@antidotenetwork.org and let us know if you can make this date, that would be rad.

In friendship,

Khalilah and Melanie

hey guys hey guys~ guess who is doing a new doujinshi /o/!!!! and this is the new logooooo askdshjdasjdsdashldhaskdjasdklajlsdasj

ok ok, it’ll be a south park doujin, I’ll do it because a college friend encouraged me to do it /o/ it is the WHOLE story of the ‘nerd’ group from the Sp Rpg Spanish and the characters were roleplayed by:

  • Kenny McCormic, Emily Kendrik and William Koiv - KevillPandah (me :U)
  • Craig Tucker and Kevin Stoley - Chocobollo (choco <3)
  • Stan Marsh and Clyde Donovan - MelodyMusicGirl (Anii)
  • Kyle Broflovski - Steffanny (steff)
  • Mark Cotswolds - orugosa (Oru)
  • Rebecca Cotswolds and Tweek Tweak - ilsezam (Ilse)

and yep… I think these are the main… we didn’t have Cartman so I’ll integrate him to the story or at least try it xD! because I have some ideas for him~~

except some drawings related to this doujinshi soon!!! and I’ll tag it as… ahm… ipoc (?)