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"There are moments in schutzhund/IPO that I will never forget, and some I wish I could. Some of the moments that are special, have absolutely nothing to do with me, or my dogs, and yet, I will never forget those moments." — Dee Clark, photographer.

Xantor (pictured with his owner, (far right) Diane Tremblay) has Degenerative Myolepathy and has lost a large amount of his mobility. His cart helps him go for walks, play ball, and participate in an aspect of life he isn’t ready to let go of anytime soon, bite work!


Onyx turns two today! We sure had a great year together…here’s to many more!

The Eye-Popping Numbers Behind the Candy Crush IPO

King Digital Entertainment, the company behind the mega-hit game Candy Crush, has filed its IPO papers with the SEC, offering investors a look inside its massive popularity. And, well, dear God. Last year the company took in $1.88 billion with $568 million in profits—half $1 billion in profits! To put this in perspective, a mobile gaming company specializing in colored sugar baubles made more than a quarter of Amazon’s lifetime earnings in a year.

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It’s Alibaba IPO day, and the crowds are already gathering outside the New York Stock Exchange for what will be the largest IPO ever in the U.S. 

Founder Jack Ma made an appearance with Alibaba executives before heading inside for the big day.

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Alibaba IPO: Here are all the US companies it takes to make Alibaba

China-based e-commerce giant Alibaba is preparing for an IPO. The company is expected to raise more than $15 billion in its initial offering, and it could even top the $16 billion Facebook racked up back in 2012, making it the largest technology sector IPO of all time. Alibaba is often referred to as “the Amazon of China” but the truth is that Alibaba’s reach stretches much, much further than Amazon’s. In fact you might be shocked at how many huge well-known Western companies it would take to cover all of the industries Alibaba spans.

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How does a company benefit from going public in the stock market?

It’s true that the owner/founders of a company potentially lose a lot of control when they go public. But they also gain a shit-ton of money. For tech companies like Facebook, the founders become billionaires, and even early rank-and-file employees might become millionaires.

Even for much smaller privately owned companies, the founders/owners, who might have invested years building the company, are finally able to turn that time investment into cash and become millionaires.

Going public also helps with expansion by infusing a lot of cash into a company. Sometimes that is the best (or only) way to finance future growth.

Finally, even privately owned companies have investors. Most tech startups accept venture capital or angel investors in their early stages, and these investors might force the founders to go public - that is often the reason they invest in the first place, in order to make a huge return when the company goes public.


Too Cute To Care Update

Since my last update I have spoken to Primark who have said they have received my emails and will respond to my Cease and Desist letter in the next couple of days.

In addition to this I have been passed links to various useful websites which I think all of you independent designers/artists here in the UK should check out (sorry international folks).

 The time I spent researching this could’ve been spent sewing beautiful patches for you guys, but then again, those beautiful patches I would’ve spent so much time creating could’ve been stolen like my “Too Cute to Care” patch and I wouldnt have known what to do! So I would recommend you take the time and have a look at the links below, along with the short description of how they can be useful to you. Just so you know how to protect yourselves and your work if a similar thing happens to you. Feel free to repost for any other artists who may find these links helpful. Hopefully they can protect their work before its potentially stolen, but if it is, the Patent County Court info is below too! 


ACID (Anti Copying in Design) was created in 1996 by designers for designers and manufacturers who uphold the value of original design. ACID is committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for IP within individual and corporate responsibility and creating a safer trading environment for its members. By encouraging design talent and nurturing and developing fairer trade in design, we help our members protect their livelihoods to maximise growth and minimise IP infringement.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Copyright Essential Reading PDF

Copyright applies to any medium. This means that you must not reproduce copyright protected work in another medium without permission. This includes, publishing photographs on the internet, making a sound recording of a book, a painting of a photograph and so on.

Copyright does not protect ideas for a work.  It is only when the work itself is fixed, for example in writing, that copyright automatically protects it. This means that you do not have to apply for copyright.

A copyright protected work can have more than one copyright, or another intellectual property (IP) right, connected to it.  For example, an album of music can have separate copyrights for individual songs, sound recordings, artwork, and so on.  Whilst copyright can protect the artwork of your logo, you could also register the logo as a trade mark.

HM Courts and Tribunals Service - Guide to the Patents County Court Small Claims Track PDF

The Patents County Court (PCC) was set up in 1990. On 1 October 2010 a new set of streamlined procedures was implemented in the PCC and today the PCC it is intended to provide a less costly and less complex forum in which to try intellectual property disputes. It does so using a streamlined form of the multi-track procedure of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).

The Patents County Court has a multi-track and a small claims track. The small claims track is for suitable claims in the PCC with a value of up to £10,000.

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