So I went to a draft today. 1st place. No big deal.

What I really want to talk about is this amazing gift that was given to me today!  An old man walked into the shop mid-tourny and asked, “who is the best player here?” I raised my hand and someone laughed. He then asked who the worst player was. I pointed to my opponent and he agreed! He honestly was new and learning through drafts. The man handed him a long sleeve of boss super old cards and gave me two binders of serious cardboard.

I went through his treasure and pointed out what was money and told him to make an MOTL account. I then read through my inherited binders like some story books. I found these along with some wonderful common/uncommon necessities of the oldest fashion. I then donated the binders to the shop.

The lovely man that donated them had a real noble story about his son, who previously owned these, had died in the war. God bless this man and everyone he knows.

Relax, We're Winning

Hey man, don’t yell!
I can more than hear
You, so can the other four
In our headsets here.

So your k/d is even,
No need to swear.
Look - we are up
Ninety points, damn near.

We can see that you’re
upset - you lost your kill streak,
but the truth is that your
stream of bullets were too weak.

It’s OK to go negative.
We won’t judge you, I swear.
Besides, we won that one.
Lets go again, First Blood’s yours for sure.

- kyle chandler