Prettiest iphone case I own

Look what came in the mail today! Behold, my precious digital art on an iphone case! How cool is that? Srsly! Thanks to @pimpmycaseph for this btw, and for my sister who paid for this as a birthday gift for me. Here’s what I think of the case: I like how it has this glittery effect on it. You might not be able to see it, but it looks really pretty in person! It fits just right on my phone and the image quality is just perfect! The seller, Zean Knarf, who I kept calling “sis” (sorry though, hihi) all throughout the transaction has been really patient with me. Sorry for being a “makulit” buyer though. I will definitely purchase more of your products in the future! Might try the flip cover case. Can’t wait!

Anyway, I am just too proud to tell you that yes, it was me who designed and customized that case! Haha! Ever since forever ago (waht?), I have always wanted to have my own iphone case collection, sad to say, I didn’t have an iphone then (lol) and NEVER in my life have I ever thought I’d be able to own one. Not until last May 16th when my parents surprised me with a freakin’ 5s out of the blue! I wasn’t at all expecting it! I was actually kind of saving up for the iphone 6 and all of a sudden, I had the 5s! That’s why I love my ‘rents so much! Haha. Anyway, now that I have the phone, I’m so determined to have my own massive collection of iphone 5s cases! BUT, I made a deal with myself to only purchase an iphone case designed by ‘myself’. Might sound narcissistic but really, I just want to have my own signature case/s and of course, I want to feature my own art in it. I’m just so excited to design more of my iphone cases in the future! 

By the way, Guise, before anything else, I just wanted to thank everyone who sent me their birthday wishes and greetings last Wednesday! I truly, truly appreciate it! I love you guise. Also, if anyone has ever noticed, all your birthday greetings are gone on my blog because I had all your messages on private now, BUT I sorted everything out in a page I dedicate to everyone who took time to wish me a happy birthday! Your URLs and all your messages sent through fan mail, tumblr ask, and dashboard greetings are all there and I sure am keeping all of those forever! :)