PictureIphigeneia is dragged to the altar by two soldiers as a sacrificial offering to Artemis. One either side stand her father, King Agamemnon, and grieving mother Klytaimnestra. In the heavens Artemis summons one of her nymphs to bring a deer to work as a substitute for the girl.
Fresco from Casa del Poeta Tragico, Pompeii, circa 1st century C.E.

In Greek mythology, Iphigeneia was a princess of Mykenai (in Southern Greece), and was a daughter of Agamemnon and Klytaimnestra.

In the buildup to the Trojan War, the Achaean (Greek) fleet prepared to sail for Troy. The fleet gathered in Aulis, an ancient Greek town, when the wind suddenly prevented them from departing.
The seer Kalkhas announced that the goddess Artemis was the one who prevented their fleet from sailing, and that she had two reasons for this: one, that Agamemnon - the leader of the expedition - had hunted and killed a deer, whereafter he had hubristically bragged that not even Artemis could have shot so well; two, that Atreus - the father of Agamemnon - had failed in upholding a promise to Artemis, that he would sacrifice his best sheep to her, but had then abandoned his vow at the discovery of a golden lamb.
Kalkhas revealed that Artemis would let the fleet sail for Troy once Agamemnon sacrificed his fairest daughter. In order to appease the goddess, Agamemnon sent for Iphigeneia, and she came willingly, believing she was to marry Akhilleus. However, when Artemis saw Iphigeneia on the sacrificial altar, awaiting death, she spirited the girl away, and left a deer in her place. Some say Iphigeneia became a priestess of Artemis, others that the goddess made her one of her immortal companions.

Source: Pseudo-Apollodorus’ Epitome of the Library (E.3.21 & E.3.22)



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