With recent news suggesting that gaming is the most popular activity for tablet owners, I wonder how this gels with Sony’s vision for their forthcoming Vita console, the successor to their popular PSP device. 

Personally, I think it bodes well for the $249.99 portable, as whilst the iPad may be an attractive piece of kit,  it’s limited controls will always be a barrier to entry for serious gamers, and the range of genres it can do well are equally constrained.

Vita is an all in one device, but instead of being nothing more than a slab of plastic with a screen, it’s going to sport a wide range of gaming orientated inputs, which will make it one of the most versatile portable devices around.

Combine this with the fact that it’s significantly cheaper than an iPad, and confirmation that a Call of Duty game is currently in the works, and I think it’s going to be a huge hit with the under 40’s.

Sure, it probably won’t do iPad like sales, but I’m convinced that Sony are onto a good thing with Vita, as unlike the 3DS (which has recently seen it’s price panic slashed by a third), it’s priced competitively, features cutting edge hardware, has a solid online infrastructure, and is capable of a wide range of entertainment options.