I have an Apple problem, but it could always be worse.. right?

everybody is talking…

Everybody’s talkin’ at me … I don’t hear a word they’re sayin’ … Only the echoes of my mind! … People stop an’ starin’ … I can’t even see their faces … Only the shadows of their eyes!… Goin’ where the sun keeps a-shinin’ …

[Fred Neil…]

*another Alice story… created whilst testing recently updated drawing tools… Would ‘the Tribe’ paperists dig the signs?…

Things I gave up for medical school #7


I’m a backpack girl now. I use both my laptop and ipad for uni. Sometimes I’ll bring the laptop and sometimes I’ll bring the ipad (never both!). As much as I love handbags (yes, it’s a weakness - right after shoes), they just don’t carry a lot of stuff well. Aside from the electronics, I also need to be pen & paper, lunch, stethoscope, random things I may need while at uni, and a drink bottle.

As much as I look like a dork, at least my arms aren’t falling off from carrying the weight. I also have a really good backpack with very comfortable straps. It’s not the most fashionable backpack, but it’s much better for my shoulders and back than some other ones people have.

On weekends however, my handbag selection is very satisfying. It’s just unfortunate that I need to switch between handbags on weekends to backpack during the week. 

Hey, guys! I’ve got a new post on my lifestyle blog for you! This post is about cultivating the perfect study space and the power of nesting. Get cozy, kids, it’s time to get down to business.

This post includes:

  • how to choose your study location
  • how to achieve maximum comfort
  • packing and being prepared
  • how to handle restlessness
  • TONS of playlists to help you focus and relax

You can view the post here, and be sure to keep up with my blog by following it on Bloglovin.

Have a great day, everyone!