Apple Watch – Rise

For all the ways you spend your time, the Watch is here.

Source: Apple’s Youtube Channel

Sith Stick Fighting (Criz and eskrima)

A little doodle of my Sith assassin practicing her moves…

Eskrima/Kali eskrima is a Filipino fighting art with bamboo or rattan sticks. Trust me, they hurt if you get hit by them. You learn to fight using both hands, together and independently. I figured it would suit any Jedi/Sith using two sabers/a double saber.

(Stargate fans: Teyla Emmagan’s fighting style is similar to this.)

Universal Mobile Keyboard

With the Universal Mobile Keyboard, getting stuff done while you’re on the go has never been easier. Work on your smartphone or tablet-the Universal Mobile Keyboard was designed to work with iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and Windows tablets. Pair up to 3 devices with different operating systems and easily switch between them. It was built with portability in mind, with its protective cover, rechargeable battery, easy-on/easy-off feature, and integrated stand for your smartphone or tablet. 

How to Quickly Clear Up Storage Space on iPhone, iPod and iPad


Is your iPhone or iPad running of storage? I understand enough that this is a real struggle for people with smaller storage like 16GB and 32GB since I was using 16GB iPhones until a few years ago. Especially, if you are using your iPhone or iPad for more than a year, maybe you are already familiar


Ableton & Traktor controller for iPad