My New iPad

So I had gone to Small Dog Electronics for the purpose of repairing my computer, which had stopped recognizing any and all power supplies.  (I know what it looks like when a power supply is the culprit and this is not it.   Apple agreees with me, and it’s under warranty so I don’t have to pay anything.

Then I showed them the shattered glass on my iPad (I had very stupidly taken off and left off the cover for awhile and then dropped it because I’m a klutz.  They told me that nobody really repairs glass on iPads anymore, except some people who do it sort of not illlegally but certainly without Apple’s approval.  (Apple creeps me out sometimes.  I need their products because they are the most cognitively accessible ones out there for my brain, but the way they try to control everything seriously bothers me.)

They told me I’d be better off buying an iPad Mini than paying to have my screen repaired.  I told them it was moot because I don’t have that kind of money, ever.

Then the next day, I got a check in the mail from the Burlington Housing Authority.  It seems that not only did I get my full security deposit back despite the wreck I made of the place.  They must have very low standards.  It also seems I had been overpaying my rent for months on end.  The upshot was i had just enough money to buy an iPad Mini 3, wifi, 64 GB (!!!!!).  The case was free because it was the house brand and they were having a sale.  And a screen protector, and an extra power cable sturdier than the one it came with. 

The salesman was great. He answered all questions honestly and didn’t try to sell me anything more than I needed. In fact I was the one who made my order bigger than expected with the extra power cable, not him.  He was obviously unaware of the dangers of relying on only one cable to charge your primary communication device. 

And that’s why I spent the money on this. I had had two main communication devices, computer and iPad, break in two different ways. That is bad news. 

Also, now that I am ambulatory, a computer or even a full size iPad becomes quite bulky. A mini iPad is exactly the right size for aug comm, not too big or too small. Plus it is more affordable to get more storage space in one than a full sized one. I’ve had it for hours and am in love already.  It’s such a perfect little thing.  And this time I got it a case that fits around it and seems fairly protective, and was actually free because Small Dog made it themselves.  And the case can have it stand upright or sideways.

By the way never leave an annoying feeding tube alarm blaring when you’re on the toilet.  Your cat might get annoyed and knock over a glass of water onto a bunch of important papers and stuff.  And this is a glass of water that we had cat-proofed fairly well, so doing this took some effort on her part (knocking over the obstacles in its way, then knocking over the glass of water).  When Fey is pissed, she doesn’t just get mad, she gets even.

But seriously if you’re an ambulatory person considering an iPad versus an iPad Mini for a communication device, I’d strongly suggest going with the Mini, or at least trying out both in person before you decide.  There are drawbacks to the Mini, but I find them well worth the benefits.  Including the fact that even with the case on, holding it feels like holding a small book.  The iPad Air may be light as well, but it’s bulky, and bulky becomes trickier to deal with the more walking you do.  It’s not that I expect to literally walk and type at the same time, but I could walk and hit a number of important picture symbols at the same time, and that’s important too.

Unexpected money twice, followed by unexpected but amazing purchase twice:  rocking chair and iPad Mini.  I’m rocking in the rocking chair as I write this, and it’s really nice to be able to rock without putting out a lot of physical effort to do so.  That’s why my rocking stopped a few years ago except in extremely stressful situations: The adrenal insufficiency and myasthenia gravis just made it too exhausting, and my body stopped doing it.  I had no choice or say in the matter.  The rocking chair gives me some say again.  (Gone are the days when they got me a rocking chair so I would have a “socially acceptable” way to rock. This actually happened at a residential facility.

And the iPad Mini is just wonderful for everything from a communication device to a way to work on my novel.  The two main apps I’ve used so far, are Proloquo2Go and Evernote.  Also Tumblr.

Dia #254… 25.11.2014… my precious é finito!

Era uma vez… Once upon a time… [trecho…]

…um ser amadeirado que abraçava um punhado de folhas que lembravam a coberta de que fora separado há tanto tempo que parecia uma eternidade…

Alice lembrou as histórias sobre a renovação da natureza e a maldade do homem, … lendas de tristes florestas desgastadas onde outrora habitavam seres fantásticos, agora órfãos de suas moradas… histórias que lhe foram contadas pelas mulheres sábias de sua Casa…

Tomando seus pincéis, Alice se preparou para dar vida a imagens de suas lembranças…

…um toco rústico de farpas lascadas, lembranças da rudeza do machado usado em sua decepação

… ao fim, Alice enxugou gotas de um orvalho teimoso, que insistia em jorrar de seus olhos…curvou a cabeça e fechou seus olhos cansados, rorados… e dormiu…