This music video made on 14 iPhones and iPads is a work of magic

Take 14 Apple screens, probable multiple failures, and incredible precision and coordination, and you’ve got yourself a miraculous music video.

The Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes released a music video for their single “Knock Knock,” and it’s nothing short of stunning. While the storyline itself, in which a suitor chases a woman after it looks like she doesn’t want to speak to him, is fairly creepy, the animation is incredible to watch.


shxkeitswift said:

Hey! I'm getting an iPad Mini at Christmas which I plan to use for studying, and I was wondering if you could list some apps that you find helpful for that purpose? Thanks!

Hi! Yes, of course!

It took me a while to get used to having an iPad- the whole time I was thinking about how awesome it is, and forgot about the homework I was supposed to do. Now things are a bit better.

  • I take notes using GoodNotes. Some options for those are Notability, OneNote, Penultimate, Noteshelf, Notes Plus
  • All my downloaded documents/pdf/ppts files are saved in the Documents app. Although there may be some free versions that you might like more :)
  • I use Chrome instead of Safari web browser because it seems to be supported by more websites.
  • And I have a Kindle app :)

Hope this gives you some ideas!

Comment and let us know what apps you use, please! I would like to find some more cool ones.


Modulares Interface for iPad 

another good looking concept to turn your iPad into a tailor made controller for Ableton or Traktor etc


Apple lies about their beautiful demo pictures.