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Waffles plays on iPad


For any of you guys that don’t feel like deleting your photos/videos and never seeing them again or using your laptop for Itunes and all that extra mess, I suggest you make a Dropbox account and upload all your photos/videos to there then when they’re all done uploading, delete all your photos/videos from your regular Iphone camera roll. I don’t have IOS 8 because I have the Iphone 4 but I uploaded all my photos/videos to Dropbox to start all over with my photos on my phone and make more space for my stuff, plus just in case I get a new phone or my phone fucks up, I don’t have to worry about my photos and videos being missing. I hope this helps. 🌞

PS this is for anything like a phone (Android or Iphone), Ipod, Ipad or any other tablet, and even your computer.

Ça y est!

Not without quirks and minor problems but that’s life.

I’m having to reinstall all my apps… so I’m doing a little house cleaning.