If you’re a fan of fresh, hoppy IPAs, then Fresh Squeezed from Deschutes should already be a go-to. But just in case it isn’t, you should be aware that it’s made using plenty of citra and mosaic hops, giving it an aroma an taste that is difficult to top. IPA season is year-round for us, but if you were waiting for the warmer weather to hit, it’s as good a time as any to grab a sixer of one of the better IPAs around.


These IPA Scrabble pictures are courtesy of Tom McCoy and the Yale Undergraduate Linguistics Society, who used my post how to make your own IPA Scrabble set (plus some bonus woodworking help; my instructions are for cardboard!) to make this gorgeous set of tiles. Including, ahem, a few bonus ones. Tom says: 

The Scrabble set was made by YULS (the Yale Undergraduate Linguistics Society), which was started by Aidan Kaplan, Alexa Little, and me. We also could not have made the Scrabble set without the help of Antonio Martinez, a non-linguist friend, who did the actual laser cutting and engraving of the tiles.
I think the one major rule change we decided on was that you could use a tile for sounds like m, n, r, and l to represent the syllabic form of that sound. So, for example, “butter” could be played either as [b SCHWA t r] or [b SCHWA t SCHWA r], and “button” could be [b SCHWA t n] or [b SCHWA t SCHWA n].
We also thought of another variant that would be significantly easier to play (although we have not yet played it): Rather than phonetic Scrabble, it would be phonotactic Scrabble, in which you are allowed to play any string of sounds that *could* be an English word.

Has anyone else ever played IPA Scrabble? I’d love to see more pictures, especially if you have any particularly epic words! 

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Well, capsing, I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but, yes, he was definitely singing, and he did sing in his own peculiar Cat dialect. I usually just translate for my readers’ benefit.

Here’s a phonetic transcription of “Get up! Get up! Get up!”: /↗ˈaʊːo↘/ The problem is that he yodels the ʊ, and I don’t know how to show that. Linguist followers (if I have any), how do I show that the ʊ goes up and down in pitch about three times?

First batch of featured beertography is up on Growling!

Photo via @craftyrican
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Staying Home

The Craft Brewers Conference is underway in Portland. Thousands of brewers and would-be-brewers, brewery consultants and brewery builders, beer lovers and beer drinkers are crowding in for seminars on “Effective Ways to Tell your Brewery’s Story” and “Crafting Glassware for Craft Beer.” It all sounds super exciting. Every night this week every pub and bar this side of the Columbia is throwing some party or shindig. And being an agoraphobe, I’m going to skip them all.

Hurrah for drinking beer at home!

Instead I’ll split a Molten Lava IIPA with Sarah. Bright citrus, hints of pine, a bit of alcohol heat, and I don’t even need to stand in a bar.