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BlackBerry BBM 更新版本至Version10.8.5.15

BlackBerry BBM 更新版本至Version10.8.5.15

雖然BBM在大部分人眼中認為用戶人數不會太多,但BBM 已全面支援99%以上的智能手機系統了。當中BBM的優點也有不少的,因為BBM不是使用電話號碼來註冊,除了不受像WhatsApp般的廣告騷擾之外,也不會受像Line般的駭客入侵戶口。BBM Voice及BBM Video 語音及視像聊天品質也是優質的,也加入了BBM Channel功能來最收最接消息。

有用BBM的朋友可加我的:  BBM PIN︰ BBClubs  及  BBM Channels PIN︰ C000A50FD

BlackBerry 裡的BBM最新版本中10.8.5.15主要有以下更新:

  • 可直接發訊息給你通訊錄裡已經安…

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My doll gang! not including my hand made doll Talaya.
these are my 3 lovely dolls, its taken years of doll collecting/selling/swapping to get to this point, im finally happy with my group!
Drago and Hallow need elf ear extension parts and horns put on to complete thier looks and Nina is just Nina <3
so here they are, they are happy to meet you, i hope you like them also ^-^

Neko Atsume is a calm zen garden you will obsessively tend to

Neko Atsume is a new mobile game that is taking the world outside of Japan seemingly by storm. But how? Its interface is in Japanese (which would turn most non-speakers off) and there isn’t a real “game” to speak of.

If you haven’t seen it around, the premise is simple: you have a backyard with places you can lay out cat toys. Keep toys and the food bowl filled, and cats will pop by to play. They won’t stay, but you can take photos of them. When they leave, they’ll leave you sardines (the in-game currency), with which you can buy new toys and more food.

It isn’t a real game, in my opinion, because it doesn’t follow through with any of the objectives in “real” games. It employs game theory, yes, but it isn’t a game-game. See, people call it a cat collection game, but you don’t keep them—at best, it’s a cat photo collector.

The cats also don’t fight, so it’s not a Pokemon game, nor is it an adventure. There’s just this one backyard you will stare at till you painstakingly earn the upgrade to expand the living space, but even so, that’s as static as it gets.

When I first started playing it (because of sangsara’s word-of-mouth recommendation) I thought, what the hell is this? Personally, I like a meaty game, and one I can get a little obsessive over. Far from being consuming, Neko Atsume heads in the other direction and forces you to shut the app so you can reopen it later to discover new visitors in your backyard.

It’s so deliberately low maintenance that you don’t fall into one of those whirlwind affairs with it, only to break up three days later. It’s just a little quiet zen garden in the corner that you can come visit every so often and feel appreciated for your kitty-welcoming efforts.

I’ve been on the game for three days now, and this guy suddenly popped onto my screen to give me a seed. Thank you, adorable tortoiseshell kitty! I tapped on his profile and it looks like he’s visited 17 times already, and look—there’s the first photo I took of him when he got his head stuck in a box.

My brain’s reward centre is firing on all cylinders right now, and I feel this bond with my grateful repeat visitor.

If I could reach out and hug him, I would. But I can’t. Because Neko Atsume says “look, but don’t touch”. And I admire lovingly from behind the glass that separates us.