Motion Picture

German iOS video app can display your recordings in a panoramic viewpoint, including direction and orientation.

[Google Translation:]

Motion Picture 2.0 represents a new type of video recording.
You can rotate, can change the ratio for viewing pictures and movies … the app also stores the camera movements when shooting.

The novelty of the videos in this app that they do not stand still fixed in a picture, on a screen or a screen during playback. The rectangular image section of your video moves when playing on a 360 ° screen from left to right, or from top to bottom, tilts and rotates around its own axis, depending on how you’ve moved on taking pictures.

Various watchable examples (and links to get it) can be found at the project website here

I’m sure it won’t be long until someone makes a music video with this …

Watch on sithlord229.tumblr.com

Star Wars: Commander | HD Trailer

Get a first look at Star Wars: Commander, a new action-strategy combat game coming to iOS devices! Build your base as you choose a side in the Galactic Civil War; will you take over the galaxy as the Empire, or command Rebel heroes to restore freedom?

Microsoft México realiza Mobile Camp 2014 para promover el desarrollo de apps

Microsoft México realiza Mobile Camp 2014 para promover el desarrollo de apps

  • Durante las conferencias se habló de tecnologías como Visual Studio para Windows 8, Titanium Appcelerator para iOS, Windows 8 y Android, Swift para iOS, NDK para Android, y Rubymotion para iOS y Android.
  • Los asistentes recibieron acceso gratuito a Windows Azure con el que desarrollaron una aplicación.


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