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I have a Star Trek discussion group I attend every month and that’s what we did in July’s meeting. We all got a laugh…

Woah woah woah is this like an in-person monthly Star Trek discussion group?

Like a book club for Star Trek?

This is a thing that exists!?!?? 


Ralph Richardson in his libraries at his homes on Hampstead Heath in 1945 (photo by Francis Goodman), and Chester Terrace in the 1970s. Ibsen scholar Michael Moore got a bit cheeky about Ralph’s books:

"Ralph was very widely read, and deeply, not a skimmer or a dipper. Once at his house, looking at his large library, I said, as I sometimes do when visiting friends, ‘Let me guess which of these you haven’t read.’ He replied, ‘I’ve read every one of them.’ And I was sure he had, even the difficult late novels of Henry James, of whose work he was especially fond." (Moore, Words Through a Windowpane)

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sara bareilles [i choose you] slc 8/3/14

"they better fucking invite me to the wedding"

My dads friends boat sunk in the ocean today