The Financial Forecast Spread was designed to correspond to the first ten cards of the Pentacles Suit. Each of the cards’ inherent meanings directly influence each numbered card, elaborating upon a variety of aspects to the person’s financial situation. It will produce a thorough overview before getting into the “intuitive” side of making the best decisions and moves for what the querent is seeking.

The cards are laid logically from top to bottom, left to right. The tenth card seems to be apart from the main spread, but it serves as a liaison between Thought and Action. It’s what consolidates the entire spread.

Don’t Get Scammed by Investment Fraud on the Internet

From the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Social media and the Internet have become important tools for investors – providing not only a wealth of information for investors, but also opportunities for those looking to take advantage of innocent victims.

Scam artists use social media and the Internet to conduct complex frauds and schemes that even the most seasoned investor may have trouble detecting.  They spread false or misleading information, and conceal their identities or even impersonate credible sources of market information.  

Below are five tips to help you avoid investment fraud on social media and the Internet:

Be Wary of an Unsolicited Offer to Invest – If you receive an unsolicited message from someone you do not know regarding a “can’t miss investment,” pass up the offer and consider reporting it to the SEC.

Look out for Affinity Fraud – Never make an investment based solely on the recommendation of a member of an organization or group to which you belong.  You should use independent information to evaluate any financial opportunity, even those recommended by people you know.

Research the Investment and the Investment Professional – Never rely solely on a testimonial or take a promoter’s word at face value in making an investment.  You can check out many investments using the SEC’s EDGAR database or your state’s securities regulator. You can check out registered investment advisers at the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website and registered brokers at the BrokerCheck website of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Be Thoughtful about Privacy and Security Settings – Unless you guard your personal information, it may be available to anyone with access to the Internet – including fraudsters.  If you use social media websites as a tool for investing, be aware of the features on these websites that help you protect your privacy and personal information.

Ask Questions and Check out Everything – Be skeptical and research every aspect of an offer before making a decision.  It’s your money and if you don’t understand something, ask questions until you are satisfied.

For additional information for investors, visit, the SEC’s website for individual investors.

Sign up for Office of Investor Education and Advocacy Investor Alerts and Bulletins by email  or RSS feed. Follow OIEA on Twitter @SEC_Investor_Ed.  Like OIEA on Facebook at    

The Office of Investor Education and Advocacy has provided this information as a service to investors.  It is neither a legal interpretation nor a statement of SEC policy.  If you have questions concerning the meaning or application of a particular law or rule, please consult with an attorney who specializes in securities law.

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Managing your Money

Okay, so guys, here’s the deal. You’ve gotta be mindful of your money and stuff. It’s just the truth.

You late entry players are gonna be a bit twisted up, cuz there will be a ton of grist for you to work with early on.

You early players are gonna have very little, so you’ll go on crazy spending sprees later on.

I’m just asking everyone, please, be mindful. We’ve gotta work with some of our own stuff, and it’s not fun if someone torrents all of our Cobalt Grist for a sweet new suit when we needed it to make that new weapon we’ve been wanting. We’ve been saving for that thing!

Ahem. But don’t make assumptions about certain things either, friends. Just because the late game players start with more grist does not mean they have the easier job. Far from it.

They need that to catch up, everyone else has been playing after all and scaling that echeladder. That extra grist is to make sure they aren’t left in the dust.

And speaking of echeladders…

These guys right here.

Those boonies? They’re important.


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The Time to Invest in Pandora Media is NOW

Pandora Media is a company that I am invested in and has a bright future ahead.  An interesting point in writing about Pandora’s stock price is that stock charts do not look appealing over the past year or over the past 5 years.  In fact, up until 2015 I would never have even imagined investing in this company over the long term.  Before 2015 this stock seemed so volatile that it might be better suited for short term investing or possibly day trading.  In addition, the company does not offer any dividend yield.

The company has had only one split ever recorded and that occurred on July 5th of 1985, a date well beyond the scope of a five year analysis.  If someone invested in the company 5 years ago then they very well might be disappointed in their profit of $4.16 on each share purchased of Pandora Media.  On June 17, 2011 Pandora sold for 13.40 per share and is opening at $17.56 on May 3, 2015.  

An individual invested in the company one year ago would have lost $7.17 per share purchased.  The stock price of Pandora was $24.73 on May 5th of last year.  There is no upside for the investor that pulls out of this investment now if they invested a year ago.   So the question is why invest in this company at all?  The answer is because Pandora radio has now become one of the nations leading Internet radio providers, profits are taking off, and they have used previous investor money to become a national leader in radio.

Regardless of what perspective an individual views Pandora from, the key ingredients to investing in Pandora is knowing that there is more than meets the eye within this media company than simple stock charts that remind investors that the company has a history of volatility. Pandora operates on policies unlike all other music companies.  They make direct deals with artists and labels that submit their music to Pandora.  Artists and labels have to play by Pandora’s rules in signing song submission agreements.  This gives Pandora extreme leverage over what song royalties that they pay out.  In addition, Pandora is making major business partnerships and now appears as an application in cable television services and auto radio services.  Audio ads are another strong method of generating revenues and Pandora charges a monthly fee for ad free radio.  The main point in investing in Pandora now is that the price is low and it may never be that low ever again.  Pandora Media is fully developed and running and the time for investors to buy is now.