You’ll Never Guess Where Snoop Dogg is Investing 25 Million Dollars…

For a man who has claimed to smoke 81 blunts per day, it’s about time Snoop put his money where his mouth is.

A few days ago, news surfaced that the celebrated rapper, noted pot smoker, and apparent venture capitalist Snoop Dogg is looking to raise $25 million for an investment fund devoted specifically to hi-tech cannabis startups.

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2) “floristic Weapons” 22 by 28 $125
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4) “fiery kisses” 24 by 30 $200
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8) “something about eyes” 11 by 19 $100
9) “open your eyes” 24 by 30 $200 

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Westlake Village Luxury Flip Available

Westlake Village Luxury Flip Available

Reply for the Address+ Appraisal+ CMA if you buy in this price range and location.

Appraisal ARV is conservative, as market is trending and ARV is $500 -585 sq ft.

   Westlake Village, CA. 91362

This is an incredible property with a turnkey backyard and pool.  A magnificent location in exclusive North Ranch area of Westlake Village,  this is an incredible project for the price.

Square feet:…

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page 163 - Once again the data does not lie. If S=1 then the current saving from households becomes new investment in firms. We can also see that consumer expenditure goes one way, along with employment, while income and final goods and services goes the other. Meanwhile, the feedback mechanism’s role is to open a rift in the earth from which none will escape.

That’s a key difference between the US and China in their approaches to Africa and elsewhere. The US likes to attach strings, the Chinese just want to do business. And that’s why China’s economic footprint in Africa dwarfs that of the US. Indeed, it surpassed the US as the continent’s largest trading partner in 2009.

Africa still offers promise to both superpowers, one waxing, one waning, as a region not yet fully developed but boasting many fast-growing economies. In their pursuit of economic gain, the US and China eye Africa as a fertile land of opportunity. As they race to establish economic control on the continent, it is important to carefully examine the strategies they’re employing.

While their economic goals are similar, their terms of engagement are diametrically opposed.








Transportation and Transit Plan 5 - Hastings Street B-Line

Transportation and Transit Plan 5 – Hastings Street B-Line

This is project #5 in my project-by-project look at the Regional Transportation Investments that will transform Metro Vancouver as we know it. And yes, it’s another B-Line.

Hastings Street B-Line (Downtown to Simon Fraser University)

The Hastings B-Line would be an upgrade of the current 135 SFU/Burrard Station express bus. The 135 is already a fairly frequent bus with limited stop service. The…

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Japan rivals China in East Africa investment

Japan has upped the competition with China in aiding East Africa’s development after signing a US$275 million loan to fund Kenya’s second phase of the Mombasa port expansion, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.  

The US$275 million loan is part of a US$546 million contract aiming to move along the 2020 projected completion date for the second phase of the Mombasa port. Once accomplished, the harbor’s discharge capacity will increase two to threefold. The port is an important driving force for East Africa’s economic development.  

China has long been Kenya’s biggest provider of infrastructure construction contracts. The Chinese government had, prior to this Japanese loan, invested US$3.8 billion in building a railway to link Mombasa Port to the capital city of Nairobi.

China has also invested in building a harbor in Bagamoyo, a city in Tanzania, in order to compete with Mombasa Port. Both are situated in East Africa and would benefit from competition and collaboration.

Japan has been funneling a greater amount of funds to African countries in recent years, especially Kenya. The country has a comparatively stable economy, making it a hotbed of investment.