#Edible Forest Gardening 101: Every pit is an opportunity

By now, readers around these parts have heard me wax poetic about my grand plans to create my own “Tree of 40 Fruit," my commitment to planting 100 trees a year, as well as my penchant for germinating store-bought fruit: never mind that the very purpose of this website is to facilitate the free exchange of seeds and plant genetic material.

It should therefore come as no surprise that many of the trees in my developing food forest are being created “from scratch,” with free materials.

I have some old nursery pots, filled with a sandy garden soil, that are designated “graveyards,” for the seeds and pits of the store-bought fruits that the family eats; except, in these graveyards, the dead tend to rise again with some regularity.

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Shelley Bergman is the master at trading in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and I illustrated him for the October cover and interior of Research Magazine.  Also did a spot based on this quote pulled from the story "Over time, a broad-based portfolio will go only one way, and that’s up. If you’re not overweighted in any one asset class, you cannot lose in this game.” 

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8 investment tips for 2014

A new art rating service will help collectors determine if the pricey works they are purchasing will disintegrate or last over time.

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The City; the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

So, of all the posts I’ve meant to sit down and write, this one is one which I’ve been meaning to snatch from the periphery of my consciousness and pen (with a keyboard, if that somehow makes sense) since moving here.

I will preface what is most likely to be a very lengthy post (as is the usual Austriaalfashion, no less) by saying that there is a lot I have taken in my 16-odd months in the…

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