The future... Is actually now, so be Happy!

I guess in a way, worrying about the intageble future makes you feel a constant state of hopelessness. I think the cure for this is to simply love the moment, and being thankful for what you have. I know for a fact that being grateful helps with have a sense of emotional stability, and rational decisions are made compared to irrational emotional decisions. I think, with this thought in mind, you’re actually helping your future due not only are you making better decisions, you’re happy and you won’t spend so much money on stupid things. So, why in the hell aren’t you being grateful? Just show love, give abundantly, and show your thanks. You’re actually helping yourself.

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i just bought my first stocksssssssss! And they are LRI, MEG and SMPH. It is both scary and exciting. Ang sayaaaa kahit na puro red nakikita ko at this moment sa portfolio ko. HAHAHA :D im gonna learn this sh*t, and am gonna bless the world through it. :)

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Investment Club Accounting . Com - Easy Accounting For Investment Clubs

…”…effortless accounting, why did I not know about this before?…”… – Bob Martin

Running the investment accounts of an investment or share club can be a slow, laborious process, taking up hours of your time and instead you could be relaxing and enjoying yourself, or even doing something important like – researching stocks and shares to make a profit! This loss of time is potentially costing you money.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will know how to change all this and make the whole thing a smooth, enjoyable process.

Are you the person who’s been roped into doing the accounts for your investment club, and are finding it a difficult and time consuming job?……. I was.

I have been running the accounts for our investment club for a number of years, and at first I found it very frustrating trying to manage the different factors that cropped up during the normal day to day events in our investment club, such as managing different member’s monthly and…

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Jim O'Shaughnessy's Awesome "What I've learned" series


O’Shaughnessy Asset Management’s Jim O’Shaughnessy drops more knowledge in a week than some people ever manage to gather in a lifetime.

Witness his recent mullti-part series running on his Tumblr over the past week titled What I’ve learned in 30 years of investing.

Here a listing of the five parts for your reading pleasure. If you’re serious about investing and building wealth wisely over years, you’ll probably want to have a good read.

Part 1: Always use time-tested strategies

Part 2: Ignore the short-term

Part 3: Dig deep

Part 4: Never us the riskiest strategies

Part 5: Insist on consistency

We’ll add to this listing if and as Jim adds to this series.

Bitcoin boom: worth investing in?. With Bitcoin back in the headlines after attracting support from one of the world’s most successful venture capital investors - isn’t it about time you crammed-up on the subject?Unless you’ve been living in a dark hole without any internet access for a few weeks, you’ll have been asking yourself one very important question - what is Bitcoin? The answer - although satisfying - is not the easiest thing in the world to tease out but that’s why we here at MSN Tech have done the leg work to reveal everything you need to know on the subject.Take a flick through these easy to digest slides about Bitcoin and decide for yourself whether the virtual financial market is a game you’d like to get playing.