China Jostles For Influence

In the dusty outskirts of Kathmandu, south of the Himalayan mountain range that holds the world’s highest peaks, Chinese engineers in hard hats oversee construction of Nepal’s first eight-lane highway. The $45 million upgrade of a road circling the Nepalese capital is one of dozens of projects helping China challenge India’s dominance in a country that is sandwiched between them.

Signs of China’s growing presence are visible throughout Kathmandu, including an increasing number of Chinese tourists, Mandarin announcements at the international airport, a Chinese-language book shop that popped up in the capital last month and local markets are flooded with China-made goods such as Hindu idols once sourced from India.

China this year overtook India as Nepal’s biggest foreign investor and trade is also booming: Nepal’s commerce with China has outpaced that with India by 17 times since 2006, eroding the influence of New Delhi’s leaders. India accounted for 53 percent of Nepal’s trade last year, down from 60 percent in 2006, China’s share of Nepal’s commerce has risen to 31 percent from 3 percent in that time, data compiled by Bloomberg show.

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Venture Capital Firm Appoints an AI to Board of Directors

The tool was developed by Aging Analytics UK who’s licensing it out to DKV, a capital fund that focuses on companies developing therapies for age-related diseases and regenerative medicine.

DKV will use VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) to analyze financing trends in databases of life science companies in an effort to predict successful investments.

It works by poring over massive data sets and applying machine learning to predict which life science companies will make successful investments.

The company has already used VITAL to inform investment decisions in two start-up life science companies, Pathway Pharmaceuticals, Limited in Hong Kong and InSilico Medicine, Inc in Baltimore, USA. The long-term goal is to get the intelligence to the stage where it’ll be capable of autonomously allocating an investment portfolio.

Eventually, the software is expected to get an equal vote on investment decisions. “The variables involved in the long-term success of a biotechnology company are many and complex,” said DKV Senior Partner Dmitry Kaminskiy in a prepared statement. “We were attracted to a software tool that could in large part automate due diligence and use historical data-sets to uncover trends that are not immediately obvious to humans surveying top-line data. We plan to incorporate new information from prospective investments into the databases to compare the outcomes against our selected investments.”


Official video by ESA: Investing in Space

How Wal-Mart just KNEECAPPED Amazon

Over the past years, this was a pretty typical holiday shopping move:


But it looks like the big retailers aren’t going to just lay down any longer….

One of the hottest trends on LikeFolio right now:

Walmart Tells All U.S. Managers They Can Now Price-Match Online Retailers Like Amazon


November 14, 2014

This is a very, very big deal.  Amazon is used to winning on price, and customers have been willing to wait a day or two to get the goods in order to get the savings.  With that advantage gone, will Amazon suffer during its biggest quarter of the year?

We’ll be watching the WMT page on LikeFolio, as well as AMZN and other retailers for indications that retail shopping in physical stores is making a comeback this holiday season.  

If so, that could spell trouble for Amazon’s stock in early 2015.

Stay tuned… this is just getting started.

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My Favorite Charlie Munger Quote: Long-Term Wisdom

The above picture shows Charlie Munger — Warren Buffet’s friend and long-term business partner. Together, they have run Berkshire Hathaway for more than 30 years. They are famous for their patient, long-term approach to both business and investing. In this case, the following quote from Charlie Munger perfectly sums up the philosophy they live by:

"You don’t have to be brilliant, only a little bit wiser than the other guys, on average, for a long, long, time." - Charlie Munger


The business legend who ushered in the dawn of experience marketing speaks about overseeing game-changing innovations at Pepsi, creating Apple’s famous ‘1984’ ad and how the ‘free agent economy’ will reshape how Americans work in this conversation with Steve Forbes.

Anyone can now crowdfund their legal battle

Platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter have helped to prove that crowdfunding is now a viable option for entrepreneurs wanting to get a product off the ground, but both still have strict rules about what can be funded (despite the latter relaxing theirs earlier this year). There has been a push to create more social crowdfunding platforms however, and we’ve seen Watsi let donors pledge money to individuals’ healthcare needs. Now the legal industry has got its own crowdfunding site. New York’s Lexshares is getting investors to provide support to those who can’t afford the high costs of court battles. READ MORE…

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Hockey Legend John Beliveau Has Died at 83

To those who know the game of hockey well, there was a player who came before Wayne Gretzky that was considered great in every aspect of the game, both on and off the ice. For 20 years, John Beliveau played center for the Montreal Canadiens where he scored 507 goals, was captain for 10 seasons, and won 10 Stanley Cup championships (though his name is on the trophy 17 times because of the 7 victories they won while he was in the front office). As if he hadn’t given the Canadiens enough on the ice, once he retired he quickly became an executive within the teams business side and remained a part of the team for the rest of his life. Unfortunately the legend recently passed away at the age of 83 and has left behind a legacy that will be difficult to compete with.

Known as one of hockey’s classiest players both off and on the ice, John Beliveau was loved by all and will be sorely missed. A perfect example of how loved he was can be seen when he retired in 1971 and was immediately inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1972. For his fans, his death was something that they had wrestled with many times due to the many health scares he faced later in his life. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2000 and, after losing 30 pounds due to intensive treatment, he beat it. Then, in 2012, he had a stroke. While his death might have been expected by many, there is no denying that his loss will be keenly felt by everyone in the international hockey community.

John Beliveau was so respected in Canada that he was constantly being asked to join offers to join the government. He garnered respect from both his teammates as well as his opponents and has earned praise for both his playing ability and his general demeanor from all corners of the game. While he may no longer be with us, there is no denying that John Beliveau’s impact on hockey and sportsmanship will be felt for decades to come as he is remembered as one of the greatest players to ever skate.

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