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Do you think tyler joseph is schizophrenic

it’s not my place to make assumptions about his mental health and it’s not yours either so im not going to speculate about this bc i think that’s an invasion of privacy and really just none of my business (or any of the other 21p fan’s business) at all

After a long hour of soul-searching young Australian Timmy McGrath of Willoughby has decided that Australia day isn’t problematic and is at the time of reporting ‘smashing tinnies’ with a clear heart.  

“Besides, that was ages ago. I never took anyone’s land from them,” he said, still standing on the stolen land. “All I’ve really done is thoughtlessly benefit from a privileged life.”


Vikings, S02E02 “Invasion”

Aþelstan: Hwā sind wē? Þis is ne Norðanhumbra. Ȝē ne sind cyning Aelles men?
Soldier: Wē ne sind.
Aþelstan: Hwæt naman hasaþ þisne cynedōm?
Soldier: Þis is Wesseaxe.
Aþelstan: Wesseaxe?
Soldier: Ȝiese.
Aþelstan: Swǣ ēower cyning is Cyning Ecgbert?
Soldier: Ȝiese. Ūre cyning is Cyning Ecgbert. Þū cnawest hine?
Aþelstan: Ic gefriȝne moniga þingas ymbe him.
Soldier: Hwā þū cnawest is ȝetrēow!

Athelstan: Where are we? This is not Northumbria. You are not King Aelle’s men?
Soldier: We are not.
Athelstan: What is the name of this kingdom?
Soldier: This is Wessex.
Athelstan: Wessex?
Soldier: Yes.
Athelstan: So your king is King Ecbert?
Soldier: Yes. Our King is King Ecbert. Have you heard of him?
Athelstan: I have heard many things about him.
Soldier: Everything you heard is true.

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  • Artist: Alan Pollack
  • Card Name: Recoil
  • Card Number: no 264
  • Card Text: Return target permanent to its owner’s hand. Then that player discards a card.
  • Community Rating: 4 to 4.99
  • Converted Mana Cost: 3
  • Expansion: Invasion
  • Flavor Text: Anything sent into a plagued world is bound to come back infected.
  • Mana Cost: [1][Blue][Black]
  • Rarity: Common
  • Types: Instant