I HATE that I never see Ed Sheeran Appreciation Posts..He’s a Gem.

^^Like what in the hell does that even mean?

^^then you’ve got Ed and Harry’s wonderful friendship..which always results in crazy shit happening. 

I love how he works his audience..and just blurts out whatever he’s thinking

^^I will gladly do this. I already have a Panda onesie ready!

^^ He has absolutely not restraint and I love it.

^^^ If you haven’t seen this cover go and do it right FUCKING NOW!!

^^Dont even get me started on this, its probably my most watch music video.

An Italian father carries his young daughter, wounded during the Battle of Troina, to seek medical attention after the end of hostilities and the Allied victory. The Battle of Troina took place between 31 July and 6 August 1943 as part of the Allied invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky). The battle focused around the numerous hills and mountains surrounding Troina which the Germans had heavily fortified and used as bases for direct and indirect fire. Troina, Province of Enna, Sicily, Italy. 6 August 1943. Image taken by Robert Capa.


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P.S. – Anyone recognize the voice of the narrator? Hmm?


Red-eared Slider

an invasive species which threatens native species,
such as the Western Pond Turtle.
“To report locations of red-eared sliders in the wild, call 1-800-INVADER. In the Willamette Valley, report sightings online on the Native Turtles of Oregon Web site.”

Golden Garden Park Eugene, OR


anonymous asked:

could you make a gif of the bunnies dressed as mr. big and two-brains skipping across the screen with the other bunnies in the invasion of the bunny lovers part 1 episode if you haven't already?

I do not feel that these turned out very well. Especially that last one. I hope you like them all the same.