Best of the Ship Meme
  • Anonymous:BroTPs! notfrancienolan/witticaster (who clearly throw the best tea parties ever.) hanasaseru/danielle-ramos (who would be adorable sisters!) notfrancienolan/breakinglight11 (as members of a theatre troupe in a Shakespearian AU.) booksomewench/danielle-ramos/dotjpg/tilisokolov (in a Magical Girl AU.)
  • Echoboots:I would totally read all of these fanfictions, for the record. :)
  • Anonymous:Forest-of-Stories/DarkOni42. With his gift for plotting and her gift for characterization, they'd be an INCREDIBLE creative team. collectionofthings/breakinglight11/lindsayetumbls would start out with a bottle of wine and insightful critical analysis of their favorite media, and go from there.
  • Echoboots:I sadly do not know Forest-of-Stories or Collectionofthings, but I would enjoy watching breakinglight11 and lindsayetumbls deconstruct media!
  • Anonymous:hifromchantal/petpluto/their husbands is such an intense pairing that it's illegal in 47 states, and they're aiming to complete the set.
  • Echoboots:XD
  • Anonymous:I ship Dromeda/Leahbee the way Tumblr ships Cap/Bucky, only replace Nazis with The Patriarchy.
  • Anonymous:inurashii/everybody, redfishie/everybody, tilisokolov/everybody. Where "everybody" = everybody they choose.
  • Echoboots:Not gonna lie, I actually giggled out loud when I saw this one. XD

inurashii said:

hi :)

1. First impression: I can’t actually remember when we first met, but my oldest remembered emotion associated with you is wariness, because hanasaseru had already dated a couple different people who were varying shades of not good for her and I was anxious to be sure that wouldn’t happen again.
2. Truth is: You’re super friendly and I had no reason to be concerned.
3. How old do you look: Late 20s? “My age,” where I acknowledge that my mental image of such is older than my actual age. (I’m bad at this game.)
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Many times. Both in person and through your writing.
5. Have you ever made me mad: A couple times. But minor and quickly passing.
6. Best feature: Your confidence and determination to use it for good ends. I know sometimes you doubt yourself, but you rarely let it stop you. You write, you dance, you stand up for your beliefs. You’re a good ally and a good person and you’re going to leave the world better and richer than you found it.
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Sure!
8. You’re my: Snuggly writer foodie friend.
9. Name in my phone: I apparently don’t have your number. Huh.


Colin Sandel hath a Patreon.

Hello, you lovely tumblr followers. Colin here.

I wanted to let all of you know that I am now a Patreon content creator. Patreon is a crowdfunding system that allows for small, regular pledges for every work that a creator makes.

For somebody like me who writes short stories and interactive fiction, a program like Patreon could mean a lot to me. It provides encouragement for me to stay prolific, it allows me to consolidate my marketing efforts, and it provides a central location where I can build a compact, visible brand.

If you have enjoyed my work in fiction, game, or essays, please consider supporting me; even a dollar makes significant progress for my ability to be a professional storyteller. If you aren’t as familiar with my work as you want to be, there are some links on my Patreon profile.

Please consider pledging! If you can’t or would prefer not to, please consider signal boosting instead! Reblogs are extremely valuable too!

Thank you so much!

Kit Calhoun, private investigator, awakens from the dead of sleep to a 6am phone call. When a squeaky voice invites her to take a job for the faerie court, she assumes it’s a prank… but the truth is far more obnoxious.

Just how obnoxious? You decide.

Connected Kit Yanked into the Faerie Court is an episodic work of Interactive Fiction that I’ll be releasing on a regular basis, first to my Patreon pledges, then to the general public.

When my pledges play it, they’ll determine the canon of the story: the decisions they make in-game will become the true story as the episodes continue. If the pledges treat Kit as a cynical, hard-boiled PI, she’ll become one. If she’s more curious and kind, that’ll be our reality going forward. Through silent in-game analytics and overt feedback, my supporters will shape the story as I write it.

Want in? You can support me for as little as a dollar a month! The first episode of Connected Kit comes out by the end of this week, so you’ll be able to start playing almost right away.

inurashii said:

Similar/Different (pshaw on prescriptive gender), Psst, Want :)

Similar and Different, six people I find attractive (indeed, pshaw on prescriptive gender):
I should hope you already know that the answer is just like, “you” six times. (or possibly “you, you, you, you, you, Dani”) so this is people Sor finds attractive, celebrity style! It’s a hard question, I’m not at all a fame junkie.

*Mike Jitlove. I don’t care that he was too old for me thirty years ago, asdf, brain
*Jiz Lee. If forced to choose a favourite porn star, I’ll *absolutely* take the genderqueer one who cosplayed Spider Jerusalem
*Nellie Bly. Oh, that little thing called “investigative journalism”? Yeah.
*Daniel Radcliff. Boy knows The Elements song. He is my obligatory celebrity crush.
*Dar Williams. I mean, all my “sad girls with pretty voices” playlist is omgponies attractive, but she is somewhat more elusive (having never met her), and utterly adorable (from what little I’ve seen). Also, the strength in “As Cool As I Am”. _yes_.
*Cliff Pervocracy. This is kinda weird, since it’s the only person on the list I *have* met (friend of friends), but seriously, the writing! The perfect opinions! The willingness to keep learning and admit wrongness! Swoon!

Psst, three things I want to say to you:
Same as with Wil, I tend to try really hard to say all the good things to people, which means the things I bite my tongue on are often annoyance or other ill thoughts. But I want you to know that your hair looks better when it’s longer (as far as I’m concerned, YMMV), I want you to know that you have this certain smile that you get only when you’re proud of yourself or pleased with something you’ve done (I’ve seen it come out when playing DC, after watching you make drinks, when you’re talking about stories or ideas you’ve had) and it’s a perfect smile, and I want you to know that we really ought to get farther sometime than we have, I am just bad at initiating.

Want, three things I’d totally do to you if we were alone:
…I…thought about answering this one privately, but then decided to take the opposite tack.

I’d set up some sort of collaborative storytell with you, or at the very least a good worldbuilding session. I’d encourage you into a long explanation of how to make ALL THE BEST DRINKS, and I’d flail like a flailing idiot on Dance Central in front of you.

Also, you know, there’s apparently a place where our predilections intersect, so a lot of that.

If you’ve been watching gaming news, you may have noticed that King Ltd, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, have been issuing takedown notices like crazy to people who use ‘Candy’ or ‘Scrolls’ in the title of their games. Pretty bold for a company whose biggest cash cow is a Bejeweled clone.

In response, is hosting the Candy Jam ( ), a contest wherein small developers are encouraged to release games using trademark-contested words.

What you’ll find linked here is my entry into the Candy Jam: Fall of the Candy King! Unlike many of the other entries, my game is edutainment: it’ll quiz you on your knowledge of Intellectual Property Law!

Since this game is made in RPG Maker, it’s a bit bigger than most of my games (about 200 MB) and runs in Windows only. Sorry to those of you who can’t run it; expect a more accessible entry next!

Soon my Patreon pledges will be helping me create a serial IF novel!

Hi new followers!

Looks like I’ve gained a few new follower type people since posting that poly article! Hi!

Um, so! I’m Colin! I go by Pup sometimes. There’s a lot of information about me on the internet. I work on testing video games but I most like to write about things that I’m passionate about. Here are some of the things I have written:

  • My other tumblr article that got popular is Homosexuality and the Metric System and it’s about me trying to understand homophobia.
  • I like to write fiction. I wrote and self-published a book called Tales from the Securemarket, a story about supermarket employees in a near-future fantasy world.
  • I also have an upcoming new novel currently in editing, but you can get a preview with some vignettes about the story’s heroine: Que Sera Sera
  • I like to write Interactive Fiction games too. I teamed up with Carolyn VanEseltine to write One Eye Open, a text adventure horror game.
  • Also, last month, I wrote and submitted a bite-sized Twine game called Faceted for #towerjam.
  • I recently wrote about my strange relationship with sexuality and gender identity in a piece called Genderquoi and National Coming Out Day

I hope you enjoy your stay! Please send me an ask if you want to know anything about me or wanna talk about anything.

If you’re here to tell me that I was genderbashing men in my poly article, maybe rethink that.

Wherein a troll decides to engage me while I was already having a shit day. In a fit of pique, I decide to mess around with him for a while.

In case any feminist frequency critics don’t understand why it’s impossible to have neutral debates about Anita Sarkeesian’s work?

It’s because the conversation is cluttered with chucklefucks like this one.

Spring in New England

while I was getting coffee
from the Dunkin Donuts across the street
I was nearly knocked off my feet
by the gnome who controls the weather.

He was haggard, disheveled,
clutching his Turbo Ice in both hands.
His little gnome eyes were wild and red
and his apologies fell over each other
like a herd of slinkies going downstairs.

He has to get to work, he said,
but his focus and nerves are shot.
He ran out of meds years ago
but Masshealth won’t get back to him
so the caffeine is all that keeps him going.

He scurried outside, furtively ignoring
a clipboard-wielding charity solicitor.
I glanced at the scudding, confused clouds
Threw my hood over my head
and started my day.

inurashii said:

oh, a meme. Me pls! :D

1. First impression: Nice collar. Cute hair. Yes please.
2. Truth is: I wanna play more Dance Central with you, in part because damn, watching you dance is rad.
3. How old do you look: Pfft, so bad at these. Like, 26?
4. Have you ever made me laugh: You make me giggle and chuckle and all out laugh. I like you!
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope!
6. Best feature: Your head! I like the hair on the outside and the brain on the inside!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Absa-fucking-loutly.
8. You’re my: Awesome friend!
9. Name in my phone: It would be Dog. You are Dog on IM!
10. Should you post this too? You already did, I SAW it!