[She snorted.] So this is all Mike’s fault? What, did he roll over and fall back asleep after waking you up? I wouldn’t be surprised. I do the same to Levi. Though my excuse is that it’s actually funny to see him in an especially grumpy mood.

Of course~ [Nana let out a small laugh of her own.] The lazy shit, rolled over pulling the sheets with him and fell back asleep. That was after we promised to let each other sleep in this morning … So, I gave him my love before leaving …

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Name of your muse:
Annie Leonhardt

One picture you like best of your muse’s fc: (look at that nose scrunch)


Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone.
i. Annie likes music that’s embroidered, woven. It can be simple, it can be intricate, it can be uplifting, it can be calming, but she doesn’t like it too noisy, she hates it mindless. Troy by Sinead O’Connor would be one example of a song that she’d like. Lots of dynamic vocals. Artists she’d like would include Feist, Ben Howard, Chopin, Debussy, Regina Spektor, Iron & Wine, Alpine, Bon Iver, The Civil Wars, Daughter, Fiona Apple, Kathryn Calder, Gregory and the Hawk, George Gershwin, Loreena McKennit, London Grammar, Enya, The Neighbourhood, ZZ Ward, Geike, Okkervil River, Luray, The Middle East, Of Monsters and Men…

ii. Sometimes, it feels like everything is moving around her, like she’s a stone barely jutting out of a river and all the water is rushing past her. She watches people flow by until they’re all a blur and it’s as if she’s rooted in time, watching everyone come and go away.

Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time.
Reading; taking a walk; resting somewhere quiet, natural, and secluded.

Four people that your muse loves.

Three fond childhood memories. 
Learning how to fight, but that’s more bittersweet. 

Two things your muse regrets.
Only two?

One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change. 
How should she answer?

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intuitivebiologist said:

I'm on my phone rn but barrage and drunk texts pls. vuv also i replied to that one thing before

Drunk Text

[Text] u have g8 bewbs i want bewbs lek urs

Barrage of Texts


[Text] Mike just fucking slipped to rest of the squad about me and him!





"Ah, Armin! I didn’t see you coming!" She returned his wave more enthusiastically. "I’m doing just fine, but how about you?" ‘Fine’ was a bit of a lie, of course, but she wasn’t about to tell some poor boy about all her problems. "I trust you’ve been doing well? Listening to Levi when he asks you to do stuff?"

"Hai! Captain Levi is a bit strict with cleaning and other things, but I’ve had no problems with him." He replied in a calm manner. He was more interested in Hanji’s progress of work in the first place.


"I really wanted to ask you how your work is going. You must be exhausted from working hard all by yourself." 

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[It was about sunrise when Hange, still in her pajamas with her disheveled hair down at her shoulders, came wandering into the mess hall to find Nanaba.] Oh, look at that. Usually it's just me this early.

[Having been woken up not long before, no thanks to Mike. Nanaba had rolled herself into the mess hall, still in a daze and her pajamas in the search of some coffee. She was certain that she was about to doze off again, when she heard Hanji’s voice.]

Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Blame Mike for this morning. He conveniently forgot that today is my day off …

➌ a “dear john” letter

Dearest Hanji,

do you remember what I told you as we kissed by the lake for the first time? I promised to you that I will never hurt you, I promised to be always there, by your side, as your sword and shield, as a friend, protector, lover, supporter and anything you might ever need in me. 
First of all, I want you to know that my feelings did not change since that day. My heart still beats faster when I see you and at night, it’s either a nightmare of blood and jaws that crush my comrades in front of my eyes or your face that brightens the dark world I live in. 
However I have to tell you that our relationship has to end. I do not only feel deep love for you, but also most sincere appreciation, concern for your well-being and the deepest respect I ever could hold for a woman, for there is no other like you. 

I am not good for you, I see that it hurts you, having a lover who cannot be the man you deserve. 

Yours truly and forever, 
Erwin Smith

deeper than the sea || 1920s AU || intuitivebiologist

   The icy, biting wind blew incessantly across her cheeks, like things melting under the sun.

   Aderyn took another breath of air – frozen, yet fresh – and covered her nose and mouth with her scarf, savoring the taste of late winter’s annual promise of something warmer. Welcome to the new semester.

   She stepped onto one of the paths that grew through the campus green, following it as it led to the center, where all the other branches converged. Once she reached the center, Aderyn picked the path that would take her to the political science building. Her next class started in about twenty minutes. From here, the walk would take less than fifteen minutes. Other students, all men, hurried toward their own destinations. Most of them, she guessed, hadn’t figured out the best route between classes beforehand, like she had (yesterday, in fact), which explained their haste now. Some of them threw curious glances at her as they walked past – women students weren’t unheard of, but they were rare.

   A stray lock of golden hair slipped out from the clutches of her chignon, thanks to a sudden gale. Aderyn tucked it behind her ear and adjusted the strap of her bag so that it sat comfortably on her shoulder once again. Thus, she failed to notice the hat carried by the wind until it clipped her shoulder.