-The state of being conscious, awake and aware.
-Awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, feelings, etc.
-The awareness or perception of something by a person.
-The fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world.
-The thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of people. <– :)
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Talking on Aura Portraits!

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Name: Wednesday Addams

Movie: The Addams Family

Year: 1991

Seek to develop logical explanations for everything that interests them. Theoretical and abstract, interested more in ideas than in social interaction. Quiet, contained, flexible, and adaptable. Have unusual ability to focus in depth to solve problems in their area of interest. Skeptical, sometimes critical, always analytical.

  • Introverted: Introverted types prefer quiet reflection and privacy. Information processing occurs for introverts as they explore ideas and concepts internally.
  • Intuition: Intuitive types prefer a learning atmosphere in which an emphasis is placed on meaning and associations. Insight is valued higher than careful observation, and pattern recognition occurs naturally for Intuitive types.
  • Thinking: Thinking types desire objective truth and logical principles and are natural at deductive reasoning.
  • Perceiving: Perceiving types will flourish in a flexible learning environment in which they are stimulated by new and exciting ideas.

Cognitive Functions:

  • Ti: Introverted Thinking
  • Ne: Extroverted Intuition
  • Si: Introverted Sensing
  • Fe: Extroverted Feeling
How To Spot an Ni Dominant

Submitted by blogranter

Based on some of the questions being asked on this blog, it seems that some people are confused about Ni dominance and how to spot it in someone. I also see a lot of typings that list “has a big goal” as evidence for Ni dominance. I personally blame stereotypes for this, so I decided to write this to help people learn how to identify Ni dominance better.

Ni has this weird MBTI stereotype that to have Ni means that you have a goal in your life, while to not have a goal means that you dont have Ni. This idea comes from the Ni stereotype that all Ni dominants are trying to be the next Gandhi, amd we’re all trying to change the world. The thing about Ni is that it is an introverted function and is not easy to see, so Ni domianants do not necessarily stick out in public or are easily spotted. But Ni dominants can blend in very well with other types, and you may be surprised at where you find these seemingly mythical creatures (or at least thats how the MBTI world treats us).

So when trying to spot Ni dominance, these are some things you should look for:

1. Extremely futuristic thinking- Everyone thinks about the future to some extent, but Ni dominants are going to be go beyond everyday planning for the future. For example, the other day a friend went around asking people, “Would you want to live forever?” Most people said things like, “no, because when my family and friends die, I’ll be alone.” That is future-based thinking, but it is not Ni thinking. I responded to this question by saying, “No, because when the sun blows up and the earth burns up I’ll be floating around in space alone.” THAT is Ni thinking. Extremely futuristic, to the point where people wonder why the heck that person is thinking about things that are so far away. It’s perfectly natural to think about the future, but when someone is extremely focused and far flung in their thoughts is when Ni dominance is possible.

2. Having a specific but abstract goal- I think this is the quality that people get confused with the “having a goal” thing. There is a difference between other types that “have a goal” and ni types that “have a goal”. A person can have a big goal and not be Ni, and just because a person does not have a goal does not mean that they are not Ni. Ni dominants, in my opinion, have something better described as an “abstract ideal” than a “goal”. Most ni dominants have a “goal” in the sense that they have a specific, abstract vision of what they want in life, and most of the time it’s not about becoming the next Gandhi. This “abstract ideal” is going to be the first priority in the Ni dominant’s mind, to the point where it is an important part of their psyche. Other types often know what they want in life, but it is not woven into the way they think. I know this may be hard to understand, and I hope I’m explaining this right, but I’m sorry if this is still confusing. An Ni dominant’s vision is going to hold some sort of important significance to them that is not present in other types, and it is easiest to see when they fail at accomplishing what they want. This “internal vision” is not usually easy to see, so saying that someone “has a goal” is not really great evidence that someone is an Ni dominant.

3. Stubborn certainty- Ni dominants, as a group, do not necessarily always believe that they are right if they do not actually think they know what they are talking about. We don’t walk around thinking we have the answers to everything, or that we know the truth behind everything. However, of our Ni has settled on a single truth or single answer to something, we are usually very confident of our idea and can seem close minded in this sense. We may eventually consider other ideas into our Ni if we later decide that they make sense, but this is a slow and unseen process that usually goes unnoticed. This process is alot of times confused with Si dominance, because they do something similar. The difference between the functions in this sense is that Si dominants reject information because it does not match their “personal mythology” based on their experiences, while Ni dominants reject information because they think they have accurately interpreted something already.

Some things that do NOT signal Ni dominance:
1. A person or character who is misunderstood by other people
2. A person or character that seems wise
3. A person or character that used a metaphor, or says something deep or mystical

Also, when typing any person, remember to look for FREQUENT, LONG TERM behaviors, not just one-instance “he thought about the future”. I hope this post cleared up some misunderstandings about Ni dominance.

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Clover | Ramona Falls

If I’m dreaming you, and you’re dreaming me
Then why don’t we choose a different story?

I honestly recommend that everyone download this album. So fucking inspiring. It’s the only way I’m getting my work done right now.

From 28K to 21K.. From Consumer Solutions Officer to Tier 2 Technical Support

Drum roll…

This will be my very first blog..Facebook is getting boring and boring everyday and so I thought maybe i should give blogging a try. Also, I was moved by lakwatserong tatay. I enjoyed reading his travel blogs and so his blogging and my facebook boredom moved me. Well, i think this will be a good avenue for me to showcase my self proclaimed creative writing skills. lol.

Thinking about the very first blog entry was a pain so lets just start with what recently happened and what am into right now.

Well as most of my friends knew about my tragic and dramatic exit at Citibank, only few really know the reason behind it. While most of the call center folks leave the company for a better growth and a bigger salary, mine was opposite. Apparently, I have to give up my overwhelming basic pay. Well at first, i thought when you have a bigger salary, you’ll be happier. I proved my self wrong. Big Salary means Big workload and big workload means bigger stress. Well, i thought i can handle stress since i have been to the industry for quite some time but this stress was different. So different that I might get sued if i will elaborate it. To cut the story short, I left Citibank for two reasons:

1. I believed that taking a leak (wiwi break) is a basic human right not a privilege.

Just so you know, we are not allowed to take wiwi breaks during our grueling auto in hours. Its like going to the CR is a crime. I remembered one of the workforce said “ang pag ihi sa break lang ginagawa.” another way of them saying to program your body to take a leak only on a specific time. I realized that they better hire robots in this case. 

2. I had this trouble about my medical test as part of my preemployment requirements.

Unfortunately, during my Chest Xrays, they saw something suspicious. Doctors call it a “pulmonary nodule.” As the normal process, I have to seek a pulmonary consult and clearance so that they would know what that nodule is. Little that i know, i was being ruled out for 2 dreadful lung diseases; TB or Lung Cancer. After series of laboratory tests, CT Scans etc, thank GOD i was negative. The pulmonologist explained that the nodule was a scar. A scar from a pneumonia that i am not aware of because my body was able to self heal. Apparently, that scar will be in my lungs forever just like wound scar. Dormant and inactive. and so they fully certify that I am fit to work and of course not contagious! I presented all my medical documents and I thought I am done.

However, to my surprise their so good management presented me a memo for termination due to non completion of pre employment requirements. Well, I know for a fact that during the hearing I will be heard and my reasoning of why my medical exam took so long is because i have to undergo a lot of medical exams will be taken into consideration. I feel bad about it.

Morally, how could you serve a memo of  termination to someone who has taken a lot of needles in his body, who was sleepless, thinking of his life, fearing the future while being ruled out of TB or Lung Cancer. I felt like i was not treated like a human being but a robot that needs repairs and that they are debating whether to throw it or send it to repairs. Do this people still have conscience and hearts? I don’t think so. Since my day 1 with them, I was raised with the impression: bayaran ka dito.

God is so good that after my traumatic, melo-dramatic experience, one company has open its doors for me. Drum Roll… Stream Global Solutions..

I was hired as Tier 2 Technical Support Professional dealing with Accounting. Puzzling right? Technical skills plus accounting. How in the world will you be able to mix that? Well, that’s for me to find out. The Pay was not really at par with Citibank, but so far I am liking it here. The environment is just way so different from Citibank. It will be so long to define and explain the difference.

The facility as well is way to far from the other. Our pantry alone is already the operations floor of Citibank. Talking about comparison. First impression: this company is people oriented. No wonder why it was proclaimed as the employer of the year. On top of that, the free ice tea, lemonade, milo and coffee, drink all you can until you drown is an additional icing in the cake. Talking about, saving money from buying drinks everyday at 7eleven or ministop. Too bad they dont have free cigarettes because if they do, I am going to write a special entry here in my blog about that. lol.

My newly found friends also makes the cake oozing with taste and flavor. Its definitely a good mix of people. Fun fact: this is the very first time that I am the youngest in the group. lol

What I will miss in Makati? I am going to miss jolly jeep, where we eat every lunch break. It’s funny though that right now, we are eating at a jeepney terminal. lol

What to look forward in Stream?Well, I am positive about the pay. There will be humungous difference for sure but I am sure I can adjust. Say goodbye to my expensive after payday liquor nights with Jose Cuervo and Bacardi. Hello Red Horse. 

Also, the very first inuman of wave 82-83… I believe that amazing friendships begins in a bottle of beer.

Lesson earned: Citi Sucks, Stream Rocks.. Seriously, its a lesson earned. Never venture to a company that pays big but doesn’t treat you as a human being. Basic Pay is not everything…

and Yes! Were hiring. If you want to apply you know where to find me. ^^

I wished that the guy on the ad is my boss. lol

All right people. let me know what you think. Give me some love and comments. This is my first post so please be kind. :)

Art & Justice for All / Carol Ng-He

In my work at Intuit I am finding just how powerful outsider and self-taught art can be as a force for social change; in particular I have found that can have an especially big impact on teenagers in economically deprived neighborhoods.  About five miles west from downtown Chicago, a high school art teacher has developed an innovative social venture and enterprise effort, called Art & Justice for All. The project is an alternative educational strategy for students on Chicago’s west side focusing on breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and juvenile social problems.

Jeanne S. Walker, art teacher and Team Leader/Service Learning Coach at Orr Academy High School, is the mastermind who engineers this project. Through Intuit’s Teacher Fellowship Program I came to learn about this project as I worked with Jeanne to develop her curriculum further using outsider art for her already-existing Art & Justice for All program. I was drawn by her idea to use outsider art as catalyst – not only to integrate it with other academic subject learning, but also to develop an enterprise for teens to validate their creativity, and foster essential life skills.

Art & Justice for All is designed to help Orr’s students obtain entrepreneurial skills and promote peace and justice through the production and sale of fashion design, jewelry, and art. The sales of their artwork is a 50/50 split between the students and student-led initiatives, such as peer mediation, conflict resolution, anger management, or job training programs, which are often ignored in traditional school settings. Some of the pieces are sold in local stores, including Intuit.  

Prior to her tenure at Orr, Jeanne was the “Issue to Action” teacher at Mikva Challenge. The experience laid the early groundwork for Jeanne in conceptualizing the project. Later, Jeanne joined Orr’s faculty. Over the last six years at the beginning of each new school year, Jeanne  has brainstormed with her students about issues they face in their schools, homes, and communities at the beginning of each school year; violence, gangs, lack of jobs, drugs, fighting, youth murder, and teen pregnancy are constant mentions. As Jeanne points out, these problems are intertwined closely to the teenagers’ need of money for basic needs, such as food, transportation, clothing, and shelter. These needs urged her to develop a hybrid program, combining various models of After School Matters, and social ventures in which a portion of funds earned re-direct back to address the students’ need.   

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Ti-Ne vs. Ni

Submitted by soratie

As an INTP, I had problems to understand the Ne vs. Ni descriptions first. Mostly because I over-analyze. From my point of view Ti-Ne can look similar to Ni. But only partly.

If Ni is described as trying to find the truth, the path, the one right thing, my Ti-Ne gets excited: me too! If Ni is described as trying to fit new ideas to their beliefs and trying to go deep on a topic, my Ti-Ne cries: that’s so me! I continuously try to fit new ideas to my logic*! 

But if Ni is described as believing in that one truth, my Ti-Ne rolls it’s eyes and says that you don’t have any logical proof that that’s true. You just haven’t thought as deep on other possibilities. Have you thought about this? And this? And this? And if Ni is described as having a plan for future, my Ti-Ne laughs: how can you decide on something like that because of all of those possibilities that you haven’t thought about fully yet?

Ne, on the other hand, is usually described as all around the place with it’s ideas. My Ti-Ne is confused: for me the ideas need to be in some sense logical. Not realistic, but logical. And as soon as the idea is decidedly not logical, I lose interest. Or when it’s fully discussed and the conversation gets repetitive. But this is also why I can discuss one topic for a long while as I try to get to the bottom of it. To the pure theory of it. But I need to evaluate it against all the other possibilities at the same time. I don’t like just scratching the surface if there is something interesting underneath. But I confess: often my Ne leads a conversation to other directions even when I wanted to get new ideas for this one theory I had. And I only realize this afterwards when I have more time to use my Ti.

(*With Ni it’s apparently not logic but inner sense of something. But if the wording does not explicitly state this, my mind finds loop holes…)

PS. I don’t roll my eyes or laugh at people out loud. My Si and Fe remind me that it’s mean. And my Ti-Ne admires people who can believe that they know the truth. It seems logical that they might be more happy in this world.

Please, if I ever ask you not to bother me, or say that I need some space, do not feel personally offended. I promise this was not my intention. I do not outwardly wish to hurt you, but by nature I am a loner, and if I did not allow myself time to recover from strenuous amounts of social contact, I would be in fact hurting myself. It may be hard to understand but I rather enjoy being alone. I understand that human connections, (friends, coworkers, etc.) are a necessary part of succession and life in our society, but that does not mean I have to enjoy it nor that I should need to experience it every single day. There will always be days that I need to ignore the world and self examine, and if this is an issue for you, then I am afraid I have more bad news.
—  An INTJ