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Sensing and Intuition are different, but they work together. Someone with Intuition (N) can have an idea that will inspire someone with Sensing (S) to come up with concrete details. For instance, an N could come up with an idea, and an S can fill it in with the building blocks that make up the idea. Often there is also a body language of people with S and N: Typically, those with an N preference don’t show their mental or emotional state physically as much as an S does. 

Classic example of the difference between Sensing and Intuition: giving directions. If you’re going to travel with a GPS, an S would find it easier to follow the step-by-step instructions, while an N finds it easier to follow a map.

This post brought to you by an ENTP (Misha) who came up with the words and an ENTJ (Mack) who made the graphic. 


"are all of you like lydia?"



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I see you! Stiles and the Third Eye (TW 4x11)

I should probably spend my time working on a meta rambling for last night’s episode instead, but i was suddenly hit by a idea and i couldn’t let it go, so i gave in and decided to explore it.

Is anybody surprised it’s about Stiles? Didn’t think so…

Image heavy and long, so hit the read more if you’re curious :)

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The wild unknown tarot finally got here. I love how clear it is but earlier it was very harsh but completely accurate as well so accurately harsh towards my relationship but at least I know it’s a very powerful deck let me know if you guys have any opinions on this deck!