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Warrior Cats: Omen of the Stars Intro (Textless)

Animator: Nifty-Senpai

Uploaded on Jul 31, 2014

Warnings: None


Okay, so technically, that’s not right. Cletus knows Eddie is his age, maybe a little older, but it’s an instinct to scream the word. In a way, Carnage wouldn’t have existed without his cellmate’s precedent, so he likes to think Brock’s a piece of family. A very violent, destructive family that claws at each other and fights until there’s talons and teeth at throats. It’s so odd, to think he’s human, that Eddie’s human, and somehow the majority of Kasady’s body is spawn from a pretty little substance called Venom. There’s weird shit in both their physique that mingled with their very systems, grew in them, and altered their lives beyond repair (or break, Cletus likes to think.) His robotic legs carry him all the way to his ‘father’ and his arms go around the taller’s middle, his grin all sharp and cunning. “I missed you.” 

    He stops short.

"…Somethin’ ain’t right. You still got your symbiote, don’t ya?"