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Well, my friend who is a big Persona fan says that Persona 3 has a much sadder, ‘cooler’ tone to it. Persona 4 has more comedy and is a bit more polished than 3, with a warmer feel to it as well. Though if you choose 3, she says get FES or Portable.

well, then, I should probably get P4 for Christmas, because then I can easily emulate P3. I didn’t even think about that. thanks d00d

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Give that bitch a pink shark. Bitches love pink sharks.

I think it’s a bunny? Or maybe a dog? I can’t even tell but the distressing point is that this thing has been severely assaulted

Not only this but there’s an entire series of battered and bruised stuffed animals just like this one

I guess I shouldn’t really be that surprised that cripple moe is socially acceptable, I did play Katawa Shoujo after all

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The fact that people enjoy a lot of shit products but don’t change their ways because the corporation has a monopoly on the service makes me physically cringe at capitalism.

it’s not capitalism, it’s people. There arealternative ways to watch TV and movies other than streaming through Netflix that nobody seems to recognize. If people are desperate for such a streaming service, however, Netflix really is the only viable option. Copyright laws and the bureaucracy, red tape, and stigma that surround them shut down other streaming services with the potential to compete with Netflix.

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Why would I pay for all my Anime when I can just watch it on Crunchyroll? :3 Uguu~

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It pretty much is a science, because it’s a particular kind of math. It’s not an EXACT science, because there’s a lot of probability involved.

I have no formal education in economics, so I’m going to withhold an opinion one way or the other (you are right, however, there are almost thousands of externalities and variables that must be considered at all times). I’m just pointing out hypocrisy.

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Actually I’m here because of my fiance. Wouldn’t be here otherwise. You can thank her.

shit, really? I thought it was a huge coincidence

I thought it was the biggest case of small world syndrome that I met Mr. Magnetic in 2010, his cousin two years later, and then the next year her fiancé starts following me completely independently of either of them 

my dreams have been crushed

Favorite entry in the series: Half-Life 1 (especially if Black Mesa Source counts, too)

Least favorite entry: Blue Shift

Favorite playable character: The only damn one.

Favorite non playable character: Father Grigory

Favorite enemy: Barnacles in terms of enemies you fight, Breen otherwise. It’s so unnerving watching barnacles spit skeletons out at you.

Least favorite enemy: speed zombies

Favorite song: Is this even applicable?

What I think of the series as a whole: It will always be an important series to video games. The games were all fantastic around the time of their release, but they’ve sadly not managed to stand the test of time in terms of gameplay. Except for BM:S. I should replay that.

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Ah laser pointers…if you’re a librarian, you’re set. If you’re RD, you’re set. If you’re anything else, go murder the librarian and you’re set!

Does it even do anything? I assume you blind someone at least temporarily if you attack someone with it in the eyes, but other than that, I couldn’t turn it on or anything… can R&D use it?