intricatelylaced said:

I know we just talked on FB but I wanted to come here &remind you to never compare yourself to others. Because the truth is, there is never going to be another person like YOU. So hold onto the things that you call flaws and imperfections, because they are what make you who you are, and what I love the most about you. Okay have a good day, babe. <3

This is the reason that you’re my wife.. 

oh, & our amazing phone conversations c;

Conversation w| wife <3
  • Me:You are the furthest thing from ugly, I promise you. I look at your pictures all the time & think how beautiful you are & how lucky I am to know somebody like you ...
  • Jasmine:That's funny because I do the same thing to you... c: I really am lucky to know you. ;c I'm sorry we haven't been able to skype.
  • Me:Both of us are pretty anal about how we're looking. We obvi want to look good for each other which is so silly c;
  • Jasmine:HAHAHA. c; Marry me?
  • Me:Yes! <33