intoxy said:

Hi! for the anon that wanted to know how early to get to the concert: When I went, I was in the second row and had gotten there about 7 hours prior to the concert although we easily couldve gotten there maybe 2 hours later BUT being where we were really wasn't that great at all. Sure it was amazing being that close to the whole band but everyone thats that close it VERY violent and its not comfortable at all and I could hardly hear the music from there, the next concert I went to we stayed (1)

(2) the next concert we went to, we stayed back a bit and it was SO much better! It was a lot more chilled out and you could till see them perfectly and you could actually hear them this time! So in order to get to that point, it really depends on the size of the venue. If its a large venue then i’d recommend maybe 4 hours early (just to be safe) but if its a really small venue then maybe about 2 hours! Sorry this is really long but I hope it helped :)

thank you so much for your insight! i’m glad you had fun at your bastille concerts and got to experience it twice! :))

intoxy said:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISSY YOU BEAUTIFUL THING <3 <3 <3 I hope that your day is amazing and that you have a hella rad day and that being 16 treats you amazingly (so far its so good for me so get excited) and yesss writing on here bc facebook sucks but i'll probably write there too xxx (this is georgia btw lolz) miss you xx

aaaah thanks so much!!! loooove youuuu xxx

You guys! It turns out Robin Thicke was drunk and high constantly this entire time! I guess all is forgiven since men can’t control their actions while intoxi… ooooh.