people freak out and complain a lot about the responsibilites and pitfalls of adult life a lot but like idk i think it has a lot to do with what u make of it like yeah maybe i do have to buy all my own washcloths now but literally nothing is stopping me from buying only batman washcloths. i have to buy my own groceries but i can also only buy my favourite vegetables and favourite kind of salsa or whatever. gotta buy a microwave but i can totally get that rad hello kitty microwave if i want. being an adult kinda only sucks if you let it suck tbh like it’s hard but it’s also full of potential to be totally awesome if u just cut loose footloose kick off the sunday shoes u feel me

You can tell a lot about a person by the types of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come on, no skipping. Then tag 10 accounts below.
 I was tagged by fightingdragonswithyouuu

1) Angels on the Moon x Thriving Ivory

2) Dedication x Asking Alexandria

3) The Match x Asking Alexandria

4) Another You x Of Mice & Men

5) The Final Episode x Asking Alexandria

6) Alerion x Asking Alexandria

7) Fall for You x Secondhand Serenade

8) Break Free x Of Mice & Men

9) Space Enough To Grow x Of Mice & Men

10) Ohioisonfire x Of Mice & Men

I tag misseskrueger666 intoxi-katie-ng hellhasbettermusic themistressoflucifer white-hash-troe vintage-marine pizza—-slut—-1 lifeaskara asupernaturaldisaster and n-i-c-t-r-o

You guys! It turns out Robin Thicke was drunk and high constantly this entire time! I guess all is forgiven since men can’t control their actions while intoxi… ooooh. 

sprinkleofbrad said:

The Cab ayyyy

favourite song: INTOXIATED 
least favourite song: i dont have one man i love all of them
have i ever seen them live: I WISH I HAD
favourite band member: alexander 
least favourite band member: n/a
how many of their albums you have: 2 albums & 1 EP
favourite album: SYMPHONY SOLIDER (its my all time my fav album)

send me a band

the hardest thing is when all you want to do is talk to that one person. just tell them about your day and how you’re feeling and all of your thoughts. but you can’t. for whatever reason: they’re not there, you don’t have a way of contacting you, they don’t want to contact you. and it sucks. because they’re your comfort zone. they’re the only one you want to tell your life story to. and it sucks.