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seriously it's so uncalled for the whole pulling luke's shirt and the fan kissing ashton like do people not realise they're people too?? you're a stranger to the guys (and technically you don't know them so they're kind of strangers too??) and imagine how scary it must be a fan kind of throwing themselves at you or dragging you to them and you'd have to remain calm and seem okay with it like what even that's so messed up, this kind of thing is why the guys won't be able to meet fans all the time


just whY

intotheechelon replied to your post: Guys, but, does work for you? Because…

It’s working on my computer, could you try instead?

Yes, I’m using that for now! I just… wanted to know what happened. 

Let’s hope it’ll fix itself very soon!

pullthedevildown replied to your postGuys, but, does work for you? Because…

i was just having some gmail issues, so maybe they’re having server trouble or smth?

I don’t know! Maybe! Wait, can it be a broswer problem? Are you using Chrome? 
I’m gonna try and use Firefox later, maybe that’s the problem (?)

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i think people are being all 'cultural appropriation!!!!!!' about calum's tattoo but idk i don't see that there's a problem, plenty of people get similar tattoos?? like woah friends calm down it's his body not urs

people jump to conclusions before even thinking about it. like, how do you know that tattoo doesnt have a special meaning to Calum? tattoos are fucking permanent, i don’t think Calum would get it if it didnt mean anything to him. just fucking chill and mind your goddamn business

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favourite acoustic 5sos song? :)

voodoo doll or slsp

ship; calum

best friend; michael

what i like about you; your icon omg

random song; i’ve got this friend // 5sos

finishing those in my ask :)

Yeah well idk man i dont like the way he does therapy and he never gets what i mean when i tell him something and like we have this group therapy thing and last week we had to loosen knots he made into a rope like wtf man
((And i have the slight suspicion that he’s gay but i dont have enough proof yet)) im definitely going to show him something like The Fourth Wall Serier popped up in my mind but it’s too long and i can’t remember 90% of the stuff i read this is gonna be a tough work

I’VE BEEN TAGGED BY intotheechelon! (lol like fucking forever ago but I just realized I never did it)

  1. What’s your favourite dessert? Tiramasu 
  2. Where’s one place you’d like to visit? France
  3. Sleep with the door open or closed? (Important question guiiiisee) open in the winter (otherwise i’ll freeze to death) and closed in the summer, spring, and fall
  4. First word that comes into your head iiiiiiis? anaxiphillia, being attracted to someone you shouldn’t be
  5. What’s one song that you can fall asleep to? boats and birds by gregory and the hawk
  6. Who’s made an impact on your life, how? My best friend because she’s largely responsible for making sure I always feel loved and accepted
  7. Favourite Youtuber? chescaleigh
  8. Least favourite Youtuber? idk?
  9. What’s your favourite lyric from your favourite song? If you’ll be my star / I’ll be your sky, from Boats and Birds
  10. What what you like to do in the future? I’d LOVE to be a writer but I know it won’t happen because of the inevitable problem of earning money
  11. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Teaching English or as a fashion intern/designer


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I agree that I don't mind the questions, I learn stuff and find answers to questions I might of had. If it annoys you, you can just blacklist the asks. You wouldn't unfollow your favourite blog if they were answering loads of messages, would you? You'd just keep scrolling through their blog until you found what you wanted.

thank you<3

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