into the trash it goes

a message to slobs in shared living spaces

clean up your shit.

i know this is an apartment, and there are people who clean the hallways, but what the fuck, man. clean up after yourself. you think they enjoy the extra work, cleaning up stuff that is literally in your doorway? no. nobody does. it’s your shit, in your doorway, clean it up you asshole.

you drop something in the elevator or in the hall? pick it up. nobody wants to pick up your trash, because it’s your fucking trash.

you have trash that needs to in the garbage room? make sure it goes down the fucking chute. not on the floor, down the chute. it’s your trash, dumbass, i don’t want to have to shove it down the chute because you couldn’t be bothered.

also, if your dog shits on the floor, clean it up. what the fuck kind of dog owner are you? i understand if your dog isn’t housetrained yet, but it’s your responsibility. clean up after it. if you don’t want it in your apartment, nobody wants it in the shared areas, you disgusting dickbag.

So, I watched Age of Ultron today, and this is the outcome:

  • My love for Clint Barton got about ten times stronger (which I didn’t think possible)
  • I am despite everything still utter Clintasha trash
  • I am still a bit of Captasha trash
  • I am now probably also a bit of Brucetasha trash
  • I hereby start the campaign Protect Tony Stark From Haters 2k15

My eyes are up here, sweetheart
a completely totally 100% serious kavinsky [fanmix]

  1. 3oh!3 - i’m not your boyfriend, baby
  2. backstreet boys - if you want it to be good, girl [get yourself a bad boy]
  3. cobra starship - i kissed a boy
  4. aqua teen hungerforce - i like your booty [but i’m not gay]
  5. 3oh!3 - chokechain
  6. lady gaga - boys boys boys
  7. cobra starship - good girls go bad
  8. bloodhound gang - bad touch 
  9. the lonely island - no homo

New Mass Effect’s lookin’ great.


Mike Loewen had a very nice custom TRS-80 Model 4 display.  These things had amazing graphics cards, as well as some impressive storage capabilities, and even a non-standard picture tube color on one model.

I played space invaders on the heavily modified machine, and did surprisingly well, setting a nice high score.  I never did ask how long my high score stayed up on his machine.  Either way, I’ve never seen a TRS-80 this powerful before.