• A Cinderella Story (2004) by Hilary Duff.
  • 17 Again by Burr Steers
  • Flipped (2010) by Rob Reiner
  • 500 Days of Summer by Marc Web 

Just finished watching all these movie. All these movie was great and I can’t help myself, especially Flipped and 500 Days of Summer. It really touches my heart, when I finish watching these I was kind of overwhelming, where in my heart is beating so fast. I’m looking forward to another movie to watch. PS: Do you have any recommendations for me to watch? Please TA me or leave a comment here. These past few days, I’ve been in watching movies, so let me know. Thank you.

Sorry if this is just posted today, I have been busy in my life right now with all the graduation hype and stuff and my brothers also keeps on sitting on my side waiting for me to finish. Hahahaha

I would like to thank the following (lol, that sounds like some sponsors hahahah), Pia of Reaptides and Jaye of Digitalraindrops! Honeslty I do not know what this award is for but super thanks anyway, you are both wonderful! I feel so happy knowing that some people out there actually notices me and my blog.


  1. Thank the person who awarded you and include a link to their blog.
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  3. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

15 bloggers line up! Hi to all of you! Sorry if i’m so FC ;-)

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  2. Kristel of kristelestrada
  3. Jean of mjcsarmiento
  4. Gien of iamtheoceanprincess
  5. Ben of inthruvurt
  6. Elisha of loveelisha
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Tagged you guys! I can’t TA I’m busy right now of some things I need to do. I’m planning on making a surprise for my friends.

7 things about myself *sing that in the tune of 7 things by Miley* hehe I know it doesn’t fit, well here it is:

  1. I wanted to be a librarian when I was a kid. Mehe
  2. Cookies and Cream is my favorite flavor and I tend to eat anything in that flavor.
  3. I’ve read many books and some of it were forgotten because it was years ago and I kinda gave away some of it.
  4. Photography is a hobby of mine, but because of the lack of a decent camera I stopped, for now.
  5. I love blue.
  6. My height is 4’10” and I hate it.
  7. I love staying in the water, though I do not know how to swim!

reyubenn said:

Dear inthruvurt or Reuben,

Dear inthruvurt or Reuben,

Your blog is one of my all-time favorites, no joke. I like your theme and the way you organize your posts as well as your pictures. You’re such a great kid. Your faith with God is exceptional. You’re also hardworking and you are the kind of person who would never give up just for his dreams. I also like it that even when there are times that you are having problems, it still doesn’t stop you to inspire others. I want you to know that even when there are hard times, just hold on to your faith and you will reach the better place. Also, remember that Ate Nicole is always here for you. :) Stay amazing. :)



reyubenn said:

Hello Sweetie. I just dropped to say that Have a nice month of December. Continue what your heart speaks. Keep SMILING because that's the best armor to make other people happy. Enjoy every minute. (Smile dear!) And also, thank you for being my friend. Teehee (◠ ε ◠) Take care sweetie. Godspeed♡

Aw, thank you so much for the message and hoping same goes to you dear! ♡


Hello guys, I’m really sorry for not coming on much lately. I’ve been busy with school & stuff. There are a lot of activities happened in our school and some school works that is not really fun so I would like to tell you that these past few days have been pretty busy and productive. Altho, there are times that I felt so bad and sad. Even if theres up and downs in life you still have to be strong and keep fighting. The thing is, you have to keep your faith in God and I believe that He will NEVER put you in a position if you’re not strong enough to get through. Kung baga, kapit-bisig. haha :—) I’m really thankful and blessed. Anyways, all the random photos above are the photos I took the whole month of June. It’s crazy because there is a lot. You all know guys that I’m a moment collector haha so yeah, if you want some daily updates, please do check out my twitter and instagram account (@reyubenn). Thank you for the messages btw. It really means a lot! Take care and we are greatly blessed! :’)


April 05, 2014

I did a general cleaning to my room this morning and I found a couple of things like some of my certificates, medals, remembrance from my childhood friends, and some slambook that I made when I was a little. I wasn’t expecting that I still keep all these things. It was fun looking back and reading the dedication letter inside the slambook. haha, I never thought that I have 5 crushes when I was at third grade haha Anyway, after cleaning my room, I took a bath and start watching movies. Until now, I’m still wondering if what movie I’ll watch next. haha For some people, this thing is so boring but for me, it isn’t, I think it’s because I love watching movies.

By the way, every 6:15PM it’s already my routine that I’ll go to our rooftop to watch the sunset and chill there until the moon came out. It’s relaxing and so peaceful. So yeah, I’ll just chill until 3 in the midnight. Have a nice Sunday ahead!


I am an introvert. Contrary to popular & an on-going belief, many people think an introvert is shy, a loner, a mute, don’t like people or going out in public, aloof nerds and weird.

We are perfectly comfortable with our own thoughts. We think a lot. We daydream. We like to have problems to work on, puzzles to solve.

A person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people. This is true even if we have good social skills. After being with people for any length of time, such as at a party, We need time alone to “recharge.”
More concerned with the inner world of the mind. We enjoy thinking, exploring our thoughts and feelings. We primarily look inward, paying close attention to our thoughts and emotions. It’s not that we are incapable of paying attention to what is going on around us, it’s just that our inner world is much more stimulating and rewarding to us.

Introverts are often individualists. We don’t follow the crowd. We’d prefer to be valued for our novel ways of living. We think for ourselves and because of that, We often challenge the norm. We don’t make most decisions based on what is popular or trendy.

When introverts want to be alone, it is not, by itself, a sign of depression. It means we either need to regain our energy from being around people or that we simply want the time to be with our own thoughts. Being with people, even people we like and are comfortable with, can prevent us from our desire to be quietly introspective.

We value the few friends we have. We can count our close friends on one hand. If you are lucky enough for an introvert to consider you a friend, you probably have a loyal ally for life.
It does not mean that an introvert never has conversations. Introverts just don’t talk unless we have something to say. We hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something we are interested in, and we won’t shut up for days. However, those conversations are generally about ideas and concepts, not about what we consider the trivial matters of social small talk. What we need is a reason to interact. We don’t interact for the sake of interacting.

Introverts make up about 60% of the gifted population. And when I mean gifted, it means people who have IQs that ranges from 115-180. It is also said that a world without Introverts would be a world with few scientists, musicians, artists, poets, filmmakers, doctors, mathematicians, writers, and philosophers.


Week 5/52 • This week has been really annoying to me, but I kinda like it because everything is running so good. I wasn’t able to blog these past few weeks because of my school responsibilities, it sucks but I need to accept the truth. So right now, I’m just chilling and I had 11 hours of sleep because we don’t have classes today which means I’m gonna stay in our house the whole day buuttt I have tons of projects, homeworks and other school works to do. 

Anyway, I was nominated as 4th year representative. We had the interview this week, I was kinda nervous but thank God, I survived it. So, next week will be our campaign and yeah, I’m kinda prepared so the only problem I have is, I’m shy and I can’t talk at front of many people, but I will do it for the sake of our school. Please pray for me.

I also watched the trailer of The Fault in Our Stars. It’s so beautiful! I remembered when I finished the book, it took me an hour to realized that I’m crying. I’m not a fan of love stories but this is insane. I’m really excited for the movie! But I heard that, the movie will release in August 20 here in PH. T_T Anyway, that’s about it! Nothing really cute happened within this school days, I just study and since, my teacher assigned me to be the leader of our play in Filipino called ‘Noli Me Tangere’ I haven’t finish writing our script because I don’t know where to start and if someone has the script of Kabata 33-64 of Noli, please pm me guys, I seriously need it. So yeah, have a good life folks!


I’m thinking to post something and I don’t know what to blog so maybe I’ll just make this happy list thingy. I’m glad that everything is doing good now.

  • No regrets, just lesson learned.
  • Move on move on din pag may time.
  • Sweet and touching messages from my beloved youthmates.
  • Movie marathon all-day.
  • New favorite movies.
  • I have this problem where I get too into a movie and relate myself to the characters and end up in tears at some point, however, it’s a great feeling!
  • Finally, new people!

That’s it! I don’t know what to say but I’m just so thankful for everything. I’m so grateful for the people who are always there for me, thankyou you know who you are, I really appreciate it. 😊


Finally had a chance to blog. Whoah this is so exciting hahaha anyway, I’m sorry guys if I didn’t blog these past few days. I’m telling you guys that school is very annoying and it keeps me very insane. I’m so busy and I have nothing to do but just go with the flow. I’m really sorry T_T But yeah, I’ll share some of the things happened within this week.

Since, I was nominated as 4th year representative under Democratic Party for the next set of officers for upcoming 2014-2015 SSG. At first, I was kind of nervous but God help me to get through all those interview session and all that jazz. We also had our one week campaign which is kinda tiring because we have to go to each classroom and introduce ourselves. I’m not even kidding when I say ‘tiring’ and I was like ‘gusto ko ng lumubog sa lupa sa sobrang sakit ng paa ko, piling ko mapuputol na tong dalawa kong paa’ hahaha it sounds funny though Anyway, I still have to go to school early tomorrow and waking up 5AM isn’t easy for me since my body clock is already messed up.

That’s about it. Goodluck to my co-candidates, I’m kind of excited for the result. I know God will guide us. And don’t worry, I’m going to tell you guys if I made it or not haha so yeah, going to school very early, daily-quizes, projects, homeworks, outputs and longtest, that’s I’ve been dealing with these past few weeks. Hell week pt two! Have a good life, folks, Xx


It’s been a month since I last blogged. School had been really annoying but finally, it’s summer vacation! I apologize for being so hiatus these past few weeks. I had been really stressed with school so that’s why I wasn’t able to blog.

All the photos you’ll see above are the photos I took this month. So yeah, that’s about it. I’ll be updating my blog soon and more often now. ciao~


These are the books I’ve read this year. I thank all the authors of these book because they help me to keep going and don’t give up. Books are my comfort zone and I can live with them forever. 2013 has to end and it’s time to move on. Though, I have been encountered a lot of problems, still I’m moving forward, and enjoy everything because everything is experience. 2013 was full of lessons and it’s time for me to change. Good positivity, and enjoy what life offers. Remember, you only live once, so always give your best! Happy New Year, folks!


Christmas Break is one of the best break ever! There are lots of people have been celebrating their christmas break to their province and going out with their family. And it’s kinda tradition to us that we will go somewhere whenever it’s holidays. So I thought I’d share you what are the things happened to me these past few days since, a few more days and it’s 2014!

  • Last minute shopping with the whole family and other relatives. We shopped everything we would like and yeah, we eat at random restaurants.
  • It’s Christmas and I’ve been craving for something sweet and I choosed to eat lots of chocolates these fast few days.
  • I survived the whole day shopping and eating alone. I love going to random bookstores to check if the book that I’ve been searching was already arrived and also, buying books that I think will be such a good read.
  • I saw lots of tweets and statuses from my classmates that it’s annoying how teachers gives lots of school works in our break, and the fact that it’s a break means no school responsibilites. Huhu T_T But yeah, we still need to do all those school works.
  • Decorating and organizing my planner is one of my favorite thing to do these past few days. I printed out some photos to put inside my planner to make it look more nice and great.

So that’s it! By the way, I ordered a Polaroid Camera which is the Fujifilm Instax Mini in white. I ordered it online so, the seller told me that it will be arrived on January 2! I’m so freaking excited, I’ve been wanting to have this for a long time, so I finally have. Yey!


3/52. This week is kind of bump but I think despite of all these annoying stuff, I still got lots of lessons and happiness as well. Busyness plus lazyness, that’s I’ve been dealing with these past few days. Everyday, I only had 5 hours of sleep because I need more time to prepare myself for the Third Quarter Periodical Test and it was a success. For some reasons, I feel so overwhelming because I wasn’t expecting that I will learnn lots of lessons from criticisms. But all I did was just ignore them because I know they are only insecure because for me, if you are not contented to your life then, you’ll hate and judge people.

I don’t know what to say right now but yeah, I hope you enjoy all the photos above. Happy Weekend everyone! Wupsie, tomorrow is our field trip, kind exciting kinda not idk.


Life Lately

  • Sleeping at 3AM everyday and waking up at 12PM. That’s my life *woot2*
  • Thank you moon, for being there. I freaking love how my bed is beside a window and where the moon is at.
  • Tried this new @mcdo_ph’s bff fries. Bitin padin haha :(
  • My mom and my dad decided to have a 3 days Boracay Trip this coming April 23-25 and I think on April 27 until the first week of May, we are going to Pangasinan, at my Grandma’s house to have a 2 weeks vacation and also to join the Bangus Festival. 
  • 'My Sisters Keeper' was such a good movie. It's a sad story but seriously I've learned a couple of things. It made me cry too T_T
  • I also watched the ‘About Time’, The Book Thief, & Toy Story 3. Watching movies is the only thing I always do to keep myself entertain and productive as well.

So, how are you guys? 

19/365. Junior Educational Tour. It’s so much fun like, I forget to take pictures because of the excitement. I’m sorry for the lack of photos tho but yeah, at least we enjoyed and 19th of January was a date to remember. Thank you classmates for the happiness and laughs. Btw, we went to Mowel Fund, MOA Science Discovery and Star City. I’m not expecting that this field trip will be the best haha, it’s memorable omo