My everything - Chapter 4

Justin’s POV

”Well I work in some stupid law firm, you know, just same stupid things everyday.” I said with a faint smile. I knew she wanted more, but I would just mess it up, if I would keep talking. This girl was driving me crazy. She was the one who made me this way, and I literally just met her. 

We talked, and laughed rest of the night. It was great actually. Soon we decided to go, because it was already 1 am.

I lead her to the car, and opened door for her. I went in, and started driving. I coyld feel her glancing at me few times, and I knew she wanted me to do something. I smiled, and interwented our finger together. She smiled, because she got what she wanted. It just feels right. Nothing more, nothing less, it’s just right. After about half an hour drive, I parked near her house. I stood next to the car with her, until she broke science. “Thank you for tonight, I had I wonderful time with you.” She said looking me straight in the eyes. “It was nothing really” I said as she smelled roses I gave her before. Soon her eyes met mine. I stated to lean in, and so did she. I placed my hand on her cheek, and soon our lips met. They moved in sync, like it was supposed to be. She placed her arms around my neck, and mine around her thin waist. Nothing would ever replace this magical moment. It felt amazing. Her pink plump lips on mine. It’s just meant to be. She slowly broke the kiss, and shyly placed her head down. I smiled and lifted her head up. “Well, I should go, thank you again.” She said, as she cleared her throat. “Yeah, I should go too, it’s late.” I sat in the car, and watched her, as she walked away to her house, so I could be sure she would go home safe. I started speeding to my home. I felt different. Never in my life, did I feel this way. She was driving me crazy. I got butterflies every time I would think about her. And the kiss. It was the best kiss I have evet experienced. Nothing is compared to her. Selena’s POV I walked into the house quietly, not to wake my parents up. I took my high heels of, and tip toed up the stairs to my room. I was so tired but exited, and I couldn’t take my mind of the kiss. It was the most perfect thing in my life, and it was something I fully wanted to. He even works in a law firm, my parents would might actually like him, if comes to that. I soon fell asleep. ….. We hang out, and talked a lot last couple of days. It was really great, and I’m starting to fall for him hard. It is getting pretty serious. We shared a lot of kisses, and he started to call me by the cute names. He is very over protective over me, and I’m loving every second of it. It was Friday, 11 pm, and I still didn’t got out of work. Justin’s cute texts were the one who would make my day a little better. After I finished, and it was only me, to stay this late, I started going home in my car. There was a red light across the little dark alley where I met Justin. Where he saved me. My prince charming. Soon I saw familiar figure, in the dark, which was slowly lighten up by the street light. Quickly I released it was Justin. I parked my car across, and went out to see if it was really him. I didn’t wanted to go to far, because it wasn’t to safe, so I hid behind the wall. It was really Justin. I didn’t wanted to go in, when I saw another man standing with him. “How much do I owe you”? The man next to him said quietly. “Two thausand for this shit you’re buying” Justin said angrily. Tears started forming in my eyes, as I realised what was Justin really doing. I decided to go, until I dropped my stupid phone, and it made a sound. Justin’s head turned towards me, and he eminently realised it was me. “Selena, it’s not what it looks like”. He said, as he started running behind me. I opened my car door and went in, tears streaming down my face. I strted to drive, leaving him in tears behind. I couldn’t believe. It just seemed so perfect.
NU'EST - TenAsia interview

Q: Do you prefer older women, younger women or women of your age?

JR: I don’t have a specific ideal type either. I just want someone that can take care of me. I’d be able to take care of that person too.

Baekho: i like someone older with long straight hair and big eyes.

Ren: I don’t mind younger or older. I just want someone that can take good care of me

Aron: I’d like to meet someone my age or a year younger. I like cute girls

Minhyun: I don’t care much about age as long as I like that person.

cr: choiminkiiboo

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