I’m 25 years old and yet to work somewhere I love.. Is that normal?  I get told all the time that life starts in your 30s and 20s are just wasted years. It confuses me as to why people say this?  They should be telling us things like, your 20s you learn about yourself, grow into a great person (hopefully) and the mistakes we make are just a part of life.  Although with social media, that stuff stays online forever. SHIT.  

I write today because I have a job interview tomorrow. The job is based here where I live but head office is in Melbourne which I find scary and on top of that, it goes from 9am - 3pm.  I don’t get that scared about interviews as I am a natural talker but this is freaking me out a little as it’s a whole day!! I wanted to share some tips I find help me if I am doubting myself.  I also use these technics with interviewing on radio.


1. Be fully prepared - Turning up to an interview knowing the workplace history, what they do, how they attract clients ect.


2. Dress the part – make them see you would fit in well with their company. 


3. Be Early – I like to show up 10 – 15minutes early.  It gives you time to sit down, start to relax, do your last minute prep and most importantly… THINK POSITIVE.  Think to yourself ‘I have this’.  Repeating this over and over will build you up and your body language will also say it.


4. Questions – Write down the answers to your questions.  Most the time employees ask general questions and what you can bring to the table, what are your weakness’ ALWAYS turn the weakness question into a positive answer.  Eg: I have not worked in this type of job before and on the computer systems but I am a fast learner and have background knowledge of IT. 


There the 4 main points I can give you.  If you’re in Australia visit these websites for more interview questions ect.

Remember that being in your 20s is trail and error.. You grow, learn, you fail, you have success and hopefully lots of fun so that in your 30s you are the best you ever!!!! 

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Enjoy my new radio interview…find out about my passions, my motivation, and what makes me tick.