I feel like white supremacy is a tool of greed. When these people came and saw these brown natives their first words wasn’t ‘these fucking brown people disgust me, fuck I hate them’ it was ‘where is the gold? Who got gold?’ and that greed of yo I see them with a gold earring. ‘You!! Come over here! Where did you get this from?’ Pointing at the earring ‘Where is this?’ Snatched a couple of them up, ‘take me to this’ Then they take you to the place where they get the gold from, and you say ‘oh that’s what’s up, now you dig this up for me’ so this greed turns into slavery, the slavery turns into like hatred and like ‘I am over you’ you know what I mean? But it was always greed first. I think! I’m no fucking historian, but this is how it seems to me. That it’s like….because I use to think it was the other way, it’s the hatred first, it’s like the racism first, the white supremacy first, I think it’s the greed first dog. I’m not a fucking expert and historian, but that’s what I’m starting to learn as I get older. Like man, this shit is greed.
—  J. Cole talks white supremacy on The Combat Jack Show
Park Shin Hye "'Pinocchio' is an Unfinished Drama to Me"

Park Shin Hye said, "Every second I was shooting a scene, I felt happy. Trying to find cases was fun and the the evolution of the romance between Inha and Dalpo was sweet and praiseworthy. It was not all about melodrama so I liked it, and I really liked the family scenes. I liked everything." and "To me, ‘Pinocchio’ is an unfinished drama. Words are not the weight of one moment, but a weight that takes its toll even in the future."

Park Shin Hye cried when she saw the script of ‘Pinocchio’ and felt like she needed to act in this drama so she cancelled her original goals of graduating from the university and decided to film and finish this drama. 

She said, “Inha has the same personality and blunt speech like me." and "She is lively, smiles a lot, and laughs loudly exactly like me that it made me so surprised that a character would be such a clone of me."

Park Shin Hye said, "I cried a lot as Inha with true feelings. To tell you the truth, I sometimes cry in front of my mom and dad while clinging on to them which made the family scenes seem more real." and “Even Inha calling Grandpa, "Harabeoji, Harabeoji~" and Grandpa answering back, "I have no money" are the same interactions I have with my grandpa."

She continued on, "Even when we were not filming, Jin Kyung mom would call me ‘Ddoksooni’ and I would call her mom. She would take good care of me as if she was like my real mom. She would complain about how could there be such a mother in this world and wished that Hamyeong would get his revenge in the end. Also, inha’s mom in the drama is cold and my mom (real) was like that sometimes, so I would feel sad and wanted to cry. Now, whenever I hear my mom speak, I want to cry each time. Therefore, the scene with Jin Kyung mom really made me want to cry."

Park Shin Hye is known throughout the entertainment industry as the queen of making friends with everyone and is known for being nice and easy to get along with. However, she said with a small laugh, "No. I lost the title of flower of the filming site due to Jong Sukkie." She added with cute chagrin, “I even lost to the length of his eyelashes and lost to his aegyo. i lost to everything.”

However, through a continuous evaluation of Lee Jong Suk, we were able to learn how close they are and how much they lean to each other for support as friends and as colleagues. She said, "Jong Sukkie is a lovely friend. His body is filled with lovely aegyo so I asked if he is the youngest child, but he replied that he is the oldest." and "Because of him, I was able to laugh a lot, strangely I felt proud of him at times, I liked him as my partner, and we were able to exchange a lot of harmony. His eyes are delicate and warm."

Also, when we talked about Lee Jong Suk’s slump, she said, "Rather than being happy and having fun while acting, I feel that he was overwhelmed with new emotions. I felt a similar feeling after I filmed ‘You’re Beautiful’." and "When I opened my eyes, I missed filming, I couldn’t grab onto anything, and I cried every single day. I was able to get over that feeling and was able to put more strength to another drama."

Like their friendship, their passion and their support and humane affection as well as consideration and respect for each other made them able to bring out the best for the Darling Couple which made viewers feel like the Darling Couple was real. Park Shin Hye pouted and said, "The scene where my dad has an imagination of us having a Toast Kiss needed to show a lot of love, but Jong Sukkie and I weren’t really used to each other then so it really made us gag. The PD-nim even scolded us by saying, "Did you guys ever date?" I feel that holding the toast in my mouth for the toast kiss was really hard.”

She added, “I experienced different feelings for the Mouth Covered Kiss and the Toast Kiss. While the first kiss left me a tingling feeling, I experienced more emotions with the breakup scene. In particular, I experienced such strong emotional feelings of the breakup up to the point that I was wondering to myself, “Why am I feeling this way?” My heart felt like it was really breaking that I cried a lot that day.”

Park Shin Hye concluded the interview by saying, "Before filming ‘Pinocchio’, I didn’t pay much to the news and really focused on news that had impact rather than facts. Now, I like to watch the news even the ones that may seem boring because these are the news that I need to hear. I watch all news like cases of arson, abuse, and violence. I watch everything on the news now and focus whether the reporters are really reporting us the facts or just want to give us news that we want to hear. ‘Pinocchio’ really changed my views of the news."

Internet language on Gizmodo and WAMU

Several recent things about internet language! 

I’m quoted in this lexicon of current internet language on Gizmodo

Capital letters are OBVIOUSLY for emphasis. Enabled by the caps-lock key, they first may have evolved as a mistake. “In early generations of internet language, people who don’t use capitalizations or punctuation are seen as people who can’t type,” says Gretchen McCulloch, a linguist who runs Slate’s language blog. Now that everyone knows how to type, the capitals are often used ironically, or even meta-ironically, both sincere and commenting on its possible insincere jokiness, DON’T YOU GET IT JEEZ MOM. See also: aLtErNaTiNg CaPs

(Full article.) 

And today I talked to the Kojo Nnamdi Show about internet dialects, which aired live on WAMU and which you can also stream online here. I can’t copy-paste an excerpt since it was radio, not text, but key topics I remember talking about included stylized verbal incoherence mirroring emotional incoherence, doge, and “because x”. See also my entire internet language category, which is running to about seven pages these days. 

Also on Kojo with me were mikerugnetta, who has a video on internet dialects and especially tildes on the PBS Idea Channel, and Naomi Baron, who wrote the book Always On: Language in an Online and Mobile World. So that was a fun excuse to meet other interesting language people, although unfortunately the constraints of radio interviews meant we didn’t have a whole lot of time to actually just talk with each other. Maybe next time!

Backstage with The Vamps (Shazam Top 20)
practicing awkward questions

When you enter certain situations, it’s likely that you will be asked awkward, painful, or intrusive questions. It’s sometimes worth preparing yourself ahead of time to deal with those questions so they have less power to derail you in the moment.

Some examples of situations in which this kind of preparation might be helpful:

  • Interviewing for a job in which you’re uncertain of your qualifications
  • Interviewing for a job when you expect to be perceived as incapable because of your age, disability, race, gender, etc
  • Presenting on a topic related to justice, particularly if people are likely to try to get you to ~tell your story~ instead of talking about the issue
  • Pitching a business idea for a new type of product
  • Coming out
  • (any number of other things)

It’s worth preparing because:

  • There are two problems you’re facing:
  • One is that it might feel horrible to be asked certain questions
  • The other problem is that answers to your questions will be used in a way that hurts you
  • It can be tempting to avoid thinking about these questions, because it hurts to anticipate them
  • But that can actually make the questions hurt more, and it can make it harder to protect yourself from the practical consequences of answering the questions
  • If you can make the thought of answering (or deflecting) the questions bearable, then they have a lot less power to hurt you, and you have a lot more power to choose how to respond

One way to prepare is to do a practice run with a friend, where they ask you the questions you’re afraid that you will be asked.

  • One really good way to make the questions bearable is to have someone you trust ask you the questions you’re afraid of being asked
  • That can allow you to practice hearing the question and finding it bearable, and still being ok
  • It can also allow you to practice finding answers, and experimenting with which ones seem most effective.
  • If you’ve had some experience hearing those questions, answering them, and still being ok, it can make it a lot easier to answer them when the answers are immediately important

Writing down your thoughts can also help:

  • It might help to make a list of questions you’re afraid of being asked
  • And thinking through what kind of response you might want to make
  • Any way you can think about it ahead of time is likely to be helpful
  • (That said, be careful about scripting too much if you can avoid it. Words that you generate at least somewhat in the moment are often received better than memorized scripts.)

tl;dr If you’re likely to be asked difficult questions, it’s worth practicing answering them. Two things that work well are having a trusted friend ask you those questions, and writing down thoughts.



#TokioHotel Facebook [27.01.2015] - "Check out my little brothers letter about LOVE. Thought it’s worth a repost. Enjoy! - Tom" 



So, here I am. Sitting in my bed and writing about love. Next to me is my English bulldog, Pumba — the big love in my life. When I was asked to write something about love, I said yes right away, but now I’m thinking… what the f*** do I know about love?!

I guess I wanted to do it because ever since I can remember, I have believed in it. I believe in love and nothing but love. The big kind of love, the overwhelming, the completely out of control and over the top, the “I’d do anything for you” kind of love.


Why do I believe in it? I don’t know, I have no idea. All I know is that I do.

From the time I was a little boy sitting in my room in my parents’ house in a tiny little village with 800 souls called Loitsche in East Germany, where I grew up, I was consumed thinking about big cities, singing, being on stage and finding my big love. My twin bother, Tom, never understood that part. He didn’t give a shit about that.


My friends sometimes make fun of me and almost everyone I know thinks I have a fairy tale idea about love and they always tell me it’s not like how it is in the movies — that I’m way too romantic and that all of this is just my fantasy. They say, “In real life, love works way different!”


People think I’m so naive because I’ve never been hurt and all I think is that they probably got hurt too much. That’s why they say stuff like that. That someone broke their heart or maybe they never really loved someone enough and that’s why they can’t relate to what I’m talking about.


The funny thing is that I’m probably the one who got hurt the most out of all these people put together. Heartbroken, completely destroyed, the worst kind of heartbreak you can imagine. Worse than I ever thought could happen to me. Betrayed, cheated on, taken advantage of. I’m saying this without telling the whole story, of course, but I want people to know that things like this happen to me, too — to the ones who seem to be “covered in gold.”


Although I’m still trying to heal, I feel like I still believe — which is a good thing. I still believe in the magic, in the big once-in-a-lifetime love. Is it gonna happen to me? I don’t know. I thought I had already found it once, so maybe not… but I’m hoping, because hope is what keeps all of us going and I truly believe that love is all we are here for! No other reason. Only love!


People like to categorize and label everything. That’s less dangerous; it feels safer. Especially in the industry that I’m in. I feel like it drives people nuts not to know if there is a woman or a man in my bed. That’s why I’ve been getting the ”gay question” ever since I turned 13, when I started giving interviews. I always wondered… why does that even matter? I thought I was here to sing and perform for people?

I never felt like I owed any answers to anyone about it and it amuses me that they made such a big deal out of it. In my world, it’s not that black and white and I think that the real question should be: Why are we asking this? Why does it matter? Why do we need labels? Can we not just live?


No one knows what’s gonna happen in the next minute, the next second. Who knows who I may run into? Maybe I’m just about to meet someone who changes my life forever and, if that happens, does it really matter what gender they are? What I do know is that love is the one beautiful thing we can’t control. We have no power over it. We don’t know where it comes from and we never know when it’s gonna hit us and that’s the beauty of it.


So, I guess I’ll wait and see… I hope I find the magic, the type that heals what’s been broken and gives me wings.


My only advice is: Love who you want to love and love who loves you back. Life is way too short.

But, then again, what the f*** do I know?

Cette semaine, c’est au tour du blogueur invétéré et écrivain, Philippe Guerry, de se prêter au jeu des questions-réponses avec notre équipe et de nous faire découvrir son univers artistique. Nous vous conseillons de vous abonner sans attendre à ses blogs Au petit commerce, Bonheur portatif et Bon débarras, faites-nous confiance, vous ne le regretterez pas.

Tumblr – Pouvez-vous vous présenter rapidement à nos lecteurs ?

Philippe – J’ai 42 ans, je vis à La Rochelle avec femme et enfants. Une partie de mon activité consiste à écrire pour de l’argent – en tant que pigiste – une autre à écrire pour la gloire – par quelques publications dans des livres, des revues et mes blogs sur Tumblr. Après avoir été un peu bibliothécaire, un peu enseignant, un peu chercheur, un peu journaliste, je m’essaie depuis peu à la micro-édition, en reprenant après Philippe Dumez le Philippe Book Club, un cercle de diffusion de petits bouquins originaux fabriqués à la maison et diffusés uniquement sur abonnement. 

T – Parlez-nous de vos blogs. Quelle est la démarche intellectuelle derrière ceux-ci ?

P – Je tiens principalement deux blogs, Au petit commerce et Bonheur portatif, ainsi qu’un blog subsidiaire, Bon débarras, qui me sert de portail vers les autres et pour le Book Club (et encore deux ou trois autres, confidentiels, expérimentaux ou familiaux).
Bonheur portatif rassemble tout à la fois des petites nouvelles plus ou moins abouties, un peu de poésie, quelques notes prises à la volée, un recueil de ragots, « Ce que vos voisins pensent de vous », quelques citations plus ou moins longues, des ébauches de projets. Je ne vois pas de démarche intellectuelle a priori. Bonheur portatif est surtout un accès autorisé à mes notes, dans leur diversité. Libre à chacun de trouver ce qu’elles révèlent. « Au petit commerce » est un projet littéraire plus homogène qui repose sur un principe simple : associer une photo de commerce fermé et un court texte. Le plus souvent, c’est l’enseigne ou un détail de la photo qui va donner le ton, mais il arrive parfois que le texte préexiste et que je cherche alors à lui trouver la bonne photo, comme c’est le cas quand le texte est une citation d’auteur. Je ne parlerais pas de démarche « intellectuelle » derrière Au petit commerce – ça reste quand même une forme d’écriture très modeste – mais je dois bien reconnaître que la répétition dans le temps de cet exercice quasi-quotidien a agi comme le révélateur de certains thèmes qui me sont chers : comment chacun construit et donne sens à sa vie, la peur et l’acceptation des regrets et des échecs, une certaine sympathie pour l’ennui, le non-spectaculaire, le quotidien, ce que Georges Perec appelait l’infra-ordinaire, une certaine forme de légèreté et d’humour face au temps qui passe comme un gros fleuve bourbeux. En en parlant, je pense que c’est finalement ce qui doit ressortir aussi de « Bonheur portatif ».

T – Quel a été le déclic pour créer ces blogs et pourquoi avoir choisi Tumblr ?

P – Bonheur portatif a, dans un premier temps, servi à montrer ce qui dormait sur mes disques durs, parce qu’on me l’avait demandé après une première présentation publique de quelques travaux d’écriture, au début de l’année 2012. On m’avait parlé de Tumblr comme d’une plate-forme simple, permettant de publier aussi bien du texte que de la photo. C’est longtemps resté très confidentiel. Au petit commerce est arrivé ensuite,  d’une envie d’écriture commune avec mon copain Pierre Labardant, qui s’occupe désormais des sites Rushmatic et Gravillon. Nous étions déjà l’un et l’autre sur Tumblr et cela nous permettait d’avoir un accès commun à notre stock de photos dans les brouillons, mais de publier chacun à notre rythme. À l’usage, j’ajouterais que j’apprécie les interactions relativement limitées de Tumblr, ce n’est pas un réseau social particulièrement intrusif, on s’échange parfois quelques Fan Mails entre abonnés, mais ça reste de l’ordre du « coucou, ça va ? ». Et ça me va.

T – Quels sont vos trois blogs Tumblr préférés et pourquoi ?

P – Comme les choses sont bien faites chez Tumblr, je vais me défausser de cette horrible question en citant les trois blogs arrivant en tête de mon « classement des neuf blogs qui ont recueilli vos faveurs dernièrement ». Pour aujourd’hui, les vainqueurs sont : Mais où vont les poussières, Cette nuit j’ai rêvé et Journal Intime Universel. Il n’y a sans doute pas de hasard, il s’agit de créateurs de contenus originaux plutôt que de reblogueurs, et d’écrivains plutôt que de photographes. Mais un autre jour, il aurait pu s’agir de Papillonnages, d’Olivia de Aivilo ou d’un blog de recettes véganes.

T – Merci beaucoup, Philippe ! Au plaisir. :)

Photo : Philippe Guerry


Tokio Hotel | MTV Full Interview [13.01.15] @tokiohotel

Here is a compilation of the 5 parts of the interview that MTV did to the boys ^^

"When I think about The Palm Beach Story, to be honest, I think about the ending, because it’s so fucking weird. I remember when I saw it for the first time. When the ending happened, I kind of went, ‘What?’ It was almost like seeing a French New Wave movie. I was like, ‘Wait, can you do that?’ I didn’t know if it was bad storytelling, or if he had just broken the mold.