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5 Seconds Of Summer Talk One Direction Tour & Answer Fan Questions!

so basically jeff loves frankie and zankie?

jeff sad ‘sadly’ frankie was evicted.
he said ‘my man’ when referring to frankie
he called frankie a ‘showstealer’
he compared frankie to himself
he knew frankies game and defended the ari reveal
he said ‘lets get back to this superstar’
zankie questions galore
‘you blew up the spot frankie’ (he said this TWICE)
talking about interview with julie, jeff said ‘lets put it this way, you were fabulous’
‘you were awesome then you are awesome now, seems like you didnt change at all’ :)
‘zankie for amazing race’
they laughed non stop, hugged, and touched a lot.
Jeff did Frankie’s heart thing.

i say we get jeff on allstars 2 and we can have a zankie/jeff alliance

Janel and Val Week 1 Interviews


Afterbuzz Results



Access Hollywood

Glamour Articles Premiere 

Results Show

US Magazine (Before Season)

-So happy to be back posting interviews for another incredible journey. I’ve missed all the craziness following show days :)


I think we all need to take a moment to appreciate how much Tom loves his fans. It’s beautiful how he acknowledges the fact that fans wait for hours on end just to see him for a couple of minutes and also that even if he probably has had a long, tiring day he still makes time to take photos, autographs and chat with each and every one of us. It also melts my heart that he seems genuinely happy to talk to us. God bless this man.

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Dancing With The Stars Results | Val & Janel | AfterBuzz TV

Nathan is the one who’s saying, She’s still great in there! I realize that she is kicking my bottom all around town, but I still believe in her! I’m going to take this one for the greater good, because she means well!
It’s just that he has maintained this faith, this blind hope that he has, in being able to believe in Audrey and that she is the answer, and to save her is to save the world

Lucas Bryant [x]

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Interview with Sam Claflin, Max Irons and Douglas Booth for Yahoo (x)