Short interview with Kristen from the Chanel show (27/01/2015)


Pete Wentz Vs. Mark Hoppus (Battle Of The Bass!)


Published on Jan 30, 2015

Years ago on Pete’s birthday, Mark Hoppus (blink-182, +44) threw Pete’s bass into the Atlantic Ocean! Find out how Pete got Mark back IN THIS VIDEO!

Looking star Jonathan Groff on Gay Sex 101, deleting Lea Michele’s texts and his Frozen sequel fantasy

Yeah, It was in Seattle preseason, the first preseason he had and we were all naked and were meeting one of his coaches as well. And we were showering, I was a bit nervous, new manager, I wanna get out of here, finish this off quickly. I mean he just turned to me and said: “You are the best player in the world.” I was like “Really?”. I mean obviously I wasn’t at the time and he said: “You are, all you need to do is win titles and go to that next level before people appreciate that you are that.” I dunno if it was a bit of kidology, I know that he respected me looking back at that time, because it was fantastic man management because at a moment when you’re at your most sensitive, he gave me a real boost. And it sticks in my mind because you know no one had ever said that to me before and whether it was kidology or not I don’t care because it meant a lot to me and I’ll never forget that. - Frank Lampard