Alex Gaskarth, All Time Low: "I hate fighting, but this guy was coming in so strong"


The frontman of the Baltimore pop-punkers is a handy chef, and dated Taylor Swift… sort of.

The last rumour I heard about myself
A few years ago there was a pretty heavy online rumour that I was dating Taylor Swift. It was hilarious, ‘cause I’ve never met Taylor Swift. But I was going along with it: “Yeah, we’re totally dating, it’s awesome, we love each other very much.” I had a girlfriend at the time, my now fiancée, and she was like, “Ah, what’s this all about?”

The last time I was starstruck
A festival tour, two years ago, we were doing a bunch of shows that the Foo Fighters were headlining. I did get a little bit nervous around Dave Grohl. I was trying to be cool and talk normally, but secretly deep down I was like, “I love everything you do! You’re the best!” But I was stumbling over words, knocking into things awkwardly.

The last time I had a tantrum
I have meltdowns when I’m too hot. I get really overheated and I sweat. I think we were at a signing at a record store, and it was the middle of summer and they had no AC running. We had to sit there for two hours and sign, and I felt horrible, 'cause I wasn’t mad at the kids, but I was just being mean 'cause I was so uncomfortable. Kids are taking pictures and I’m dripping with sweat and feeling really gross, and I kind of unloaded on the people who were organising it a bit. I really try to rarely have moments like that, but I felt like an animal at the zoo.

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Interviewing 5sos

Me: So, guys, Do you know that the 5sosfam really, really, really likes your features…like we just pay attention to not only your music, but the way you…are.

Calum: *traces his jawline and looks out in space*
Luke: *turns around and fiddles with his lip piercing*
Ashton: *rubs his calves awkwardly*
Michael: *stares at his small hands and tattoo*

Me: mmm, I guess so.


Kroos, Isco, and Benzema in Champions Matchday | Issue 35 -  April 9, 2015
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15 Minutes with Toni Kroos - “[Carlo Ancelotti] gave me a strong impression, and he told me that Real Madrid would be even stronger with me in their ranks. It was obviously a good argument.”

Game Changer, Isco - “[He] is the most important player for the future of Spanish football.” – Iker Casillas

The Indispensable Karim Benzema - “Now 27, Benzema is as much a provider as a finisher. This side of his game has helped cement his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo… It’s not a one-way relationship either. Ronaldo enjoys playing alongside the striker he greeted in the tunnel as mon frère [my brother] before Portugal’s match with France last October.”


Lay - 150417 Tencent QQ Neighbourhood Of Celebrities interview, preview - [ENG SUB]

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I met with Joss after Iron Man 2…and because in Iron Man 2 I was playing the Black Widow…she was on the job…and just at the end you get to really see what she does so I didn’t really have the opportunity to explore her, it was wide open. And the origin story’s so old and it’s rich and many people have had their hands on it, their fingerprints all over it, and it’s dated in some ways, but there’s a lot of cool stuff there. Certainly what I responded to most was this superhuman part of her - what she gives, the sacrifices she has made to become the type of person she is as well as her experience in the Red Room, and in being abducted and being physically altered and abused, all of those things get her to where she is. Those things really stuck with me and they stuck with Joss and I never could have imagined that he would’ve incorporated all the things he talked about in our first meeting and written them in. So I was actually quite moved when I read the script. I was like, ‘Yeah, man!’ He got there, and the stuff that really touched me really touched him too and that’s awesome.
—  Scarlett Johansson, [x]