More wonderfully whimsical street art by French artist OaKoAK (previously featured here), who likes to play with existing elements of the urban landscape, often making surprisingly small alterations or enhancements to achieve striking results, enabling us to see the world through his eyes.

"Using simple means and materials, OakOak undermines his neighborhood with playful results. He uses a minimal amount of actual original artwork, instead re-purposing signs, facades, cement blocks, chipping paint, and more.  OakOak transforms a neighborhood’s imperfections into its own adornments. "

He says of his interventions:

“The less I intervene on the wall or the road, the better, especially if I can totally change the sense of the urban environment.” 

[via Beautiful Decay]

340 Aboriginal people have died in police custody since the Australian Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody concluded in 1991 (the outcome of which involved zero police officers being convicted - funnily enough, the same amount of cops that have been charged since). Them numbers again. Three hundred and forty. And Zero.

urban design interventions: additions of trees, plantings, benches, curb extensions, lighting, sidewalk widening, and building setbacks to help greening the pedestrian environment throughout East Midtown.  The conceptual designs introduce key elements that make public space effective and enjoyable – shade, places to sit, and places to meet.

So can we take a moment to honor poor Sharon Carter, SHIELD agent, who was unfortunate enough to be assigned to being Steve Rogers’ neighbor, and therefore was required to hide in broom closets, behind maintenance carts, and preform acts of immediate disappearance whenever Steve was wandering around her work place.

For. Years.