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29. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

Ooh, fun one! I would probably stick to the familiar and write a prequel/interstitial piece for Vesaniae’s marvelous Afterimages. (God, do I read anything that isn’t Sith Warrior fic?) It would be an interesting exercise to try to creep into the mindspace of iamthehoyden’s Solomon Crae for a while, too. I find him thoroughly inimitable, which is what would make the attempt so interesting.

Like the individual psyche, the group psyche cannot imagine the impossible without reference to the past and its historicized possibilities, i.e. what is materially written according to egoic interests. In this way the group must be understood as neurotic and afraid of its own dismantling in the name of greater coalition. The group is not itself a subject of the unconscious, but made up of subjects who are determined by psychic structure. Determinism is the grip with which one clings to a sense of mastery over death. Possibility, that is possible impossibility, is the paradoxical force which both tightens the grip but in so doing unveils the cracks in these structurated bastions against death; the ‘what’ which escapes the pressure of the ‘who’; the interstitial events which bring the impossible outcome to a being which can somehow think (or dream) impossibility without knowing it in advance.

Even though I’ve posted four or five of these interstitial drawings I did for Irene #4, there’s still somewhere between 15 and 1,000 more of them in the actual book, so maybe you should just buy it before it sells out and before Irene #5 comes out, which is soonish, and which you should also buy.

before completely dismissing the advantages of technology, pls step outside of your able-bodied perspective & consider what it means for those of us who are disabled + spend countless days of our years confined to our beds, unable to “get up & enjoy life outside of a computer/smartphone screen.” the internet has truly been a blessing for this chronically sick girl - it has connected me to others who directly relate w/ my day-to-day struggle, which has been indescribably invaluable to the quality of my life.

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FILMMAKERS & ANIMATORS: Make 3-5 second Animated or Live Action theme-appropriate “Be Right Back” Bumpers. Check out THESE EXAMPLES. CONTRIBUTE HERE


Today is the opening day of the Interfictions Online Indiegogo campaign, and I’ve donated some prints (including the two above)  to this excellent cause. There are lots of other donation rewards too — signed books, e-chapbooks, and more — so please go over to the Indiegogo page and have a look.

Interfictions Online provides a sanctuary for artists who refuse to be constrained by category labels. The journal is dedicated to Interstitial Art, which is art that flourishes in between different genres, disciplines, mediums, and cultures.

"Someone who’s breaking the rules needs a place where it’s safe to break them," says editor Sofia Samatar. "That’s us. We’re the latest project of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, and we’re asking for your help to maintain a place for artists who walk the highwire in the attempt to make breakthrough art for an audience that’s hungry for work that doesn’t fit into neat little boxes."

The goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to pay contributors professional rates for the next two issues of the journal, and to create a new visual arts section, while remaining free to the public online.

Go here to read the latest issue of Interfictions Online, which is absolutely packed with treasures.

And go here to support the Indiegogo campaign, which runs through July 14.

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The community’s been creating some really cool "Be Right Back" Bumpers to play before our TV show’s commercial breaks - so let’s keep making more of these based on our show’s 8 themes.


FILMMAKERS & ANIMATORS: Make 3-5 second theme-appropriate “Be Right Back” Bumpers. Check out THESE EXAMPLES.


Contribute to the “BE RIGHT BACK BUMPERS” collab HERE!

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We’re gonna make a bunch of 3-5 second theme-appropriate "Be Right Back" Bumpers that will play before the commercial breaks of our TV show.


FILMMAKERS: Make 3-5 second theme-appropriate “Be Right Back” Bumpers.

ALL OTHER ARTISTS: Contribute Illustrations, Animations, Performances, and Music for these themed Bumpers.


Contribute to the “Be Right Back” collab HERE!