opens Jan 11, 6-9p:

 Heather Guertin

INTERSTATE, 66 Knickerbocker Ave., Brooklyn, NYC

Heather Guertin’s first solo exhibition in New York. “The first thing you see is the color. The palates are specific and varied but share a quality of light. There are hues that compliment, dissolve, heighten and erase. There are shapes, squares, swirls, and areas of fade that remind you of a room or a field or a curtain, someplace indistinct yet familiar somehow. Then there are these people. These faces in profile, some with eyes, most blank, some in three quarter turn… These figures in these colorscapes are not built into the paintings. They do not inhabit the space that surrounds them. Instead, they are carved out from the paint with a knife-like swiftness. These faces, bodies, and hands make you think of stories. They make you imagine that the colors, the opacity and lightness of the surface are more then just pigment. Each brush stroke becomes something. Each color means something. They create traces and these traces lead you to a story. The story is loose, it is yours” - Jamie Sterns