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Making sure this post ends up in the right place. My sincerest adoration to all of my fans, viewers and our community. Thank you. <3


How I Met The Creatures and all the other youtubers I watch.

Hey guys, Emma here. So I figured I’d do this as part 1 of my thank you to all of you for following me. I’m going to open up and tell you about me and how I found the creatures and all the youtubers I watch.

So for starters, I’m 15, I’m from California, I’m adopted and I have a brother and sister I don’t know anything about cause they were adopted by other people. I moved to Illinois when I was 2 weeks old and since then grown up on good old Plainfield, a small town about 40 minutes from Chicago. I am currently a Sophomore in high school, I’m dating a guy named Zach and it’s a long distance relationship, and I have been a fan of The Creatures for 3 years now.

I found The Creatures through goldenblackhawk and it was a complete mistake I even found Kevin. I had just lost my grandpa, was browsing through music and somehow he came up and I accidentally clicked a video. I honestly didn’t give a fuck about the video till something made me pause and listen. Soon after, I was stifling laughter and from that point forward, I watched as much as I could from him. I remember that night I stayed up till 2 am just watching a random series from him. Then, shortly after I found out about The Creatures because Kevin played withslyfoxhound and his friend Immortalhd.

From that point, I was hooked and started watching all three of them, mainly cause I felt happier. A while later, I found submit4nova and finally The Creature Hub channel and found all the other guys. From that point I watched zeroyalvikingdanznewz and everyone else, becoming a huge fan.

Then as time passed, I decided as of recent to fully change my tumblr to a creature themed blog and include things I liked and other fandoms, posting art here and there, but it wasn’t the only thing I found on here and other websites. I started making friends with people I’d never gotten the courage to speak to before. The basically made me open up and talk to people, people like amyflame, who I spoke to before on DeviantART and made friends with, just by bonding over artwork and the same interests.

It gave me confidence to not be afraid of being called a nerd in school and join tech club where I got to play videogames and interacted with fans of other gamers whom of which they introduced me to. People likelolrenaynay and gassymexican who I watch sometimes. It basically changed my life and made me who I am today by accidentally stumbling across a video.

Honestly though, I think it’s mainly you guys, my followers who kept me wanting to stay engaged and watch them, not just people on here, but on DeviantART, seeing your comments and approval on my art, getting to meet you all and finding out how nice you all are. It really kept me going, made me want to stay and you guys helped keep me happy when I was in my darkest moments. So basically I want to say thank you, thank you for 200+ followers, thank you for sticking around with crazy old me and thank you for being you, just all of you are amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

And I thank you, and everyone else who can tell a similar story, personally. This is a fragment of a dream I’ve dreamed of bringing to life since I first began to seriously devote myself to content creation. When I go too long without hearing something as honestly straight forward as this, I begin to forget a little why I do what I do. It’s refreshing to be reminded of what originally drove me; there’s some true power in having a good time, to share a nice vibe.

There’s days where I don’t interact with any fans, and I just play games or keep to myself, when it feels slightly overbearing sometimes. But the more I think about it, the more I know I can never let myself take every one of you for granted, even when it’s easiest to. I don’t understand everyone’s stories, and I can’t empathize with nearly any of you on a legitimate level because of my condition. Furthermore, I certainly wont be able to know everyone’s stories, or why you all watch me within the span of my life, but I can tell you all that I’m not the only one that makes a difference. Anyone that watches me that reads this, thank you.

Thank you for watching, truly. I can’t thank each and every one of you individually, for one reason or another, but you have to know that where I make a difference in your life, you equally make a difference in mine, if not more. Without your support throughout these four years, I wouldn’t be anything like I am today, I wouldn’t have anything like I have today, and I wouldn’t be happy, as I am today.

But you also have to see that you also impact other people positively by supporting me. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to make content, or anything significant for that matter. And without that content, someone who today shares with me a story of how I saved them, or changed their mind, or cheered them up, might not be around to share that story with me.

So on behalf of myself, and every one of my fans, to every one of my fans: Thank you for watching, and for saving us, changing our minds, and cheering us up. That’s why I can’t ever let myself take you guys for granted, as someone might tell me that I’ve saved them, you’ve each played an equal part in it. We’re all on equal ground, even when I’m just the face and the voice, each of you are truly important.

Knowing that is partly why I chose to call my viewerbase community “The Lovers” but never put emphasis on it. Not because I’m hiding the name but because of what the name in itself means. To be a happy people joined together as lovers shouldn’t be in name, where as lovers support one another in a relationship, “The Lovers” community supports each other, indirectly, and inadvertently. Without meaning to, it’s something that happens naturally throughout us all. And because of that, for a moment at least, there’s something good.

And that good is beautiful and genuine and true, and was born not on purpose and not by accident.

That’s more than worth living for, to me.

Thank every single person who read this, and everyone who will never see this.


I got in the One Direction fandom for the OT5 interraction and teasing and here I am, many months later, raising five grown men, making sure they are loved, fed and hydrated.

my otp is literally an 8ft tall cyborg who can shoot beams, change his hairstyles, and has a fridge in his stomach to keep his cola cool, and a woman who’s been a fugitive since she was 8 and can bloom body parts from any surface, and one of my main brotps is literally a 9ft tall, 90-year-old living dead skeleton musician who can poop, and stretchy teenage boy who’s in love with meat.

and all of them are pirates.


LBD Lookback #61 Yeah I Know
└ My Name is Lizzie Bennet and as you can see Charlotte is without words
Oh I have some words.
Oh yeah, like what? 
I totally knew it. 


what? he’s cute