Good Evening EveryONE!

I’ve been sick for about four days now, go me for getting sick out of no where. I’m still trying to figure out where the germs came from but most likely I know the culprit. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and like always I tend to jump back to my happy times. If only I could relive those moments when I was small and not care about the things around me. 

I would like to state this and only once I will state it. What is up with some people and interracial families? Like seriously! What’s wrong with that? My whole life I grew in an interracial/multi-cultural family where different species of latin america/central america and carribbean/african american are all placed under a household of two cuban parents. What is wrong with it? Nothing. Do we get along? Well it really depends on the personalities of the person. We do butt heads sometimes and have a few disputes but needless to say we do care about each other. 

The real problem in this world is…. why are you giving us dirty looks because I have a black brother and white mother hanging around with me. I never realized how different my family was till I was about in middle school when I had to explain to my peers that my brother is black. In high school I had to explain that my sister is black. In fact before any one made a statement that I wasn’t being honest, I had to spill the beans that I was adopted. Plus my whole life revolved around that word adopted/adoption, yes… I was given up by my mom and though she visited she stopped at one point. Has she contacted me? 

…… yes…. she has and I have made it clear to her that I want no part in knowing her. Sounds tough but I have my reasons for it and I wish for people to respect them. As for my real dad, I don’t know who he is, the chances of him being a guy who just wanted to get laid are about 98%. He probably never cared or will ever care to know about his daughter. I may be mutt because I do get asked if I'm Peruvian or Venezuelan or sometimes from the Middle East. So who knows…. but anyways….

What is wrong with being a family that is interracial? I think it’s cool thing to have parents are different shades of colors. So why give us the look? Why make such a fuss over a Cheerios commerical? (which I found rather beautiful by the way) 

I still can’t believe that people in this world are still like that about families. I’m happy to have black siblings and trust me they look black but they know the cuban spanish really well. It’s a win-win right there if they are looking for work. :) So why can’t people accept us? Why can’t they see the beauty in what my parents did by raising kids that aren’t their own? Or by kids that are different colored skin? 

Unanswered questions…. People just want to see things in a “correct” format and sometimes that will not happen because who falls in love with you whether colored or not. It’s that person’s pick and who they love. White or Black, Spanish or black, chinese or black, white or spanish…. different combos should exists because you prevent them from happening. One way or another people of different race will come together and you have to learn to be okay with it. 

Race or no race, it shouldn’t be a big deal. 

P.S- I seriously wish they hadn’t asked Cheerios to ban that commercial they did. I thought it was perfect. 

Thank you for my new Promise Ring my love. I’m gonna wear this one with the same honor and pride I wore the first one. Years later and you still bless me with so much love, appreciation, and devotion. P.S. As much as I love this one. I’m expecting the official upgrade within 2 years. Lmao. ❤️😍💎💍 #oldskoo #promisering #zales #anniversary #quinquennial