My hobby is not your political statement. You shouldn’t shame people for wanting to roleplay a character how they want, whether they choose to make that character gay, straight, bi, pan, trans, asexual, or anything else. That’s their choice. And just because you want a group to have more representation doesn’t give you the right to send hate to the people who choose not to interpret their characters that way. Spreading hate to try and stop hate is about the dumbest, most backwards thing for a movement, ever.

Concerning the Racebent Disney Series

(( Hey guys, there have been some posts recently that have caught my attention, and I’d like to address them here, since it would take a while to respond directly to those individuals.

I truly apologize if my Disney edits have offended anyone, that was not my intent. My only intent in creating these images was to have fun and work with character design that incorporated cultures other than my own. I would love to see more diversity in Disney, however I have had no political agenda in the creation of these images.

While altering these images, I spoke with several of my friends, WOC, in order to have their insight. I based the images off of their critiques.

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anonymous said:

I wish that people would stop using the 'Derek has PTSD' argument. Hoechlin has already stated that he DOESN'T play Derek as having it, presumably because he doesn't trust Jeff to do a decent job of writing it. It's a fandom assumption. Similar to Dylan saying that he never intentionally played Stiles as bisexual, people just took that away from his jokes.

Hoechlin’s opinion of how he plays his character has no more weight than the interpretation of the text does.

The fact that he plays the character as having PTSD despite not intending to do it is likely to because of the text itself! Jeff Davis could and probably has written Derek as having PTSD, just because he’s never pointed it out to Hoechlin doesn’t mean it’s not intentional, likely Jeff trusts Hoechlin to play the character right as having PTSD without needing the complication of imposing on himself the constraint it would be to play a victim of PTSD.

Sometimes an actor knowing too much can be a hindrance to the text the author wants to convey, and Jeff Davis - Criminal minds anyone? He even openly admits to consulting with his brother who is a professional in the psychiatric field.

It’s a meta-interpretation, interpreted based on the behaviours of the character we’re shown in the text of the show.

Saying Hoechlin doesn’t trust JD to do a decent job of writing it, THAT is a fandom assumption.

Same goes for Dylan O’brien, he may not know or intend to play his character bisexual, it doesn’t matter if he turns out to be bisexual. The actors admittedly know nothing of what is coming, they only get their parts of the next script they are doing.

Bisexual Stiles is interpreted like Derek’s PTSD through what we’re shown in the text, there are too many examples that supports a reading of these things.

Furthermore, The sexuality of all characters except Scott is up in the air, they are never defined, reading his character as straight is a heteronormative bias, the same goes for the rest of the characters whose sexuality is not defined.

I love that song and I love that idea that she’s writing about, missing the West and missing home and being jealous - I think that’s obviously an emotion every single person deals with and I think it’s a really good universal theme for our band and our record and I thought it was great.
—  Tegan on Sara’s “So Jealous” (source: tsfans)

Y’all know the song “42”, right??
Well I listened to it right now. Where Chris sings “those who are dead are not dead, they’re just living in my head”. And “you thought you might be A GHOST”.

a ghost

And now we’ve got the 42 minutes long emotional treadmill.
Called Ghost Stories.
Which starts with the song “Always in my head”.
Also Chris mentioned people who are gone now in the interview with Zayne. But they’re living on in his mind.
Finally the CD (the normal AND the target version) ends with the words “don’t ever let go”.
Don’t ever forget, let them live on in your mind.

I think they made this long break between Fly on and O to get the 42 minutes. To have this symbol
from the past.

a while ago i saw a hilarious interpretation of Gustav Klimit’s “The Kiss” by Dixie Leota and was inspired! equally hilarious and amazing are Shawn Huckin’s hashtag paintings.

here’s my digital rendition of Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. does it work? i’m not sure…but it definitely captures my feelings towards this day.