Prayer Request 12/18/14

Hey, everyone! If you think of it, please just say a little prayer for the cast and crew of Christmas Carol here in Rochester. We only have 4 performances to go, but they are all today, Friday and Saturday. We haven’t done the show since Saturday of last week, and they won’t have much time to brush up and get back into the swing of things.  

I sincerely want everyone who comes to the show to be blessed by it the way I was when I saw it last year. 

And that many people would be led to come to one of these remaining shows. Our audiences have been small and the theatre badly needs the money ticket sales would bring. 

Thank you very much! God bless and Merry Christmas! 

- Clare

We’re looking for Interns for Jan. – June 2015

We are looking for undergraduate students in the Los Angeles/Chicago area who can receive school credit for an in office internship based in Marketing, Social Media, General Office, and The Entertainment Institue. Must have exceptional attention to detail as well as a basic understanding of the entertainment industry and a love for music. This internship will start in late January and will last until mid-late June, and WILL NOT lead to an on tour position. More information on the positions available are after the jump. If you are interested please send your resume and the position you feel best suited for to

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"I had an internship at Disneyland, and, though I was grateful for the opportunity, I struggled with homesickness from time to time. However, working with Dug in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail always completely made my day and brightened my mood. He is such a fun and cute character, and he would play with me even when there weren’t any guests around. Even Cast Members aren’t immune to the magic."



The spring internship program is open to college graduates in the New York City area. We’re looking for an editorial intern with a background in video and a deep passion for entertainment. Strong writing, research, and video editing skills are required. Experience with YouTube, Brightcove, and general Internet fluency are major pluses. The position is for applicants who can work a five-day, 35-hour week. 

January through June 2015

$10 per hour
WHAT is looking for an editorial intern to help assist with the title’s original video output. This person will focus on research, gathering clips for compilation videos, serving as a production assistant, participating in brainstorms, and helping with the distribution and promotion of videos.
Send a blurb about yourself, a résumé, and links to your two favorite web videos to Kristen Harding at


So, talk about the perfect project for a goth going into art conservation…!
This winter, I’m doing an internship at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, Massachusetts. I’ve been given the task of writing a condition report, proposing a treatment, and doing conservation work on this dollhouse.
But not just any dollhouse. This is The Addams Family Dollhouse, and it’s full of macabre delights in miniature!
I will be creating a blog about this internship for the museum soon, so stay tuned!

EA1 Fandom Management Internship, Spring 2015


Everybody at Once (EA1) is a small, growing, fun, bootstrapped company founded in 2013, renowned for strategic audience development and social strategy with the most interesting brands in media and entertainment.

We are currently a team of 7 full-time staff (plus a handful of collaborators) based in the Lower East Side who are all passionate about fan communities, animated gifs, and poptarts.

We are seeking 4 hard working, excited, and efficient interns to join our team in New York beginning in January 2015 for 3-6 months, dependent upon availability.  Must be available minimum 2 days per week from 10:00a-6:00p, with the possibility of some additional hours both in the office and/or remotely.

These are the tasks:

1. Assemble posts for Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook/Instagram/SnapChat/Vine, & other emerging social platforms.

2. Add outside content to Tumblr queue.

3. Actively search for fan community content.

4. Assist with social campaigns such as giveaways, clearances for fan content and events.

5. Create images and gifs.

6. Research and share observations for other fan communities.

7. Participate in special projects and perform other duties as assigned.

These are the requirements:

1. Active participant in social media.

2. Knowledgable about fan communities.

3. Actually a fan of things.

4. Excellent at internet research and search.

5. Strong organizational skills.

6. Experience with outreach.

7. Fluent in Adobe CS and Final Cut is a plus.

8. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

To be considered for this position, send an email to with “Internship 2015” in the Subject Line.

Be sure to include cover letter outlining why you are a great fit for this position.  Please include relevant experience and skillsets, and what your favorite t.v. show is, and why. Also send links to any/all social handles you use regularly.

Be Part of the FvF Team - Call out for Photo Interns

We are currently looking for a photo intern who has a strong portfolio, is organized, feels confident with editing and wants valuable experience in helping out as a production coordinator with all related projects at Freunde von Freunden, in an open and international workplace. English and a good grasp of German are essential.

For more information and to submit your CV and cover letter contact Robbie Lawrence and Philipp Langenheim: - In your cover letter, please answer the following:

What was your favorite FvF interview and why? 

and include:

Your favorite photograph (attached) and a few sentences explaining why.

Ischemic colitis — is the most common type of intestinal ischemia, and it represents the consequences of acute or, more commonly, chronic blockage of blood flow through arteries that supply the large intestine.
Ischemic colitis is manifested through a continuum of injury and considered as an illness of the elderly.

The incidence of ischemic colitis has been underestimated, because many mild cases may go unreported. Patients experience abdominal pain, usually, localized to the left side of the abdomen, along with tenderness and bloody diarrhea. Severe ischemia may lead to bowel necrosis and perforation, which results in an acute abdomen and shock, frequently, being accompanied by lactic acidosis.

Although computed tomography may have indicative findings, colonoscopy is the golden standard of diagnosis. Supportive care with intravenous fluids, optimization of hemodynamic status, avoidance of vasoconstrictive drugs, bowel rest, and empiric antibiotics will produce clinical improvement within 1 to 2 days in most patients.
The condition resolves completely with conservative treatment, in most cases, but late diagnosis or severe ischemia can be associated with high rates of complications and death.
However, when the interruption to the blood supply is more severe or more prolonged, the affected portion of the large intestine may have to be surgically removed.

Photo © My Senior Resident
Read More: [ Ischemic Colitis - Article Review ]