Something I should’ve written way back – my summer internship at Tartu Observatory’s space technology department and the satellite team ESTCube

To give a brief overview, ESTCube-1 is the first Estonian satellite launched last year. Its primary mission is to perform the first (yeah, a lot of firsts) in-orbit demonstration of the electric solar wind sail (E-sail) concept. It’s a propulsion innovation made by Finnish researcher Pekka Janhunen in 2006, which uses long centrifugally spanned and electrically charged tethers to extract the solar wind momentum for spacecraft thrust. Once operational, its technology is expected to revolutionize the space travel within our solar system.

My internship didn’t last long, because I had already been working in the astrophysics department before that, so it was all basically kind of an introduction into the field, getting to know ESTCube-1 subsystems and the experiment which will be performed within a few weeks (you can read more about that below). I learned about the satellite’s attitude determination and control system (ADCS) and then calculated spacecraft’s thrust during the beginning of the experiment, so per tether length and taking the conditions of Earth’s plasma into account.

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Good morning darlings!
It’s september!
It was really early when my alarm went off this morning…
My classes don’t start today but I have a course for my internship, I have to attend.

But it will be fun:)

September. A new month, and for me and I think for a lot of you, a lot of new things are going to happen! New school, new people to meet, maybe a new job and a new city to live in!
All really exciting but also a little bit scary.
But, please, enjoy every moment! Have fun! And be the best version of you, that you can be!
Chase your dreams!

Have a good day:) love you♥


I want to show one deleted scene from my film later. But now I’m a little bit tired of seeming experimental director and I want to share some old stuff from the last summer. I signed that everything should be watermarked as Disney property and I don’t wanna mess with Disney so I overwatermarked everything. I was a visual development intern at Disney Feature Animation, working on a visual interpretation of  Peter Pan and mentored by Nick Orsi.  

Last weekend, I was about to give up on God and on myself. Then one of the pastors at my church said “I feel someone in this room is about to give up and God wants me to tell you to hold on, your blessing is coming.” After that I prayed for God to give me strength to hold on and put all my trust in him…. With that being said, I am blessed to say that I was hired on the spot for a paid internship at a law firm! Attorney Akan is truly in the making.


Tea Time with Jessica Kovac: City and Self.


In our new guest post series our fall intern Jessica Kovac shares what’s currently on her mind over a cup of tea. In this kick-off post, she shares her insights on finding oneself in a city environment.


Since I am bicoastal, I am immediately unlike the majority.  While most grow up convinced they will never come close to seeing the bright lights of NY, I saw them for the first time when I was six weeks old.  NYC has been apart of my life since as long as I

can remember, and it will always be my home.  It’s almost like having stepparents.  Your parents will always be your parents, but your stepparents are your “second family.” New York is that second family.  California was where I was born, it will always be my home for that reason, but New York is where I feel like I grew up. What really sealed the deal was learning to take public transit.  The beauty of New York City is that it is the biggest community whilst thriving on the pursuit of the individual.  Returning to the example of public transit, something as seemingly small as taking the crosstown bus to school in the morning was the day that I learned I could depend on myself.  That is the beauty of this city.  It provides the tools for self-growth.  

When I came to Manhattan and had the opportunity to compare my experiences to suburban Los Angeles, Manhattanites were much more welcoming. What surprised me about this was the clear distinction that was drawn between the two.  New York City and Los Angeles are known as capital cities, specifically for fashion. However, the way to which style is approached is in complete opposition. In Los Angeles, at least from my perspective, style is looked at as a way of life.  What is right for one is right for everyone.  The trends set the rules.  In New York, the opposite is true. What is right for one is wrong for the other.  Diversity rules the playing field.  For someone who never felt like she fit in high school, New York City was calling my name by the time the word “college” started floating around. 

The whole point of being in college is to discover who you are and what you want to do with your life.  If you cannot feel like you can be who you are, is that goal really accomplished? As I continue to attend school in NYC and intern for The Style Line, I can say I do not have that problem.  It is the one place where I finally feel like I can be me, and that is a gift that is priceless. 



Lesbian Herstory Archives Internships

Lesbian Herstory Archives Internships

​The Lesbian Herstory Archives (located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC) is looking for students who are interested in gaining library and/or archives experience with a demonstrated interest in Lesbian Studies, History and Activism. We have a number of exciting projects for the upcoming academic year​.​ Students must be currently enrolled in an M.L.S., Archival or DAM studies program to apply. This is an unpaid internship opportunity.

What We’re Offering

Interns will have the opportunity for practical application of archives and library skills.
Course credit and letters of recommendation will be provided upon request.
Interns will also receive the opportunity​ to attend workshops and classes outside of LHA
Interns will be supervised by professional librarians and other archives​ professional​ staff
​Lunch will be provided​


Avail​ability​ ​for a​t leas​t one full ​8/hr week day per week.
​Completion of core ​Library Science​/Archives Management​ courses.  Familiarity with cataloging​, database data entry​ and archival processing
Skilled in the use of MS Office and/or Google Docs and regular office equipment ​(copier, scanner, etc)​
​Accustomed to working in a Windows/PC environment


​Collection Processing (​Periodicals​, Video, Books​, Graphics, T-Shirts, ​Special Collections​​ ) ​

Intern will process incoming donated materials​, ​update cataloging records, prepare collections for ​off-site storage ​and contribute to the collection management meetings & creation of the operating procedures manual.​

​Online Public Access Catalog (​OPAC​)​ Project

Interns will perform database cleanup in a variety of collections and contribute to the design, testing and launch of the LHA’s new OPAC.

​Audio Digitization

Interns will assist with the cataloging, digitization, indexing and re-housing of ​spoken word and oral history ​audio tapes.

​​Web Development

​Interns will work in a team with professional web developers to overhaul the LHA website. Students will have the opportunity to attend coding courses and access other web-development related instruction​​​. Experience with introduction level CSS/HTML coding is required. Experience using Square Space (or a similar web development platform) preferred.​


​​Applications​ are ​accepted on a rolling basis. Please read the instructions below very carefully.

Candidates must submit a Cover Letter (indicating skills, experience, relevant interests

​ & availability) and Resume to
Please include the

​phrase​ “Internship​ - Fall 2014​”. All documents must be attached as a PDF.
NOTE: LHA cannot provide housing for interns. LHA will provide confirmation of internship acceptance for candidates who may need this documentation to accompany a grant or fellowship application.


Check out what happened Last Week at the BLM, September 8-12, 2014

Announcements, Events and News

On September 8, BLM Director Neil Kornze announced the appointment of veteran land manager Timothy Murphy as the BLM’s State Director in Idaho.  Murphy has been acting in the position since August 2013.  Prior to his current assignment, he served as assistant director for fire and aviation at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise. Murphy, who has 34-years of public service with the BLM, began his Federal career in 1978 with the U.S. Forest Service as a firefighter on the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Read the press release.

BLM Director Neil Kornze announced on September 11, 2014 that John Ruhs, a native of Iowa, has been selected as the BLM’s State Director in Eastern States, based in Springfield, Virginia.  Ruhs has been acting in the position since January.  Prior to that, he served as BLM’s Senior Special Assistant in Washington, D.C., and District Manager of the BLM’s High Desert District in Wyoming. Starting his career as a Federal grade level 3, Ruhs worked his way up in the BLM in a variety of positions across the country. “John is one of the most seasoned land managers in our organization,” said Director Kornze.  “He has a deep understanding of what it takes to balance public land uses like recreation, energy development, and the protection of wildlife habitat.”  Read the press release.

Social Media Highlights

Last week on social media, the BLM continued its month-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Through the act, Congress has designated 221 BLM Wilderness areas encompassing 8.7 million acres, including the 1994 passage of the California Desert Protection Act which created 69 wilderness areas in California. The social media posts on My Public Lands Tumblr and My Public Lands Instagram reflect the beauty and diversity of those lands, managed by the BLM’s National Conservation Lands.

The BLM last week featured the article Wild Water Conservation! about the South Fork of the Snake River in southeastern Idaho, where the BLM and local partners are conserving this beautiful habitat for wildlife and future generations.  Read Wild Water Conservation! by Jessica Gottlieb in the BLM’s My Public Lands Magazine, Summer 2014.

Internal News Stories

BLM Alaska recently celebrated the accomplishments of this year’s University of Alaska Anchorage’s Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) Summer Bridge and University Success Program. The BLM Alaska partners with ANSEP to provide 5 and 12-week internships to students as part of the BLM’s continued commitment to the Department of the Interior’s youth initiative. During the internships, participants gain hands-on work experience and on-the-job training alongside BLM professionals in resource fields, including Mining, Engineering, Geology, Hydrology, Natural and Cultural Resources, and Geographic Information Systems. Read the full story, republished last week externally on My Public Lands Tumblr.



OotD: Operation Internship is a GO

I was supposed to get an e-mail from my intern coordinator at the agency specifying what I’m doing, where I’m parking and what I’m to be wearing….

That e-mail never came. THEREFORE, I am snazzing up, and hoping for the best. Dress pants, cuffed button-up and the plaid tie/vest combo never fails to impress, so I’m gonna give it a try! 

See y’all at the end of the day!