Definition of BAE

Slang. an affectionate term used to address orrefer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.:

I love you, bae.



2000-05, Americanism;probably a shortening of babeor baby

Like similar uses of babe and baby, the word bae maysometimes be disparaging or offensive when used torefer to someone considered attractive or when used toaddress a stranger or casual acquaintance.

What does BAE mean?

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What is BAE?

BAE is “Baby”

BAE Definition / BAE Means

The definition of BAE is “Baby”

The Meaning of BAE

BAE means “Baby”
 So now you know - BAE means “Baby” - don’t thank us. YW
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Do not depend on urban dictionay for your refrences. If I can fail a COLLEGE ESSAY for using it? Then that means your argument is invalid. Also I am NOT Danish- so I’m not using it as they would.

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Here are some words our internet age has invented which makes me go looking for one word that expresses gritting-teeth, getting goosebumps, making me bristle, wanting to pound my head all in one. Is there a word for this ? Bugger : does not do it justice - lacks passion !

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